Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to Me!

My 2nd birthday was a success :) We made it through the day without mom crying (about me getting older). I had PT this morning. Martha brought me this really cool truck for my birthday present. Thanks Martha! After that, mom took me to storytime at the library where everyone sang happy birthday to me :) We went home...picked up a bit...made lunch for dad...then mom and I napped for about 2 hrs. It was so nice to snuggle up with her :) When I woke up we made my birthday cake together. Mom had just picked up a box of Swiss Rolls that she was going to put a candle in because she didn't want to have a whole sheet cake lying around in the house when we're going to have a big one on Saturday...but after talking with Grandma from Massachusetts...mama had a change of heart. And so...we made chocolate cake with confetti frosting...yummo! When dad got home we all skyped with Grandpa and Grandma Longley. They had shipped a box full of birthday presents to me and I've been itching to open it...and I finally got to tonight! I opened it right in front of them when we were skyping tonight. It was awesome :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 More Days!!!

2 more days until I'm 2 years old!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Almost My Birthday!

I'm going to be 2 next week...can you believe it? Mom already has everything's going to be a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and I can't wait! I just wish my family from Massachusetts could be there as well as my family in Iowa!
Did I tell you that my grandma from Massachusetts came out to see me from Mass.? We had such a good time together.
Not much else going on...just getting ready for Christmas and baking lots of sweets :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank You Shutterfly!

We just received our beautiful Christmas cards last night from Shutterfly. If you read in one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that mom and I had ordered our cards from them this year. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint! They're so cute :)

I think mom ended up saving over a hundred dollars on these cards...she ended up paying a little over $8 for shipping and that's it! What a deal! Please go to Shutterfly and make your own Christmas's worth it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't believe my birthday is just around the corner. I'm going to be 2! This year has flown by...I think I'm going to celebrate with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party this year.
Did I tell you that Grandma Longley from Massachusetts is coming out to see me next week for
Thanksgiving? I am so stinkin' excited :) I made her something special for Christmas and I can't wait to see her in person to give it to her. Mom and dad are going to make a nice turkey dinner for grandma....homemade applesauce (great grandma Ward's recipe of course), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, peanut butter cup pie, dinner rolls, name'll be there! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sesame Street Live

I had the BEST time today! Mom took me to see Sesame Street Live!!! She was nervous I'd freak out at seeing Elmo and Big Bird so up close and big and all that...but I. LOVED. IT! Mom took a ton of pictures on her phone but she hasn't figured out how to upload them onto her computer yet...when she does...she told me she'd post them so you could see how much I liked the show.

After that, mom took me out for pizza and then we played at the mall and bought a Christmas present for daddy. I was such a good boy!

Storytime is canceled tomorrow for Veteran's Day and Friday we have MOPS all morning. We'll be packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child (OCC). Have a good weekend!

Free Christmas Cards!!!

I am so stinkin' excited! Mom just got 50 Shutterfly Christmas cards for FREE! She saved $119.50 (all she had to pay for was shipping and handling for $8.61). Not bad huh? I'd show you a sneak peak of the card but mom said no way...'it has to be a surprise'!
All you have to do is follow this link Shutterfly and you can get yours for FREE too!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Miracle Blanket Deadline

For all of you bloggers out there who are interested in winning a Free Miracle Blanket...I am closing the voting at 9pm CST. The winner will be announced on the Miracle Blanket Facebook page tomorrow after 2pm CST.

Thanks! And good luck!

Another Great Deal!

I'm coupons. I just went to Summer Fresh here in town with a few more coupons that Nichole helped me find. Take a look at what I got :2 bags of lettuce, 2 air fresheners, 2 things of dental floss and a package of Jimmy Dean Sausage for $11.83 and you're never going to believe how much I got this one for...everyone I've said this to has guessed $2 but nope...I paid $0.16 for ALL OF THIS!!! I actually made money back on most of the products in this picture so I was able to bring down my overall cost by a ton. Thank you Nichole!

Coupons Are My New Best Friend!

My dear friend Nichole - has introduced me to the beautiful world of 'couponing'. Oh - this is Dylan's mom posting today by the way :) Dylan is in bed!
Anywho - I recently wrote an article about Nichole in Connection Magazine for the December issue...about how she saves her family money by coupon clipping. After interviewing her, I was so intrigued with the process that I decided to pay more attention to those Sunday paper coupons! BUT - the next time I went to Wal-Mart, I still didn't save much money and only had a few cents to show for it :( SO...I asked Nichole if she would come with me the next time I went and she said Yes! Look what happened when I got her one-on-one help!!!

