Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Time of the Day

This is me and mommy during our nighttime ritual. I've just gotten out of the tub and I'm snuggling up with my blankie while mom is reading me the Bible. It's my favorite time of the day. Dad is always laying right next to us too but he's taking the picture in this one. My favorite story is the Lord's Prayer. I always say 'Amen' when mom and dad are done reading it.
Don't we look cute?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watch Out! I Took My First Steps Today!

Dad was home for lunch as usual and I was hanging out on the floor just playing around. I was practicing standing up on my own - without holding on to anything - when mom said, "come to mommy!" I thought about it for a second and took one itty bitty step with my right foot and everyone started screaming! Then I fell.

I got back up and stood on my own. Dad said, "come to daddy! come on!" and whoosh! I was off! I took about 5-6 steps and landed right in daddy's arms :) It's been a pretty amazing day :)

Watch out I come! Mom says she'll post a video as soon as I let her catch me on camera.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Here it is folks! It's official...I can crawl! I still prefer to scoot but I can crawl on demand (if I feel like it). Look how cute I am!

Horsies and Bunnies

These days the only way I will go on a walk with mom is if she says, "Do you want to go see some horsies and bunnies"? And miraculously we see them every time. The horsies are a given b/c they're right outside our front door in a pasture across the way. But the bunnies...well, mom says we get lucky every time. Isn't that kind of neat though, that we've seen at least one bunny every time we've been out on a walk for this past month?
Thursday was mom and dad's four year anniversary and we all drove to KC for the night. We spent part of the day at Nebraska Furniture Mart and picked out a sectional and a kitchen table for our new addition. I was kind of cranky that day so mom and dad ended up heading back to the hotel earlier than planned.
We headed to our friend's house around 5'ish for a cookout and had a fabulous dinner with the Jones'. It was so great to see them again. Kingston and I were reunited for the first time in about a month and we played and played!
We drove home on Friday afternoon - did our thing - and then it was Saturday. Gram and gramps came over about 4ish to babysit me for the night while mom and dad celebrated their anniversary by going to Nonna's in Springfield and seeing a movie; Dinner for Schmucks. It was a great night for them :) and I did just fine with G&G during my very first bedtime routine without mom and dad.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This and That

What's new in my world? Not too much. I had a pretty low key weekend. Dad was supposed to leave for Iowa yesterday but an hour down the road, started thinking about how much he loved his family and decided to turn around :) Yay! So, just as mom and I were getting back from the grocery store - dad was settling in back at home.
I had quite a temperature went up to 103.3 so mom called the Dr's office and will probably be taking me in to see them tomorrow if my temp doesn't get better. It dips down a little bit with Tylenol and then spikes right back up. Mom says, lots of fluids and lots of sleep for me today. I'm actually getting ready to lay down with daddy in a minute.
Physical therapy is going great. I've started crawling - although I still prefer to scoot - I will crawl if you ask me to (and if I feel like it). I'm also experimenting with standing up on my own without holding on to anything. Once I realize that someone is watching me, I smile, and then fall back on my butt. One of these days I'm going to stand up and take a step!
I want to send a BIG congrats to my aunt Laura. She just bought her first house! I can't wait until we can go and visit her and have a sleep over :)
Mom and dad are doing well. Dad is busy with work and gearing up for Fantasy Football season...ugh...(that was mom, not me who said that). He's in not one but TWO leagues this year...lucky mom :)
Mom has been busy chasing me around and making sure I'm well taken care of. She's just taught me where my left and right feet are and I can hold them up for you if you ask me to. Mom is still freelancing for the Connection Magazine and enjoying it. She's getting ready to submit some queries to other magazines - so cross your fingers!
That's all for now. I hope you all had a nice weekend and if you're reading this blog - drop me a note and let me know what you've been up to?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Precious Moment

I know I already blogged today but real quick...daddy told me I HAD to post this...we were lying in bed today and I rolled over to dad...looked at him face to face and you...and then gave him a hug. He's been like putty in my hands ever

It comes in three's...

Well, they say it comes in three's....on Thursday I ate a spoonful of Cascade and mom had to call poison control...on Friday I burnt my finger and got a 2nd degree burn on my had to call urgent care...what will be my 3rd emergency?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bye Bye Nursing

I forgot to tell you all that I stopped nursing! Mom and I's last day was a couple of Tuesday's ago...not last Tuesday but the Tuesday before that. So that would make it 2 weeks...this Tuesday. Wow that sounded confusing. Anyways - I'm a big boy now so I eat solid foods and mom has come to the realization that I have a sweet tooth; just like her. I'd much rather eat cookies and ice cream than pasta or vegetables. Oh well...
I've had a pretty good weekend. I really wanted to go to the fair but it's so dang hot outside that we couldn't go...and it's only supposed to get hotter this week. But - I think mom and dad are going to take me swimming today. That's about it folks!