Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Painting Pottery and Eating My Big Toe...What A Weekend!

Yesterday, we all went to paint pottery for dad's Father's Day present! We had so much fun! We went to Firehouse Pottery in Springfield and the people there were so nice to us. Here's a picture of me getting my foot painted.I put my footprint on a mug for daddy! It said: "I Love Dad" ... and mom painted it! We can't pick it up until next weekend - but when we do - I'll be sure to post a picture of our masterpiece.
Guess what? You know my big toe? Yeah, well, I put it in my mouth for the first time on Saturday. Get a load of this one guys...who needs milk when I've got my foot!

I had a great weekend with mom and dad. They're always doing fun things with me and keeping me entertained. I can't believe we'll be in Des Moines this weekend for the horse races. Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing sent me $10 to bet on the horses and you better believe I'm going to bring home the bacon baby! Forget putting it in my savings account...I'm blowin' those bucks on a new toy!

And...on June 6th...I will be leaving for my first official road trip. Yes folks, you heard me...I'm going to Mass...that's where my mommy is from. Geeze, I almost forgot...I tried sweet peas for the first time! Here I tell me if you think I liked them...

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