You might not be able to see everything I got...but here's a run down: 2 boxes of Cheerios, 2 boxes of Cheese Nips, 2 boxes of V8 soup, 1 package of WW Jiffy Pop, 2 cans of soup, 2 packages of cheese, 2 chili mixes, 2 bags of lettuce, 1 box of spaghetti and 3 boxes of total came to $43.57 and I got all of this for...drumroll please...$7.77!!! Oh yeah...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miracle Blanket Giveaway Contest!

I was just re-reading my posts from my earlier days here on Earth...and I can't believe what a bad sleeper I used to be? Granted, I did have GERD and possibly, and dad NEVER slept and I am not exaggerating. Anywho, I wrote a post back in January 2009...I was about 6 weeks old? And my grandma Longley came to visit me from Massachusetts. Mommy remembers this night like it was yesterday b/c it was the first night since I'd been born that I'd slept longer than an hour.
I slept for 5 hours that night. And all b/c grandma wrapped me up in this thing called the Miracle Blanket. Yep, that's what it was called. And man was it a miracle. It was the best sleep I'd ever gotten and I wore that thing until mom couldn't squeeze me into it any longer.
Whenever mom hears about other parents who's kids can't/won't sleep - she always suggests this Miracle Blanket.
Since this is mom's FAVORITE baby gift to give to new moms and dads...she's going to give one away for FREE to a new mom or dad out there who is expecting a baby and wants to try this thing out. I guarantee you (and mom's got my back on this one) that this. thing. is. for. real.
The person who posts a comment on my blog with the funniest reason as to why sleep is important to them (since the Miracle Blanket in turn will put your baby to sleep, meaning you will get sleep) will win the Miracle Blanket! And you must 'like' Miracle Blanket on Facebook as well as Twitter (if you have Twitter).
The only way you'll know if you won - is to track Miracle Blanket's Facebook page on Tuesday after 2pm CST and look for your name. If it's there - you won!

Good luck!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Yes. Mom is already getting ready for Christmas. She's already started our annual Christmas letter (this is only year 2 that she's done it). Anywho, if you know my mom, you know that she's crazy about me, taking pictures of me and well, anything to do with me. So, what could make her happier than taking my picture, putting it in a beautiful Shutterfly card with our holiday letter and sending it off to all of our family and friends? Nadda :) That makes her pretty happy.

Mom always has to get the perfect Christmas cards every year. She usually buys ours at Walmart because they're cheap. (Sorry mom, yes, I totally just called you out.) But she decided to get ours from Shutterfly this year because they are better quality and still affordable. She won't buy just a regular card though. They absolutely have to be Christmas photo cards.

Mom bought some photo cards from Shutterfly when I was a little bit younger. She was really impressed with how they came out - so, here we are! I can't wait to see what you all think when you get them in your mailbox this Christmas!

1st Haircut & New Addition

I forgot to tell you about my first haircut! I went with grandma Ruffing, dad and mom. I did really good! I sat in a choo choo train and watched a video. I didn't cry once...only when we left! Imagine that? The lady who cut my hair kind of had an attitude - so I could have done without that. But I did get to keep a few locks of hair and they took my picture for me. Check out my slicked back hair before the cutting began :)

We've also added an addition to our've all been asking for pics - so here they are! We love our new space. It's called a 4-seasons room.

Halloween! I look so cute!

Has it been that long? Since I've blogged? Too much time has gone by. Mom is finally getting around to posting pictures...geeze mom!?Aren't dad and I so cute together!? Here's some more pics for you to chew on :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


So life has been pretty busy as you can tell from my MIA blogging. Things have been going good. I'm officially walking now - all the time! It's so weird to finally be on my 2 feet rather than scooting around on my butt. But it's great. I can get places much faster which makes mommy's day that much crazier :)
Last weekend was ABMD and I had great time with mom, dad, Aunt Erica, grandma and grandpa. I rode the train twice and fussed when the ride was over.
Mom and dad just bought me tickets to see Sesame Street Live next month. I'm so excited I can't wait!
Not much else going on here. I've started to sit on the big boy potty but haven't done any business yet. Mom wasn't even thinking about tackling this one - but I kept pointing to the potty and saying 'pee, pee' so we've been at it every day. I'll keep you all posted!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Outside Rocks!

