Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It's my birthday! Well, it was on Wednesday...but today was my BIG party! And it was so much fun! I'm ONE! Let's see...where do I girlfriend Grace came with her parents, Matt and Kelly. Then my friend Davis came with his parents, Kristin and Brian. Grandma and grandpa Ruffing were there of course. My friends down the street, Mike and Jackie came...oh and my friends Stephen, Garrett and their parents, Chris and Sara came and my yoga teacher even came! Judy and her husband Fred!

We had a blast! I had a really cool cupcake-cake in the shape of a lion's head. We served that with vanilla ice cream. Dad was the official ice cream scooper while mom was the official cupcake remover. My smash cake was a hit! Mom put it right in front of me and I stuck my little hands right in there! It was decorated as a jungle and although I didn't eat it (any of it)...I had a lot of fun making a mess!
I got so many fun gifts! A sit n' spin, see n' say, blocks, puzzle, clothes, pjs, farm fridge thing, books, mickey mouse, Red Sox sweatshirt, money...what a lucky boy I am!

Mom and dad decorated the house with jungle things. I had streamers hanging from the ceiling with a monkey face, lion face and zebra face. My table was decorated with jungle characters and every one of my friends went home with a goodie bag that was filled with stuff I knew they'd love! I tried to tailor it to each specific person - and I think they were a hit!

It just happened to be one of the coldest nights in Mt. Vernon = but that didn't stop anyone from coming! I was so happy to see everyone and really, felt so loved from all of my friends to drove in from all over to wish me a Happy Birthday! I am a very, lucky, little boy!

I also want to give a shout out to my cousing Coleman. His birthday was yesterday and he also turned one! And his birthday party was today! Happy Birthday cousin Coleman! I can't wait to swap pictures :)

Tomorrow is another big day for me...I'm going to meet Santa for the first time!

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