Friday, May 28, 2010

Iowa, Iowa, Iowa!

We made it to Iowa folks...the car ride was say the least...I was a handful. We wanted to leave at 730...but we ended up leaving at 830 and we made it to Des Moines around 2'ish with a few stops in between. Not too bad, but I didn't sleep as long as mom and dad had hoped I would. You know what that means don't you? Yep, I was a real treat for the rest of the day.

Mom and dad tried to check out the Jordan Creek Mall and I lasted about 20 minutes...with all due respect mom - please don't take me into a toy store stocked with tons of cool trucks when you have absolutely NO intention of buying me any of them! Nothing good can possibly come out of this and nothing did today when you took me in that store. Oh mom...

We rushed back to the hotel...I had a snack and then it was off to the pool for me. Ahhh, just like old times :) I kicked my legs like it was nobody's business. I love the water...absolutely love it :) I splished and splashed and had a great time.

I got to see Aunt Erica, Uncle Nick, Uncle Dan, Aunt Stacie, Cousins Piper, Bianca and Nash and tomorrow I get to see a whole bunch more people. This is turning out to be a great weekend! We also celebrated Christmas tonight (yep, you heard me right...Christmas). That's how long it's been since we've seen the Kesselring's. I got some pretty cool stuff. Little People School Bus...Diego doll that speaks Spanish and English...a Diego DVD...a water bottle for the own Toy Story camping chair...Dapper Dan...and a whole lotta books! My favorite of course...can you guess? The school bus :)

Tomorrow we're off to the horse races and to see our friends Raef, Joie and Cael. Can't wait to see how big Cael has gotten! Oh, and to give him his wicked cool bday gift...(I kept trying to get mom to give it to me...but she said I had enough toys and that it wasn't for me) :( Maybe Cael will let me play with it tomorrow?

Okay, off to bed. We're in a hotel for the night. Mom and dad reserved a suite so we could each have our own did I end up with the king suite and they ended up on the pullout couch??? Hmmm...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hail Storm!

Updates...let's see...I had physical therapy today...that went really well. I stood for a few seconds all by myself :) I was pushing my cozy coupe along with Martha and she let go of me and I let go of the car...and whoops! I was standing!

I've been doing GREAT lately. Me, mom and dad (oh and Bailey too) are leaving for Des Moines this weekend. We're going to the horse races = like we do every year = to celebrate Father's Day. I can't wait to go especially b/c I get to see all of my cousins: Piper, Bianca and Nash...and my aunts: Stacie and Erica and my uncle Dan and of course, my grandparents and greatgrandparents. It's going to be a blast! Any one wanna place a bet on the horses?

So we had a terrible hail storm today?! I know...what??? Our house got damaged...pretty bad actually. I think we're going to need a new roof and for sure - new siding on one side of the house. Dad's car got pretty banged up too - literally. Thank goodness mom's car was in the garage. I'm going to Google 'hail' tonight b/c how on earth are there big ice balls coming down from the sky in the middle of May? I need to find out how these form? What causes them? Etc.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Meal

I had my first Happy Meal today! Well...sort of. I ate some of the fries and mom gave me a piece of a chicken nugget but I spit it out! And I got a Shrek toy inside. What a great day! I had a playdate with Kingston...then took an hour nap...went for a walk...ate lunch with dad...played...colored...skyped with grandma Longley for a little bit and then I was off to bed.

I think mom and I might go to the zoo tomorrow. It's been raining like crazy here so it'd be nice to spend some time outside if we can. No plans for this weekend...just hangin' around the house. Dad has to mow the lawn and mom has to followup on an interview for work. Next weekend we leave for Des Moines so that's about it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunny Day