Today is the first day in a long time that mom and I don't have any plans! And I'm looking forward to it. I feel like we've been on the go, go, go!
We spent most of our day yesterday outside and it was awesome. I walked and played and helped mommy weed out the shrubs for over 2 hrs! And when daddy got home we all piled into the car and picked out some mums for the front stoop.
I love this type of weather :) See you later!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harvest Fest

It has been way too long since I've blogged. Let's just say life has been pretty crazy lately. I'm not sure where I left off - but I got my first haircut last weekend at Cookie Cutters. I only cried when we had to leave (!) I loved the fire truck I got to sit in and guess I didn't want to leave it. After my haircut we went to Cider Days with grandma and had a really good time. It was super hot outside but well worth it. We had a great time.
Today, mom and grandma took me to Harvest Fest at the Rutledge-Wilson Farm and we had so much fun! Mom was a little nervous about how I'd behave since I skipped my morning nap but I was the best little boy ever :) We went on a hay ride...I fed the chickens...ate ice cream...saw some bunnies...picked my very own pumpkin in the pumpkin patch and got my picture taken on a haystack! Doesn't that all sound like fun? Fall/Winter is mommy's favorite time of year so I know she just loved, loved, loved all of the festivities today.
Dad is in KC this weekend...again. He is going to the Chief's game with Raef and going golfing. I'm glad he's having a good time but I sure do miss him. I wish he'd been there to see me feed the chickens today. But - I picked him out a special pumpkin. So, hopefully he'll feel like he was right there with us.
So what else is new? We had a playdate on Friday with some new moms and had a great time. I met so many new friends to play with. We decorated cookies and played with trucks and cars. I had the best time. Mom even met some new ladies who have invited her to can applesauce!
Monday, we have another playdate...Tuesday, we have PT with Martha...Wednesday...mmm, nothing planned yet...Thursday, storytime at the library...and Friday...I feel like we have something going on but I just can't remember for the life of me what it is?
I still have tons of pictures to post of course. Just haven't gotten around to it. Keep checking back will get around to it one of these days!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catching Up

No pictures this time - mom's too tired to post 'em tonight. But I wanted to catch you all up on my busy week thus far :) Monday, I went to gram and gramp Ruffing's house while mom and dad ran errands. Tuesday - I had PT as usual and did a little bit of walking for Martha. Go me! Wednesday - no plans - kind of overcast, so mom and I headed to the mall for bargains and stopped by Hobby Lobby. We picked up a few craft projects for Halloween. That night, me, mom and dad made my trick or treat bag! Decked out in bats, spiders and owls too! Mom even personalized it with my name and the year. Today, storytime at the library started up again so we went to that. It was kind of a long day for mom this afternoon. I only took one nap and only slept for an hour and a half - maybe less than that actually. I think she was counting down the minutes until dad was home so she could get a little break. And tomorrow...we have MOPS for the first time and we are so excited! It'll be the first time EVER that mom has left me with other kids and/or w/o family members around - for an entire 2 1/2 hours! She's a little nervous and kind of antsy about it - but I think it'll be good for both of us. I'll cry for a minute or two but then I'll be fine. Mom has Comfit tomorrow night and that's about it.

Saturday - dad is heading to Lamar with grandpa to do some car stuff and then they're picking up grandma on the way back so we can all have a cookout at our house. Dad really wants gram and gramps to see the new addition. Sunday we have church and maybe we'll go for a walk or two; depending on the weather. And Monday...all 3 of us are leaving for KC. Dad is heading to a Chiefs game with Raef and mom and I are staying with our friends Theresa and Kingston! Woo hoo! I can't wait to be reunited with my friend!!! He's talking so much now and I'm walking this should be a really fun time!

That's about it...oh and I have 2 more teeth coming in...the last 2 I've been a little restless at night but hopefully they'll pop thru soon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another One...

I Can Walk!

Here's proof that I can walk! I've been doing a little bit each day. I'm like a little birdie who has just found his legs :) I'm still a little wobbly but I look darn cute and I'll get the hang of it one of these days.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Time of the Day

This is me and mommy during our nighttime ritual. I've just gotten out of the tub and I'm snuggling up with my blankie while mom is reading me the Bible. It's my favorite time of the day. Dad is always laying right next to us too but he's taking the picture in this one. My favorite story is the Lord's Prayer. I always say 'Amen' when mom and dad are done reading it.
Don't we look cute?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watch Out! I Took My First Steps Today!

