Friday, May 28, 2010

Iowa, Iowa, Iowa!

We made it to Iowa folks...the car ride was say the least...I was a handful. We wanted to leave at 730...but we ended up leaving at 830 and we made it to Des Moines around 2'ish with a few stops in between. Not too bad, but I didn't sleep as long as mom and dad had hoped I would. You know what that means don't you? Yep, I was a real treat for the rest of the day.

Mom and dad tried to check out the Jordan Creek Mall and I lasted about 20 minutes...with all due respect mom - please don't take me into a toy store stocked with tons of cool trucks when you have absolutely NO intention of buying me any of them! Nothing good can possibly come out of this and nothing did today when you took me in that store. Oh mom...

We rushed back to the hotel...I had a snack and then it was off to the pool for me. Ahhh, just like old times :) I kicked my legs like it was nobody's business. I love the water...absolutely love it :) I splished and splashed and had a great time.

I got to see Aunt Erica, Uncle Nick, Uncle Dan, Aunt Stacie, Cousins Piper, Bianca and Nash and tomorrow I get to see a whole bunch more people. This is turning out to be a great weekend! We also celebrated Christmas tonight (yep, you heard me right...Christmas). That's how long it's been since we've seen the Kesselring's. I got some pretty cool stuff. Little People School Bus...Diego doll that speaks Spanish and English...a Diego DVD...a water bottle for the own Toy Story camping chair...Dapper Dan...and a whole lotta books! My favorite of course...can you guess? The school bus :)

Tomorrow we're off to the horse races and to see our friends Raef, Joie and Cael. Can't wait to see how big Cael has gotten! Oh, and to give him his wicked cool bday gift...(I kept trying to get mom to give it to me...but she said I had enough toys and that it wasn't for me) :( Maybe Cael will let me play with it tomorrow?

Okay, off to bed. We're in a hotel for the night. Mom and dad reserved a suite so we could each have our own did I end up with the king suite and they ended up on the pullout couch??? Hmmm...

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