Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I fell asleep at 5pm last night...I missed my bath...and my medicine...huh? I didn't wake up until 11pm...I slept for 6 hrs. straight? (in mom's arms of course)...but nonetheless...then I ate and went back to sleep...I woke up every 2 hrs. or I always do...but I didn't officially get out of bed until daddy left for work this morning at 730am! Holy cow folks!

And...I took several naps today...huh? Here's what my day looked like:
8am - morning bath (this is totally not in my normal schedule...but mom said I needed one, especially since I pooped my pants and my poop was the same color as the sweet potatoes I ate the night before).
9am'ish - rice cereal/then I nursed
10'ish - went down for my morning nap...about 45 mins.! Mom was able to eat breakfast and drink her coffee
11'ish - 1230 - came home for lunch...rocked me to sleep while mom took some 'mommy' time and read a book in bed. Dad put me in bed with her before he left and we layed together until 1'ish
130'ish - ate sweet potatoes...I went thru 2 jars of it...huh? I usually only eat half of one? Mom thought she was supposed to let me eat as much as I wanted...or until I gave her signs that I was full...(I later threw up...) guess I ate too much.
***I played in between...helped mom do laundry...empty the dishwasher...etc. then I went back down for a nap around 430 and woke up around 530...I'm a rock star!

This sure has been a 'huh'? kind of's pizza night! Gotta go!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Painting Pottery and Eating My Big Toe...What A Weekend!

Yesterday, we all went to paint pottery for dad's Father's Day present! We had so much fun! We went to Firehouse Pottery in Springfield and the people there were so nice to us. Here's a picture of me getting my foot painted.I put my footprint on a mug for daddy! It said: "I Love Dad" ... and mom painted it! We can't pick it up until next weekend - but when we do - I'll be sure to post a picture of our masterpiece.
Guess what? You know my big toe? Yeah, well, I put it in my mouth for the first time on Saturday. Get a load of this one guys...who needs milk when I've got my foot!

I had a great weekend with mom and dad. They're always doing fun things with me and keeping me entertained. I can't believe we'll be in Des Moines this weekend for the horse races. Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing sent me $10 to bet on the horses and you better believe I'm going to bring home the bacon baby! Forget putting it in my savings account...I'm blowin' those bucks on a new toy!

And...on June 6th...I will be leaving for my first official road trip. Yes folks, you heard me...I'm going to Mass...that's where my mommy is from. Geeze, I almost forgot...I tried sweet peas for the first time! Here I tell me if you think I liked them...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crib It Is

I went to yoga today; like I do every Thursday morning, and I had a great time with mom. I love going because I've been 'growing up' with the same babies in my class for over a month now. It's so cool to see all of us getting bigger. And like clockwork...I started to fuss just 15 minutes before class was over when all of us were in the middle of tummy-time. Mom picked me up, fed me, and bounced me to sleep. Next thing I knew - I was home :)

I'm going to sleep in my crib tonight - all by myself. The girls at yoga convinced mom to give it another try. They tell her 'it'll make all the difference' in the way I sleep. Let's see if they're right.

We'll check in tomorrow and give you an update. Oh, and I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Camryn. Thanks for letting me know more about that museum Camryn. Maybe we can stop by your house since you're so close...and meet!?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Off to the Zoo!

Mom and I went to the zoo today! I had so much fun! My favorite animal was the giraffe. I was going to feed him some wafers but mom wouldn't let
me :( She said it was too dangerous because I was just a baby.

We were there from 1030-2pm! Holy cow! We're pooped! I got a cute new shirt...and mom and I ate lunch at the zoo cafe. The only thing missing today was daddy. We love you dad...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pony Up!

Since I can hold my head up on my own...I got to play in my new toy! Check me out...

Not much else going on...the "Parents as Teachers' lady came out today but I was she didn't get to see my fine motor skills. There's no program during the I won't see her again until August.

Mom has a headache today. Probably because it's really hot out here...and our central AC broke. DAD, PLEASE CALL THE AC GUY!

Check out these pics from our day at the Nature Center

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Potatoes! Yummo!

I had sweet potatoes for the first time on Saturday. They were pretty good! I made some really funny faces though...and I laughed so hard that I spit some potatoes on mommy! Hee, hee! I had a great weekend with mom and dad. We went to the Nature Center...out to breakfast for the past 3 for a running stroller (didn't find one yet)...several walks with mom, dad and Bailey and read more books than I can count!

This week, I have yoga of course and mom is going to take me to paint pottery for dad's father's day gift. I can't wait. I also need to get ready for my big trip to the horse races at the end of this month...and my even bigger trip to Massachusetts in June. I know I've said it before - but I can't wait to meet grandma and grandpa Ward.