Dad was home for lunch as usual and I was hanging out on the floor just playing around. I was practicing standing up on my own - without holding on to anything - when mom said, "come to mommy!" I thought about it for a second and took one itty bitty step with my right foot and everyone started screaming! Then I fell.

I got back up and stood on my own. Dad said, "come to daddy! come on!" and whoosh! I was off! I took about 5-6 steps and landed right in daddy's arms :) It's been a pretty amazing day :)

Watch out I come! Mom says she'll post a video as soon as I let her catch me on camera.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Here it is folks! It's official...I can crawl! I still prefer to scoot but I can crawl on demand (if I feel like it). Look how cute I am!

Horsies and Bunnies

These days the only way I will go on a walk with mom is if she says, "Do you want to go see some horsies and bunnies"? And miraculously we see them every time. The horsies are a given b/c they're right outside our front door in a pasture across the way. But the bunnies...well, mom says we get lucky every time. Isn't that kind of neat though, that we've seen at least one bunny every time we've been out on a walk for this past month?
Thursday was mom and dad's four year anniversary and we all drove to KC for the night. We spent part of the day at Nebraska Furniture Mart and picked out a sectional and a kitchen table for our new addition. I was kind of cranky that day so mom and dad ended up heading back to the hotel earlier than planned.
We headed to our friend's house around 5'ish for a cookout and had a fabulous dinner with the Jones'. It was so great to see them again. Kingston and I were reunited for the first time in about a month and we played and played!
We drove home on Friday afternoon - did our thing - and then it was Saturday. Gram and gramps came over about 4ish to babysit me for the night while mom and dad celebrated their anniversary by going to Nonna's in Springfield and seeing a movie; Dinner for Schmucks. It was a great night for them :) and I did just fine with G&G during my very first bedtime routine without mom and dad.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This and That

What's new in my world? Not too much. I had a pretty low key weekend. Dad was supposed to leave for Iowa yesterday but an hour down the road, started thinking about how much he loved his family and decided to turn around :) Yay! So, just as mom and I were getting back from the grocery store - dad was settling in back at home.
I had quite a temperature went up to 103.3 so mom called the Dr's office and will probably be taking me in to see them tomorrow if my temp doesn't get better. It dips down a little bit with Tylenol and then spikes right back up. Mom says, lots of fluids and lots of sleep for me today. I'm actually getting ready to lay down with daddy in a minute.
Physical therapy is going great. I've started crawling - although I still prefer to scoot - I will crawl if you ask me to (and if I feel like it). I'm also experimenting with standing up on my own without holding on to anything. Once I realize that someone is watching me, I smile, and then fall back on my butt. One of these days I'm going to stand up and take a step!
I want to send a BIG congrats to my aunt Laura. She just bought her first house! I can't wait until we can go and visit her and have a sleep over :)
Mom and dad are doing well. Dad is busy with work and gearing up for Fantasy Football season...ugh...(that was mom, not me who said that). He's in not one but TWO leagues this year...lucky mom :)
Mom has been busy chasing me around and making sure I'm well taken care of. She's just taught me where my left and right feet are and I can hold them up for you if you ask me to. Mom is still freelancing for the Connection Magazine and enjoying it. She's getting ready to submit some queries to other magazines - so cross your fingers!
That's all for now. I hope you all had a nice weekend and if you're reading this blog - drop me a note and let me know what you've been up to?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Precious Moment

I know I already blogged today but real quick...daddy told me I HAD to post this...we were lying in bed today and I rolled over to dad...looked at him face to face and you...and then gave him a hug. He's been like putty in my hands ever

It comes in three's...

Well, they say it comes in three's....on Thursday I ate a spoonful of Cascade and mom had to call poison control...on Friday I burnt my finger and got a 2nd degree burn on my had to call urgent care...what will be my 3rd emergency?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bye Bye Nursing

I forgot to tell you all that I stopped nursing! Mom and I's last day was a couple of Tuesday's ago...not last Tuesday but the Tuesday before that. So that would make it 2 weeks...this Tuesday. Wow that sounded confusing. Anyways - I'm a big boy now so I eat solid foods and mom has come to the realization that I have a sweet tooth; just like her. I'd much rather eat cookies and ice cream than pasta or vegetables. Oh well...
I've had a pretty good weekend. I really wanted to go to the fair but it's so dang hot outside that we couldn't go...and it's only supposed to get hotter this week. But - I think mom and dad are going to take me swimming today. That's about it folks!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oscar the Grouch!

