Thursday, December 31, 2009

Banana Bread and Bumbos!

Looks like mom caught me...BUMBO-handed! Shewas busy making banana bread...mmmm...guess she has eyes in the back of her head!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What a Day

Today was kind of whacked. Okay, so I woke up at 730 this morning - had breakfast with mom and dad - played for a minute - got dressed - grabbed a coffee (mom, not me) and headed to yoga. I'd been sneezing all night and now this morning - but mom decided to take me anyways because I looked and acted fine. I had 40 minutes or so to fall asleep for my ride to yoga and of course, I fell asleep at 942am = exactly 18 minutes before class started. Crap!

Mom pulled into the parking lot and sat in the car while I SNORED away in the backseat until 1033! But I was FREEZING because mom had no gas in the car which meant that she had to turn the sucker off while we sat there and waited for me to wake up. Double crap! Good thing she had me all bundled up in a hoodie and tons of blankets over me. The things we do for our kids...agh :)

We made it to yoga...but only for half the class. Oh well. At least we made it. There was no way we weren't going to go in and enjoy our time with all of our friends - especially since we had just driven all of that way! Okay, back to the sneezing part. So, mom wasn't sure if I wasn't feeling well or what. I've been awful clingy today. In a good mood = but clingy and requiring 24/7 entertainment which can make for one heck of a day.

It looks like another tooth is coming through...but I've been saying that for the past 2 weeks now, so who knows. Maybe it was just a fluke thing today. Maybe I had an itch up my nose and I was trying to sneeze it out. Anyways, we came straight home after yoga, had lunch, steam cleaned the floors and then went down for a nap until 345'ish. Then I came home around 430'ish...played some went to ComFit...we all ate dinner...tub time...reading...rocking...nursing...OUT.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I made it home alive! We were in a blizzard in Iowa...they called for 18 inches of snow...we didn't get that but MAN was it a crazy Christmas! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the snow! I wish we had that much back here in Missouri.
I had a great time with the Ruffing-side of the family. I got to hang out with Auntie Erica and give her kisses every day! I got some really fun gifts...a talking Ernie doll, new books, ornaments, a blanket with my name on it!
Mom says she'll post new pics soon so be on the lookout :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Iowa or Bust!

I thought I'd do one last post before I leave for Iowa. Mom and I have yoga tomorrow...then we will meet dad back at home and have some lunch before hitting the road to grandma and grandpa Gourley's.

We're going to spend the night in KC to break up the trip. Dad said he's going to order takeout from Cheesecake for mom and I! YAY! and YUMMO! Then, we're off again on Thursday morning to another hotel for Christmas.

Me, mom and dad had our Christmas last night. They let me open all of my gifts! What a lucky boy I am! So many toys...not sure which ones to play with first?! I am going to take my new laptop with me on the car ride! I know that for sure!

Merry Christmas everyone! Love, Dylan PS - check me out on my new SIT N' SPIN! Weeeee!

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Pics

Mom wanted me to post some pictures of our house all decorated from the party on Saturday. She says, someday she'll turn this little blog of mine into a book...and wants me to remember everything.

Today was a good day - very low key. Mom and I woke up around 815 this morning and had a nice bowl of cereal and OJ (well, she did, I played with my cheerios). We had coffee, a snack and then played for a little while before it was time for me to go down for my morning nap. I slept from 11 to 1145...and then got up just in time for lunch with daddy :)
After lunch, mom and I played some books...she spun me around on my sit n' spin - which I absolutely LOVE and then we layed down for my afternoon nap. I slept from 3-5pm! And woke up just in time to see daddy come home from work. I love when that happens!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pictures of My Party!

Here's some pics from last night's big bash! This 1st one if me and mommy. I'm wearing the hat grandma Longley gave me. It says, 'Today I Eat Cake'!

This next one is me getting ready to blow out my candle. Isn't my cake great? It was in the shape of a lion's head and it was all cupcakes! It was so yummy!

I'm playing with my new toys in this one:

What a great day!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It's my birthday! Well, it was on Wednesday...but today was my BIG party! And it was so much fun! I'm ONE! Let's see...where do I girlfriend Grace came with her parents, Matt and Kelly. Then my friend Davis came with his parents, Kristin and Brian. Grandma and grandpa Ruffing were there of course. My friends down the street, Mike and Jackie came...oh and my friends Stephen, Garrett and their parents, Chris and Sara came and my yoga teacher even came! Judy and her husband Fred!

