Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 Months Today!

Guess what? I'm 5 months old today! Holy crap! And guess how I'm going to celebrate...with sweet potatoes! Mom and dad are going to give me some for the first time today. I've been eating rice cereal twice a day now for a few weeks - and now I'm ready to move on to my vegetables. I hope I like 'em!

I had the rest of my shots on Monday and I did really well. I had NO side effects (which is rare) because every other time...I've been super fussy, etc. I weighed in at 16 lbs, 3 oz. Whoah! Guess mom is feeding me well :)

I'm still doing yoga and absolutely loving it. I've made so many friends. I'm going to start swimming with mom this summer. She found a 'mommy and me' swim class in town that starts in June. I can't wait! And I think she's going to take me to the Nature Center this week. We need to look up the details though...neither one of us have ever been.

So, last night, yeah. It took 2 car rides and lots of screaming/crying to get me asleep. I fell asleep during the first car ride...and mom and dad just left me in my car seat and put it in my pack n play. I was sleeping so soundly and then the darn wind blew the bedroom door shut and it was so loud I woke up screaming! So...back in the car it was...and this time...during a stormy downpour. I fell asleep...they left me in the car seat...put it back in the pack and play...and I slept for 6 SOLID HOURS! 10pm - 4am!!! Mom fed me...and I fell back asleep at 420...woke up again around 7...I am a ROCK STAR! Needless to say - we all feel well-rested.

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