Ugh! It's only 8am and I AM A GROUCH! (Mom's words...not mine). I woke up at 5am this morning and haven't looked back since. What gives? I've been super clingy and a little bit of a pain too (again, mom's words...not mine). BUT I'm sure things will be better once I take a LONG morning nap.
Things have been going good lately. Pretty much the same 'ole stuff. Did I tell you we're adding a 3-seasons porch to our house? Construction started at the beginning of this week and it's coming along so fast! They tore up the pad, layed the foundation, put the flooring down and I can't wait to see what they get done today. It's been so fun to watch these guys from the window. They have big tractors and I like to point at them and yell, 'TRACTOR!'
Dad and I are supposed to be going to gram and gramp's house tomorrow to help grandpa with a project so mom gets the morning off :) She says she's going to sleep in...drink coffee...and watch The View...maybe make some homemade chocolate chip cookies too (since those are my new favorite things).
Mom's already been planning my 2nd birthday party and it's not for another 5 months! The theme is going to be Dr. Seuss - Thing #2 and I can't wait to see what she's got planned. I wish I could celebrate my bday with my cousin Coleman. Did you know that we were born just 2 days apart? Pretty cool, huh?
Okay, off for a walk with mom so we can BOTH get some fresh air. See ya later!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Love You

I think today was one of mom's best days ever :) I told her for the very first time, that I loved her! She was putting me to bed and said, "It's time to go night-night Dylan. I love you." and I said, "Love you". "Night".

Pretty cool huh?

That's pretty much it :) Night, Night...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Curious George

I met Curious George tell me what you think my reaction was from this picture...although I had a good time with my friend Anastasia (she's in the picture too) - I was much happier sitting in mommy's lap than I was sitting on Curious George's.

I guess I like Curious George better, when he's on TV and not in person. Check out more of my pics:

Okay, now I'm happy. I'm content sitting right here :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sad :(

My friend Kingston moved away today and I'm super sad :( But mommy has a busy day planned for us tomorrow to keep our mind off of being upset...she's taking me to storytime to meet Curious George - in person!!! AND my friend Anastasia is in town from Washington - so her and her mom Tracy are going to meet us there!
I first met Anastasia at Itsy Bitsy Yoga and mom and Tracy became good friends. I know mom is looking forward to seeing her friend...and I think we're all going to get lunch afterwards. Here's to a fun day tomorrow and a fun weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Hot Day :)

This is me reaching for a bubble at camp last week. Mom really liked the pic so we had to post it :)
Anywho - it was a HOT day today in Missouri...again...when will this heat wave break? It's so hard not to go outside in the summer! Although, mom has been taking me to the pool almost every day - so that's made up for having to stay inside so much.
I got to play with my friend Kingston again today. Tomorrow will be our last playdate for a while :( The big move is tomorrow afternoon and I'm totally bummed but also, happy for him and his family too.
Dad leaves this weekend for St. Louis - so it's just mom and I. She has Friday thru Sunday jam-packed I'm not sure when we'll have time to kidding mom :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Girl's Night for Mom Tomorrow!

Mom and dad both had dentist appts today so I hung out with Kingston and Theresa for like...3 hrs! I had a really good time and Theresa told mom that I was a good boy :)

Mom thought I'd take a long, long nap this afternoon since I skipped my morning one but I only slept for a little over an hour. Ho-Hum...not long enough :( After that, we played for what seemed like FOREVER. And then thankfully, dad came home and mom got a break.

I have PT tomorrow morning from 8-10am with Martha...then I'll take a nap...then eat lunch with mom and dad...then play or maybe go to the pool...and then when dad gets home at is going out with her friend Theresa for a girl's night! Believe it or not...this will be the first night since I was BORN that mom will be leaving the house WITHOUT me past 7pm...yep...that's right. cream... :) I think mom is going to have a great night and I am so happy for her :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Last Day of Camp - Woo Hoo!

Last day of camp...and I have a big grin on my face :) Came home...took a nap from 1045-12'ish...woke up, ate lunch, played with mom, went swimming...took it upon myself to continually push mom away at the pool = thinking I could swim on my own. I threw such a tantrum about being held that mom said we had to go home...probably a good idea since I fell asleep the second we got home and didn't wake up until 5...guess I was tired.

Hanging out with gram and gramp Ruffing tomorrow so that mom and dad can go on a date :) Not sure what they're doing yet...I heard them talking about a movie and then ice cream...or shopping and ice cream.

