Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trying Something New

Mom and dad are trying something new tonight. I wish them the best of luck. As you know, I don't sleep...okay, sometimes I sleep...but only for short periods of time. Mom was so tired today that she told dad she was going to put me in my carseat and then put that in the crib. Since I have acid reflux, the doctor says most babies like me actually do well sleeping like that. I'll be sleeping on an angle and I'll be in my crib. already sounds tiring. I hope it works for all of us.

They've gotten desperate. My nights go something like this: I start out all wrapped up and usually fall asleep around 9'ish...then I wake up around 11 or 12'ish..and then it's anyone's game after that. Sometimes I sleep for an hour at a time and sometimes I can do 2 or 3...but by this time...I'm in bed with mom and dad. It's the only way they can get some sleep. I know, I know...we're all bad...we're not supposed to be co-sleeping..but hey, you do what you gotta do when the going gets tuff. And right now - we're in survival mode.

I didn't nap hardly at all today. I woke up around 630, cried, ate and then went back to sleep for an hour. Mom gave me my medicine, nursed me, we played and then I had my rice cereal. After that we played some more, then went on a walk with my new friend Kingston and then ate lunch, saw dad, napped for a half hour or so which gave mom some time to read her book - and I've been up since then. Impressive huh?

I have a pretty busy weekend coming up. I have yoga tomorrow of course..and then I think mom is going to try and take us out to lunch. We'll see...I'm not sure what kind of mood I'll be in. I know she wants to run some errands - like Target, etc. Friday and Saturday we're getting together with my neighbor to host a tag sale...Sunday we have church and then...the big brunch for MOM! It's Mother's Day! Mom's first one! I can't wait! Dad and I have something special up our sleeves...but doesn't have a clue what it is :)

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