Friday, May 1, 2009

Rice Cereal!

Big news folks: I had my first bite (or slurp) of rice cereal last night! Wow! Was that yummy! Mom was pretty excited...and dad even came home early to help out and see me take my first whack at using my tongue. All in all...I'd say it went pretty well.

Mom had no idea what she was doing...but she whipped out a tablespoon - measured out the cereal...mixed it up with some breast milk and voila! I had a nice, watery mixture! I took to it right away...I did get a lot all over my face, my bib and some on my hands = but I'd say I'm a natural. Don't worry...we got it all on tape for you. When daddy gets home, I'll have him download my mug so you can all see.

For lunch today, I had some more rice cereal. Mom forgot to take the milk out of the fridge it was bitter cold...and I didn't like it as much. Dad warmed it up a bit by putting my little cup into some warm water - it helped - I ate about half of what they made up. This time, I got it on my face, my bib, my pants and on mom's shirt! Nice shot!

Mom also started me on teething tablets yesterday. I'm not sure if they're working or not...heck - we don't even know if I'm teething...but I sure am slobbering a bit...and I'm biting on everything...can't seem to take my hands out of my's shoulder has become my new playground...and all I wanna do during tub time is chew on a wet washcloth. Hmmm...whaddy'all think?

Oh, guess what? Mom and dad are going on a date tonight! I'm so excited for them! They'll only be gone for an hour or so...but's a big deal. It's the first time they're leaving me with someone other than family. Mom's not as nervous as I thought she'd be...probably 'cuz they're only leaving for an hour...but you know...she's a little 'over-protective' if you know what I mean.

Okay - gotta run - mom is getting in the shower...and dad is trying to entertain me until she gets out. Oh, and I forgot to tell you...I made a new friend...his name is Kingston and he went to Itsy Bitsy Yoga with me yesterday!

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