We had a blast! I had a really cool cupcake-cake in the shape of a lion's head. We served that with vanilla ice cream. Dad was the official ice cream scooper while mom was the official cupcake remover. My smash cake was a hit! Mom put it right in front of me and I stuck my little hands right in there! It was decorated as a jungle and although I didn't eat it (any of it)...I had a lot of fun making a mess!
I got so many fun gifts! A sit n' spin, see n' say, blocks, puzzle, clothes, pjs, farm fridge thing, books, mickey mouse, Red Sox sweatshirt, money...what a lucky boy I am!

Mom and dad decorated the house with jungle things. I had streamers hanging from the ceiling with a monkey face, lion face and zebra face. My table was decorated with jungle characters and every one of my friends went home with a goodie bag that was filled with stuff I knew they'd love! I tried to tailor it to each specific person - and I think they were a hit!

It just happened to be one of the coldest nights in Mt. Vernon = but that didn't stop anyone from coming! I was so happy to see everyone and really, felt so loved from all of my friends to drove in from all over to wish me a Happy Birthday! I am a very, lucky, little boy!

I also want to give a shout out to my cousing Coleman. His birthday was yesterday and he also turned one! And his birthday party was today! Happy Birthday cousin Coleman! I can't wait to swap pictures :)

Tomorrow is another big day for me...I'm going to meet Santa for the first time!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tomorrow is My Birthday!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Can you believe it? I'm going to be ONE! Here are some pics from my time in Mass...enjoy! This 1st one is me and grandma Longley :) Aren't we adorable?
And...this next one is me and Auntie Laura:

Monday, December 14, 2009

So Many New Things!

I am growing up so fast! I'm doing so many new things - day by day! I can't believe it! Mom put me on the floor this morning (on my tummy) and (I didn't crawl) BUT it was the closest she's ever seen me get to crawling! I lifted one knee up and sort of moved to the side. So close!

I can point to mommy and daddy's noses! AND if you ask me to point out an animal's nose in a book...I can do that too!

Can you believe I'm going to be ONE in 2 days??? Crazy! My birthday is this Wednesday but my party is this Saturday. I can't wait! All of my yoga friends are coming! Mom said I could open one gift on Wednesday - well, maybe her and dad will let me open the gifts from them (I'll see if I can't work something out).

Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where's My Nose?

Mom taught me a new trick yesterday! We worked on, 'Where's mommy's nose?" And now I can point to ANYONE'S nose!!! Even animals in a book! I'm so smart! I haven't figured out how to point to my own nose yet, but I'm working on it.

We have kind of a busy weekend...I have my friend Quinn's birthday today. He's a little boy from my yoga class and he's turning 1! So we have that at 3pm in Springfield. Mom's been wrapping like a mad woman trying to get everything squared away for Christmas, my big birthday and all of the trillion other birthdays around us! She really wanted to take me to see Santa today - this morning - so we'll see if it all works out.

Dad leaves for KC tomorrow for a Chief's game with Uncle Raef. So it's just mommy and me. I think we'll go to church and then we might go to a Christmas show at 6pm with our friends Theresa and Kingston. It sounds like fun :)

Oh, and I have to give a shout out to my friend Kathy in Boston. She sent me my very first NU sweatshirt (Go Huskies!) mama's alma mater! AND she made me an ornament with my name on it. Thanks Kathy! You're the best!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Things I Can Do

Oh boy, where do I begin. I can do so many new and exciting things. It's amazing how much I have changed over the past 2 weeks since I've been gone. By the way - I had a GREAT time back east with my family. Here is a shout out to my grandma and grandpa Ward, auntie Laura, grandma and grandpa Longley, grandma Anne and grandpa Rody. Love you all!

*I can scoot on the floor
*I can say 'duck' (along with mama and dada, of course)
*I can do 'So....Big....' (you know the game I'm talking about right?)
*I can give KISSES! The best if I do say so myself!
*When mommy and daddy say, "where's the doggy?" I know exactly where to look (at Bailey!)
*And I'm about to get 2 more teeth folks. Holy smokes!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome Home to Me!

I'm back! I will write more tomorrow...but I had a great time in Massachusetts and can't wait to share all of my adventures with you! xoxo Dylan