Did I tell you that mom and dad are going to take me to the Brown Bear, Brown Bear museum in Amherst? I can't remember the name of the author...but he's the guy who illustrates the favorite book...and well, we're going to check it out!

Mom says I need a nap now. I'll talk to y'all later! Love, Dylan
PS - check me out in my thought I was ready to go for a walk without my car seat...but I kept slipping we had to go back to the basics. It was really hot out that day...that's why I'm in my skivvies!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 Months Today!

Guess what? I'm 5 months old today! Holy crap! And guess how I'm going to celebrate...with sweet potatoes! Mom and dad are going to give me some for the first time today. I've been eating rice cereal twice a day now for a few weeks - and now I'm ready to move on to my vegetables. I hope I like 'em!

I had the rest of my shots on Monday and I did really well. I had NO side effects (which is rare) because every other time...I've been super fussy, etc. I weighed in at 16 lbs, 3 oz. Whoah! Guess mom is feeding me well :)

I'm still doing yoga and absolutely loving it. I've made so many friends. I'm going to start swimming with mom this summer. She found a 'mommy and me' swim class in town that starts in June. I can't wait! And I think she's going to take me to the Nature Center this week. We need to look up the details though...neither one of us have ever been.

So, last night, yeah. It took 2 car rides and lots of screaming/crying to get me asleep. I fell asleep during the first car ride...and mom and dad just left me in my car seat and put it in my pack n play. I was sleeping so soundly and then the darn wind blew the bedroom door shut and it was so loud I woke up screaming! So...back in the car it was...and this time...during a stormy downpour. I fell asleep...they left me in the car seat...put it back in the pack and play...and I slept for 6 SOLID HOURS! 10pm - 4am!!! Mom fed me...and I fell back asleep at 420...woke up again around 7...I am a ROCK STAR! Needless to say - we all feel well-rested.

Friday, May 8, 2009

We Had A Scary Night

Last night was a scare. One minute I was playing on the bed and the next...I was screaming. I was in pain - a lot of pain. I wouldn't stop tried everything possible to calm me down and then it was mom's turn - she couldn't do it either. I was crying so hard - mom put me down on my changing table and bent down to get something - she quickly looked up when she heard me gurgling and saw that my mouth was filled with vomit/spit/medicine/etc. She quickly turned me over and started patting my back so I wouldn't choke. I vomited...all over myself.

Mom and dad decided to head to urgent care at the hospital. They weren't sure what was going on and I just wouldn't stop crying. We all got in the car and headed for Springfield - it was around 9pm by now. I fell asleep. So...we turned around and went home. Mom left me in my carseat and put the whole thing in my pack n play - which is in their bedroom. I slept in that from 10-1230'ish, ate, and then went back to sleep. Don't get too excited - I woke up a couple hours later...and so know the drill.

I'm feeling okay today. Pretty sleepy...but giggling and playful. Mom rocked me to sleep - but I was up within a few minutes because of the weather...we were sort of in a tornado warning/watch all morning. After that passed - we went into mom's room and I fell asleep again for about 10 minutes...the Shwan's man came...and knocked on the door...surprise, surprise...Bailey barked and I was up.

Agh...can I PLEASE get a break?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Tried & Cried!

I tried it and I lasted an hour; longer than mom thought I would.'s official...I sleep with my parents. We're all pretty tired today...I just went down for an hour nap though - so mom got to get some shut-eye as well.

Yoga was great; as always. I've been a happy boy today. I wore my Boston Red Sox onesie to represent my eastcoasters! Go SOX! And it's a good thing I did because we had a group photo today at yoga. I was the only one who kept their binky in! (Mom said I could) :)

Okay, we're off for a quick walk. It's mid 80's here today...way too hot for mom and I. But she says we need some fresh air. (If you ask me...I think she's just looking for an excuse to walk off that chocolate milkshake she had at Hardy's today) mom...what am I going to do with you...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trying Something New

Mom and dad are trying something new tonight. I wish them the best of luck. As you know, I don't sleep...okay, sometimes I sleep...but only for short periods of time. Mom was so tired today that she told dad she was going to put me in my carseat and then put that in the crib. Since I have acid reflux, the doctor says most babies like me actually do well sleeping like that. I'll be sleeping on an angle and I'll be in my crib. already sounds tiring. I hope it works for all of us.

