Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tomorrow Is A New Day

Stuffy nose? Or another cold? I woke up 3 times last night because of my stuffy nose. Dad had to put saline up my nostrils again - I eventually sneezed the boogers out and was able to go back to sleep. Boy, I sure hope this was just a fluke thing and not something worse...

Mommy had a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG day today...she's very tired. Daddy worked until his usual 6pm and then had an appointment until 7...I was a pretty good boy all day today but I did get fussy towards the evening. Mom just wants to go to bed. We have a big day tomorrow. It's my second Itsy Bitsy Yoga class and I'm super pumped!

Class is at 10...and I think mom is going to grab a coffee for our 45 minute car ride there. Then we have to run over to Babies R Us and pick up some more diapers...and maybe an Easter treat or two :)

It's hard staying home all day sometimes. We're lucky to have each and me...but sometimes we get tired doing the same 'ole thing from day to day. I wish there were more activities in this town. Mom went to the library yesterday to ask about a reading/mom group type of thing for babies...and they didn't have anything like that - only for toddlers they said. The librarian said she'd have someone contact mom last night to talk about the possibility of starting one up...but no one ever called :( We're getting desperate here folks.

Some days are better than others. Today was a hard day. Mom was tired this morning since I was up a few times last night and I could tell she wasn't ready to get out of bed. But...she didn't have a choice...because I was ready to get up. She made a cup of coffee...measured out her cereal...and played with me for a bit before giving me my medicine. Then I fell asleep in her arms for about an hour...maybe a little bit longer...and she read her new book that she just loaned from the library called 'The Shack'. Everyone and their mothers were talking about it so she figured she'd see what all the fuss was about and read it for herself.

Hmmm...we read some books...changed my diaper a few times...and then it was lunch time and daddy was home. Mom went and took a 30 minute power-nap and then it was time for daddy to go. Mom made herself lunch...played with me some more and then put me down in my swing to play with Franklin while she took a shower. (I didn't cry once...she got to take a shower AND brush her teeth!) She tried to put lotion on her legs...but by then, I was ready to get the heck out of that thing...I wanted to eat.

The afternoon went by pretty slow. We read some more books. Talked to great-grandma Ward, sat in my Bumbo, did tummy-time, cleaned out my drawers (no, not my changing table drawers) and weeded out all of the clothes that are too small for me.

Mom tried to do a load of laundry - but only got as far as the washing machine. I started crying again...I just didn't want to be put down. Ahhh...oh well...tomorrow is a new day...and we've got big plans :) Here I come yoga!

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