Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pottery for Mom

I had a nice weekend. It rained both days but it was still nice. Me, mom and dad went to Springfield on Saturday to run errands...get groceries...etc. and then we did something really fun - we went and painted pottery for mother's day. I know - it was last weekend but dad and I promised mom that we would take her. She wanted her own coffee mug.

Today we went to Joplin and went to every store we could think of looking for a DVD player for the car. No luck...they were all super expensive and we're just looking for a run-of-the-mill cheap-O that we can stash in the car for our upcoming roadtrips. Oh well...we'll keep our eyes peeled.

This week looks pretty normal. Mom and I are going to hang out at home tomorrow and just relax. Maybe go for a walk together if it's nice out. Tuesday, I have physical therapy...Wednesday and Thursday it's supposed to rain so we'll probably be at home and then Friday I think we'll go to the zoo.

The week after that we are headed to Iowa!

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