Sunday, April 5, 2009

This And That

I went to Itsy Bitsy Yoga again on Thursday. Grace, my girlfriend, wasn't there though :( I still had a good time. I hung out with Quinn - who is the same age as me. You wouldn't know it though - cuz I'm like double his size (I like to eat). Mommy and I did some more divine drops (yoga move) and the yogi yogi (same as the hokey-pokey). I got kind of tired though towards the end of class - so mommy fed me and then I fell asleep.

You should've seen me during tummy time. I was a champ! I was the only baby who stayed on their bolster! Mommy was dangling a big, yellow fish in front of me and so I had to look up to see it...and I did awesome!

After yoga, we went to Babies R Us to get some diapers. Mom says we're not going in there again until they're done with construction though. It's too loud and dusty in there for me. I'm actually surprised they let pregnant ladies and little babies in there - seems dangerous to me.

Then we went to Target and I had a major meltdown. Mom got in the backseat with me to feed me and I wanted none-of-that! It was raining outside so mommy couldn't take me out of the car to bounce me around. So for the next 45 minutes...mommy bounced me on her me 3 books...let me nibble...and of course scream. Needless to say, it was a long day for the both of us. We did finally make it in the had to buy me some new shampoo and body wash. She said the one she was using was drying out my skin - so we bought some Burt's Bees (it smells yummy)! We were using Johnson & Johnson baby stuff...but that big report just came out about how their products have traces of this and that and have been shown to cause tossed those faster than snot.

On Friday, mommy had coffee with Melissa and then we went to see daddy at work. My friend Owen had speech therapy - which is in the same building where daddy works - so we made a pit stop! I went for a walk too. And we brought my dog Bailey!

Saturday, we went to Branson. Daddy wanted to get some more sweater vests. Can you say...ADDICTED! He has like...50 million of them! I was crabby ALL. DAY. LONG. and I mean ALL DAY LONG. It was a bad idea to take me out in public. All I did was scream. I screamed outside, inside and everywhere in between. I even screamed when we got home.

Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing ended up coming over for a quick bite to eat and all I did was scream/cry for them. Mom and dad had super duper headaches last night. Oh well! I'm a baby and that's what I do!

I slept in my pack n play last night for the first time. My bassinet was too small for me...and mom isn't ready to put me in my crib yet - so dad brought the pack n play in their bedroom and put the false floor in so that it'd be safe and sound for me to sleep in. I was such a big boy last night! I didn't fuss at all when mommy put me down to sleep!

Okay, this blog is long enough for today. I have to get ready for church now. See ya!

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