Thursday, June 10, 2010

Massachusetts Here We Come!

I haven't blogged in SO long! But it's the summer and I've just been so busy. Okay, so anyways - what's new...well...let's see... The video I've posted is pretty cool! I was helping daddy with the laundry (I am his official assistant) and he was singing the theme song to one of my favorite cartoons "Sid the Science Kid" and he was clapping while singing to me - and I wanted to clap to but the only way I could clap was to take both of my hands off of the DID! And I stood up ALL BY MYSELF for the first time in front of daddy! Woot Woot! Go ME!

Physical Therapy with Martha has been going great. She comes every Tuesday morning from 8-10 and she's a really nice lady. Usually, I just play with her and mom and Martha tries to manipulate my legs or body to get me into the crawling position and/or standing. It's pretty cool. Sometimes I don't mind but most of the time I cry :( She says I'll be walking in no time!

I leave for Massachusetts next Friday :) I'm so excited. I get to see mom's side of the family but the thing I'm most excited about is going swimming whenever I want. Great grandma and grandpa Ward have an inground pool and since mom and I will be staying there - we can jump in any time we want!!!

Mom's 28th birthday is next dad and I are taking her out on the boat to Table Rock Lake and I'm so excited! We're going to pack a lunch and just lounge for a few hours. Okay, I've got tons of things to do tonight so I'll be back tomorrow to blog some more!

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  1. Hey Dylan--thanks for a great evening last night!! We really enjoyed getting to visit with you and your mom and dad, and dinner was wonderful! We're going to miss you so much!! But, we'll keep in touch and you can come visit on your way to or from Iowa. Have a great time in MA!!