Monday, April 19, 2010

Back from Texas

Hey Ya'll! I'm back from back on Thursday and it feels good to be home but I miss the Longley-side of my family :( I had such a good time. The drive out there wasn't bad at all. Mom and I left our house around 730am and picked up great grandma Ward, grandma Longley and Auntie Laura at the Tulsa airport. We continued our drive to Abilene and got to Uncle Donny and Aunt Katie's house around 630 that night.

I met my cousins Coleman and Ethan for the very first time and let me just tell you...they are my new best friends :) Coleman chased me around the whole week and I'd never scooted so fast on my butt as I did then! I got a whole bunch of great new books and cute new clothes...we got our pictures taken - can't wait to see what those look like! We sat in this beautiful field filled with tons and tons of blue flowers. It was amazing.

Gram and Laura left my house this past Saturday and headed back to Massachusetts. Grandma Longley stayed in Texas since she was flying to SC for work. Why does there always seem to be a 'sadness' after being on such a 'high' with family? I was so excited to be with everyone and now I'm sad because I'm not with them anymore. And not knowing when I'll get to see Katie, Donny, Coleman and Ethan again makes me sad :(

Well, mom and I have got a busy week ahead of us so maybe that'll take my mind off of being sad. I meet with the OT tomorrow for the first time...Wednesday, mom said we might go to the zoo...Thursday, I'm trying out the 'tots' class at yoga for the first time and Friday is grocery shopping. Saturday, I think mom has an interview for work and Sunday, we are all going to Silver Dollar City for the first time. I am so excited!

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  1. Hi Dylan,

    We miss you so much too! You can come out to Texas anytime, just make sure your Auntie Laura isn't driving! ;) And don't be sad, we can keep in touch through skype, and I always love seeing what you're up to when you write on your blog. So glad you could come visit. We LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU and miss you TONS!!! Have a great week!