Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Not much to say today - I've been kind of grumpy b/c of my shots that I got yesterday. I screamed a lot...ate quite a bit...and slept a little...daddy just came home and I'm happy again.

Today was the first day mom and I met with 'parents as teachers' thru the school district and it was cute. A nice lady came over and went over developmental stuff with us...looks like I'm a pretty well-rounded 4 month old!

Can't wait for my bath tonight...maybe I'll sleep thru the night?


Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Been Too Long!

It's been too long! I've been a busy boy I guess...too busy to write...ahhh...well...I just walked in the door (actually, was carried in the door by mommy). We just got back from the doctors. I had my 4 month well-visit checkup and got a shot :( I did really well though! I only cried when it first went into my leg and then when mommy picked me up - I was fine.

Let's see, what else has been going on...I'm still on my double-dose of prilosec every day...and that seems to be doing the job. I'm still doing yoga every Thursday and absolutely loving it...I'm really using my hands a lot. When mom puts a toy in front of me - I grab it. I can follow her with my eyes and I can sit in my Bumbo while she makes lunch in the kitchen.

I'm growing fast. I am 15 lbs., 11 ounces...and 25 1/4 inches long...holy cow. Mom remembers when I used to be able to curl up on her chest with my butt stuck out...and just I'm too big for that. She tries to put me in that position and I wrestle with her. I say, 'mom...I'm not a little boy anymore!"

I can take my binkie in and out of my mouth...I'm a pro at tummy-time...and I make much louder noises with my voice now. I've learned how to 'pretend' cough...mommy gets all worked up every time - but I'm just faking

I have a busy schedule coming up. I have my first 'parents as teachers' visit tomorrow. Then yoga on Thursday, of course. Friends for dinner on the end of May I'll be going to St. Louis for the horse races...and then come very first road trip! It's Massachusetts or BUST folks. Here I come! Me, mom and dad are all taking 2 weeks to drive out east. I can't wait to meet the rest of my family.

Ok, mom says it's time for a nap now. I'm getting cranky.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here's a quick rundown from my doctor's appointment:
-arrived at 145pm
-had a thorough check up (ears, throat, head, nose, etc.)
-weighed in at exactly 15 lbs.
-screamed my lungs out the whole time for my pediatrician so that she could see/hear first-hand that I was in pain
-doctor ordered an Upper GI study to be done that day
-labs ordered as well
-mom cried
-mom and I drove over to the hospital
-went straight to Radiology to get my test done
-had to drink this thick, white stuff called barium (sp?) from a bottle nonetheless...ugh
-layed underneath a big scan machine while the nurse held my legs and arms down
-nurse turned me from side to middle to side
-mom watched the inside of my tummy up on a screen to see how bad my acid reflux was
-radiologist said it was bad
-got cleaned up, dressed and headed over to the lab
-had to get blood drawn from my left arm because they needed 3 vials (too much to take from my heel)
-just as mom was starting to lose it...the door flew open and in walked daddy
-mom lost it
-doctor called later that night with the results
-I have mid-esophagus acid reflux and I am now taking 2 mil. of Prilosec twice a day...
-all of my labs came back normal...that is GREAT news

Obviously, it has been a long and draining week for all of us. I did make it to Itsy Bitsy Yoga on Thursday. I just had to see Grace. She always makes me feel better.

Today is the 3rd day that I have not cried. All I've been doing is smiling, giggling and enjoying my life. I'm hoping this medicine will continue to work :) I will be posting new pictures soon, so you can see for yourself that I am a MUCH happier baby now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here I Go Again

It's back to the doctor's office for me. Once again - I am crying - A LOT. I'm going to get a thorough check up to make sure everything is OK. I had a good time at grandma and grandpa's place but I cried a lot. Not sure why - but we're going to figure it out.

I sat in my Bumbo seat again. I'm getting really good at sitting up like a big boy. Mom was able to fold her load of laundry because she put my Bumbo on the couch and propped me up with a toy. It was really cute and actually - worked out really well. When daddy came home from work-he said it was the cutest thing ever.