They've gotten desperate. My nights go something like this: I start out all wrapped up and usually fall asleep around 9'ish...then I wake up around 11 or 12'ish..and then it's anyone's game after that. Sometimes I sleep for an hour at a time and sometimes I can do 2 or 3...but by this time...I'm in bed with mom and dad. It's the only way they can get some sleep. I know, I know...we're all bad...we're not supposed to be co-sleeping..but hey, you do what you gotta do when the going gets tuff. And right now - we're in survival mode.

I didn't nap hardly at all today. I woke up around 630, cried, ate and then went back to sleep for an hour. Mom gave me my medicine, nursed me, we played and then I had my rice cereal. After that we played some more, then went on a walk with my new friend Kingston and then ate lunch, saw dad, napped for a half hour or so which gave mom some time to read her book - and I've been up since then. Impressive huh?

I have a pretty busy weekend coming up. I have yoga tomorrow of course..and then I think mom is going to try and take us out to lunch. We'll see...I'm not sure what kind of mood I'll be in. I know she wants to run some errands - like Target, etc. Friday and Saturday we're getting together with my neighbor to host a tag sale...Sunday we have church and then...the big brunch for MOM! It's Mother's Day! Mom's first one! I can't wait! Dad and I have something special up our sleeves...but doesn't have a clue what it is :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Social Butterfly

It's been a busy weekend. Let's see...Friday, as you know, I stayed with my new friends, Mike and Jackie, while mom and dad went out to eat. I was a good boy for the first 45 minutes or so...and then all hell broke loose. I'm not sure what was going on...but mom could barely calm me down when she got home. I think I was just tired, fussy, and everything else under the sun. I missed my bath that night and didn't go to sleep until almost midnight - so I'm a little off schedule.

Saturday, mom and dad had doctors' appointments...then I went home with mom to take a nap while dad went grocery shopping. I slept for about an hour and a half...and then it was time to get ready for our cookout. We had our friends, Daniel, Melissa, Emilee and Owen over for dinner. It'd been a long time since we'd all been together and we needed to reconnect! I had a good time and mom said I was a good boy all night. Dad played ball with Owen and Daniel - mom and Emilee colored and Melissa held me. It was a lot of fun. I had my bath...ate...rocked...and then went to sleep.

I woke up this morning and we were off again...went to church for 1045am...took communion...okay, well mom took communion for both of us. I had a really good time. We were a little late because mom was running around trying to feed me...wipe my face...get herself dressed...etc. After that, we went home, she fed me again, changed my diaper and it was off to Chris and Sara's for brunch. What a brunch it was! It was SO GOOD! Mom says they're the best cooks ever...we had peanut butter and jelly stuffed french toast...salad with balsamic dressing, grapefruit and sunflower seeds...cinnamon streusal muffins...and fresh fruit. YUMMO!

I fell asleep for like a split second and then I was up for the count. Now we're home and dad is tickling is about to change my diaper and feed me and then she says it's time for my nap. Hopefully, I can get a good 2-3 hours in. Or else...I'm going to be the baby from peeps!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rice Cereal!

Big news folks: I had my first bite (or slurp) of rice cereal last night! Wow! Was that yummy! Mom was pretty excited...and dad even came home early to help out and see me take my first whack at using my tongue. All in all...I'd say it went pretty well.

Mom had no idea what she was doing...but she whipped out a tablespoon - measured out the cereal...mixed it up with some breast milk and voila! I had a nice, watery mixture! I took to it right away...I did get a lot all over my face, my bib and some on my hands = but I'd say I'm a natural. Don't worry...we got it all on tape for you. When daddy gets home, I'll have him download my mug so you can all see.

For lunch today, I had some more rice cereal. Mom forgot to take the milk out of the fridge it was bitter cold...and I didn't like it as much. Dad warmed it up a bit by putting my little cup into some warm water - it helped - I ate about half of what they made up. This time, I got it on my face, my bib, my pants and on mom's shirt! Nice shot!

Mom also started me on teething tablets yesterday. I'm not sure if they're working or not...heck - we don't even know if I'm teething...but I sure am slobbering a bit...and I'm biting on everything...can't seem to take my hands out of my's shoulder has become my new playground...and all I wanna do during tub time is chew on a wet washcloth. Hmmm...whaddy'all think?

Oh, guess what? Mom and dad are going on a date tonight! I'm so excited for them! They'll only be gone for an hour or so...but's a big deal. It's the first time they're leaving me with someone other than family. Mom's not as nervous as I thought she'd be...probably 'cuz they're only leaving for an hour...but you know...she's a little 'over-protective' if you know what I mean.

Okay - gotta run - mom is getting in the shower...and dad is trying to entertain me until she gets out. Oh, and I forgot to tell you...I made a new friend...his name is Kingston and he went to Itsy Bitsy Yoga with me yesterday!