Today was my third day of PT and it went great. Martha says I'm doing a good job and thinks I'll be walking in no time. Can I get a woot! woot! Anywho - today was a fun day. Mom and I went on 3 we're pooped tonight. We walked for an hour this morning after my first nap and before lunch. Mom was sweating up a storm but we made it! The second walk was with our friends Theresa and Kingston and we walked for another hour! It was so fun to see Kingston. We always exchange toy cars and eat cheese puffs together on our walks. Then dad and mom took me on my third walk of the night but this time was the coolest for 2 reasons: 1. mom and dad let me sit in my coupe car for the walk instead of my stroller and 2. I got to hold Bailey's leash for the entire walk :)

I was kind of cranky tonight. I'm not sure why b/c I got 2 naps today totalling 3 all in all...that's a pretty good nap schedule for a day's work. I ate my dinner like a good boy and just couldn't seem to get settled. I didn't want to play in the tub like I usually do so I stood up as mom was trying to rinse out my hair and I smushed my sudsy head up against her face and got her all soapy...tee hee hee!

Tomorrow we have a playdate with some new friends. I'm really looking forward to meeting them and seeing what kind of toys they have to play with. Their house is in Springfield so I'm not too keen on the drive out there but I'm sure it'll go by fast. Mom is supposed to sign me up for swimming lessons at some point this week so I should be starting that pretty soon!

Nighty night

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pottery for Mom

I had a nice weekend. It rained both days but it was still nice. Me, mom and dad went to Springfield on Saturday to run errands...get groceries...etc. and then we did something really fun - we went and painted pottery for mother's day. I know - it was last weekend but dad and I promised mom that we would take her. She wanted her own coffee mug.

Today we went to Joplin and went to every store we could think of looking for a DVD player for the car. No luck...they were all super expensive and we're just looking for a run-of-the-mill cheap-O that we can stash in the car for our upcoming roadtrips. Oh well...we'll keep our eyes peeled.

This week looks pretty normal. Mom and I are going to hang out at home tomorrow and just relax. Maybe go for a walk together if it's nice out. Tuesday, I have physical therapy...Wednesday and Thursday it's supposed to rain so we'll probably be at home and then Friday I think we'll go to the zoo.

The week after that we are headed to Iowa!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks for the Nap Dad :)

It was a cold, windy, rainy today in Mt. favorite kind of day :) (Okay...well...maybe not my favorite...but mommy's favorite for sure). She loves, loves, loves rainy days and wishes every day could be like today...weird...I know.

Anywho - today went by sort of fast. I woke up, ate breakfast, played with mom, got coffee, went to my friend Kingston's house for a playdate, went home and napped for 2 hrs., woke up, ate lunch, hugged dad, played some more and read some books with mom until dad got home at 4. It was so nice for mom that dad came home 30 mins early today...she went to lay down and ended up falling asleep until 545!!! Guess she was tired!

Tomorrow is my 2nd round of PT from 8-9...and then dad took the afternoon off so mom could have some 'Meagan' time and go scrapbooking. She signed up for a class and hasn't been able to do anything like this for herself since I was born almost 17 months ago...whoah! Go mom! Then I think she's going to weigh in at WW since she'll be in Springfield anyways...and that's about it.

Nighty, night :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I had a great Mother's Day today :) I woke up at 630 like I always do in the morning...and I laid in bed with mom and dad for a bit. Then dad and I went and played in the living room so mom could sleep in. She slept until 9am!!! Go MOM! Then...I went down for a nap in daddy's arms for about an hour...while mom got to shower AND shave! AND eat breakfast by herself in PEACE and QUIET! The day was shaping up quite nice, huh?

Once mom and dad got dressed and got me dressed - we hopped in the car and headed to grandma and grandpa Ruffing's for a nice lunch. We had vegetable lasagna, garlic bread, pretzel salad, lemon cake and feta crackers. Yum! Oh, and gram and gramps took me for an hour long walk while mom and dad took an afternoon nap all by themselves!!!

Dad and I got mom a couple of cards, the new Lady Antebellum CD she wanted and a new book by Jennifer Weiner. AND we are going to take her to paint pottery next weekend. Mom said she really wanted her own coffee mug with my handprint and footprint (like we did for daddy on Father's Day last year). So...the Mother's Day festivities continue until next weekend! Woot Woot!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!!!