Okay - tired - going to bed. I know, I was a quick blog. I'll write more next time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Hey everybody! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! I'm off to Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing's house for Easter. I will be sure to update you on everything that happens when I get back. See you in a few days!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daddy Is Sick :(

So much to catch you all up on...okay...first...most importantly...I am 14 lb.s 11 3/4 ounces! Holy cow! I went to the doctors yesterday because I was showing signs of acid reflux again. I still have it...but mom and dad thought maybe I wasn't getting enough medicine - since my dosage was based on my previous weight...ugh...okay, so they upped it. Now I'm on 2 mil. a day...and if that doesn't seem to work within a week - than I have to get 2 syringes a day at 2 mil. each. Geeze Louise! Other than that - doc says I'm lookin' good.

On a separate note - dad is sick. He has a cold or the flu or something like that. He started sneezing/coughing about 2 days ago...and now he's just miserable. Hopefully, he doesn't give it to me or mom. There's NO WAY she could take care of ALL of us at the same time! Mom was going to take me to the Easter church service tonight since we won't be around this weekend...but daddy is too sick to go and mommy can't get everything organized (dinner, bath, feeding, etc.) on her own. I just pooped my pants too - so she's trying to clean that up.

I went to yoga today. I got to see my girlfriend Grace. She's so cute :) I did really good in tummy time again. I fell asleep towards the end of class clockwork...15 minutes before it was time to leave...just like last Mom thought I would sleep for the car ride home...boy was she wrong! I cried the entire way...and that's a long time...35-40 mins.! She was sad...she tried to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider to me over and over again but I just kept screaming over her.

I got 2 Easter baskets in the mail! One from Aunt Stacie, Uncle Dan, Cousins Piper and Bianca and then a firetruck basket from Grandma Longley. I sure am loved! I got candy...stuffed peeps...clothes...books...oh...and $10 from Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing! Oh! and a new Easter book from Great Grandma and Grandpa Ward! The $10 is for the horse races that I'm going to in May. We go every year - or actually, mom and dad have been going every year for Father's Day with dad's side of the family. This will be my first time going. I'm super excited!

Have I told you? Mom and dad decided when and where and how we're going on vacation this year. We are going to Massachusetts so that I can meet my great grandparents for the very first time. We were going to fly - but we are driving instead...I know...26 hrs....we're nuts. We just couldn't find a flight that would work with my schedule. We're going to take 2 weeks to do the drive...take our time...and make some fun stops along the way to sight see. I'm so excited!

Okay - time for my bath - gotta run. I had a major blow-out in my pants I need to get cleaned up BIG TIME! xoxo Dylan

Monday, April 6, 2009

Teeth Already?

Am I teething? How could I be teething? I'm only 3 months and 3 weeks old today! I wonder if my friend Camryn knows? I haven't heard from her in a while...Camryn...when did you start teething and what were the signs? So far, this is what I'm doing:

*drooling...A LOT
*'gumming' mom's shirt and my binkie
*fussy (on and off all day)
*no fever
*green poop (only once so far though)
*sleeping a lot more the past 2 days

I know this is a process...but aren't I too young to be getting teeth? And will I be in pain? Just when mommy and I had this stuff down...I'm going to go thru yet another phase? How will we ever be able to enjoy the phase that we're in now, if I keep growing up so fast? And what will happen to my mealtime? Will it be different when I eat...with teeth? Will I hurt mommy?

Oh - I gotta go - dad is calling's time for my bath and he wants to get me cleaned up before the NCAA basketball finals come on tonight. Oh's on like donkey-kong!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

This And That

I went to Itsy Bitsy Yoga again on Thursday. Grace, my girlfriend, wasn't there though :( I still had a good time. I hung out with Quinn - who is the same age as me. You wouldn't know it though - cuz I'm like double his size (I like to eat). Mommy and I did some more divine drops (yoga move) and the yogi yogi (same as the hokey-pokey). I got kind of tired though towards the end of class - so mommy fed me and then I fell asleep.

You should've seen me during tummy time. I was a champ! I was the only baby who stayed on their bolster! Mommy was dangling a big, yellow fish in front of me and so I had to look up to see it...and I did awesome!

After yoga, we went to Babies R Us to get some diapers. Mom says we're not going in there again until they're done with construction though. It's too loud and dusty in there for me. I'm actually surprised they let pregnant ladies and little babies in there - seems dangerous to me.

Then we went to Target and I had a major meltdown. Mom got in the backseat with me to feed me and I wanted none-of-that! It was raining outside so mommy couldn't take me out of the car to bounce me around. So for the next 45 minutes...mommy bounced me on her me 3 books...let me nibble...and of course scream. Needless to say, it was a long day for the both of us. We did finally make it in the had to buy me some new shampoo and body wash. She said the one she was using was drying out my skin - so we bought some Burt's Bees (it smells yummy)! We were using Johnson & Johnson baby stuff...but that big report just came out about how their products have traces of this and that and have been shown to cause tossed those faster than snot.

On Friday, mommy had coffee with Melissa and then we went to see daddy at work. My friend Owen had speech therapy - which is in the same building where daddy works - so we made a pit stop! I went for a walk too. And we brought my dog Bailey!

Saturday, we went to Branson. Daddy wanted to get some more sweater vests. Can you say...ADDICTED! He has like...50 million of them! I was crabby ALL. DAY. LONG. and I mean ALL DAY LONG. It was a bad idea to take me out in public. All I did was scream. I screamed outside, inside and everywhere in between. I even screamed when we got home.

Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing ended up coming over for a quick bite to eat and all I did was scream/cry for them. Mom and dad had super duper headaches last night. Oh well! I'm a baby and that's what I do!

I slept in my pack n play last night for the first time. My bassinet was too small for me...and mom isn't ready to put me in my crib yet - so dad brought the pack n play in their bedroom and put the false floor in so that it'd be safe and sound for me to sleep in. I was such a big boy last night! I didn't fuss at all when mommy put me down to sleep!

Okay, this blog is long enough for today. I have to get ready for church now. See ya!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tomorrow Is A New Day

Stuffy nose? Or another cold? I woke up 3 times last night because of my stuffy nose. Dad had to put saline up my nostrils again - I eventually sneezed the boogers out and was able to go back to sleep. Boy, I sure hope this was just a fluke thing and not something worse...

Mommy had a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG day today...she's very tired. Daddy worked until his usual 6pm and then had an appointment until 7...I was a pretty good boy all day today but I did get fussy towards the evening. Mom just wants to go to bed. We have a big day tomorrow. It's my second Itsy Bitsy Yoga class and I'm super pumped!

Class is at 10...and I think mom is going to grab a coffee for our 45 minute car ride there. Then we have to run over to Babies R Us and pick up some more diapers...and maybe an Easter treat or two :)

It's hard staying home all day sometimes. We're lucky to have each and me...but sometimes we get tired doing the same 'ole thing from day to day. I wish there were more activities in this town. Mom went to the library yesterday to ask about a reading/mom group type of thing for babies...and they didn't have anything like that - only for toddlers they said. The librarian said she'd have someone contact mom last night to talk about the possibility of starting one up...but no one ever called :( We're getting desperate here folks.

Some days are better than others. Today was a hard day. Mom was tired this morning since I was up a few times last night and I could tell she wasn't ready to get out of bed. But...she didn't have a choice...because I was ready to get up. She made a cup of coffee...measured out her cereal...and played with me for a bit before giving me my medicine. Then I fell asleep in her arms for about an hour...maybe a little bit longer...and she read her new book that she just loaned from the library called 'The Shack'. Everyone and their mothers were talking about it so she figured she'd see what all the fuss was about and read it for herself.

Hmmm...we read some books...changed my diaper a few times...and then it was lunch time and daddy was home. Mom went and took a 30 minute power-nap and then it was time for daddy to go. Mom made herself lunch...played with me some more and then put me down in my swing to play with Franklin while she took a shower. (I didn't cry once...she got to take a shower AND brush her teeth!) She tried to put lotion on her legs...but by then, I was ready to get the heck out of that thing...I wanted to eat.

The afternoon went by pretty slow. We read some more books. Talked to great-grandma Ward, sat in my Bumbo, did tummy-time, cleaned out my drawers (no, not my changing table drawers) and weeded out all of the clothes that are too small for me.

Mom tried to do a load of laundry - but only got as far as the washing machine. I started crying again...I just didn't want to be put down. Ahhh...oh well...tomorrow is a new day...and we've got big plans :) Here I come yoga!