Zinc levels came back normal so doc told mom to try Arbonne butt 14 bucks a pop + tax + shipping/handling...I sure hope it works. Ugh. Get chest xray results at next week's appt.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sand & Water, Water & Sand

Let me just start off by saying that I'm happy tomorrow is my last day of know, I know...I shouldn't be so negative but really, this Kindermusik thing is a joke. The teacher is super nice but with only one other kid in the class...I don't think anyone could make it any better.

When mommy was telling her friend Theresa about how the instructor starts each class...I thought she was going to fall off the couch laughing :) Mom says, "So she starts each class with a blow into the harmonica...yep...and then she starts singing for about 15 seconds. No background music...nothing." Theresa (still laughing).

And so the conversation goes. And to boot, the instructor brought out 2 buckets at the end of class. One filled with sand and the other with water...on carpet...hmmm...probably not. Let's just say that I went home pantless :)'s the little things in life that make me laugh.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5th Chest Xray - Boo Hoo diaper rash is back...with a vengeance :( This dang thing just won't go away! Doc ordered some blood work to see if maybe I'm zinc deficient...and if I am, I guess I can just take a supplement and it'll all be better. As of now, I've been using this special ointment for my bum that I have to put on 3 times a day but it can only be used 7 days at a That's that. AND since I was already at the hospital for blood work - my pulminologist ordered another xray (this marks my 5th) as a followup to the bronchioscope I had done a few months ago. I won't find out the results of either test for a week or so. Cross your fingers that it's all good news :)

All of that happened this afternoon - so I pretty much crashed on mom when we got home. This morning, I had my 3rd day of summer camp and it was pretty boring, I must say :( I was hoping it'd be fun like yesterday was but it was kind of lame. I hate to say it, but I think mom should have enrolled me in the bigger kids' class. Oh's only 2 more days. Maybe tomorrow will be more fun?
And to say goodnight...I'd like to share with you one of my favorite places in the whole world...the road leading to my great gram and gramp's house out in the country. Just looking at it makes me so happy... :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today was another busy day and believe it or not...I'm blogging for the 2nd day in a row! Go me! So, I didn't sleep well last night. Not sure if it's because I'm just getting back on my schedule from vacation or...maybe it's the last 2 teeth that I have coming in? I went to bed around 8 and then woke up around 11...cried until came in to check on me and said, (and I quote) "I went in there to check his diaper and it felt like there was a bowling ball in his pants). So - that might explain why I was up the first time. Then - I went back to sleep until 4ish and cried for about an hour - then dad came and got me since NO ONE was sleeping thru this mess - and he let me sleep on him until 7 this morning. Phew...let's hope tonight isn't a repeat (especially since it's mom's turn to get up with me and she SO doesn't feel like pulling an all nighter!)
So I had camp today. It was my 2nd day of Kindermusik camp and I liked it a lot better today. I got to 'ride' in a laundry basket while mom made a fool of herself and sang some song about peas and bananas. Oh, and then I got to watch mom sweat it out while doing some sort of cha-cha dance that the instructor 'convinced' her would make the kids laugh. Oh, and did I tell you about the part when the instructor told mom to put me in a towel so we could 'swing'? Oh yeah, I loved it. I loved it so much that I screamed bloody murder when it was time for our homemade hammock to come on down back to reality. Oh boy...3 more days :)

After class, I took a 2 hr nap at home and then it was time for lunch. Mom made potatoe salad, white salad and started a cake for the BBQ we had tonight. I'm still not sure how she got it all done...but she did and it all came out really yummy. I got to meet my great uncle and great aunt tonight for the first time. They were so nice! And of course, I got to see 2 of my favorite people, grandma and grandpa Ruffing.

Tomorrow, another day of Kindermusik camp with my new friend Sarah. Nap when I get home...lunch with dad and mom...and PT at 2. Although...I think we're going to have to squeeze in a DRs appointment because my diaper rash is back with a vengence :( Doc thinks my zinc levels might be low which (I guess?) could be causing these diaper rashes. So - I need to have some blood drawn.

Okay, okay - time to go to bed. Real quick, here's a pic of me, mom and dad on the boat for mom's birthday the other week. We had so much fun!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My First Trip to the Windy City

I guess it's been a long time since I've blogged. So long...that you all probably didn't even know that I went to Chicago for a family vacation!? Me, mom and dad just got back on Saturday and we had a good time - but we were definitely ready to get home.

Here's a picture of me on the water taxi on our way to Shedd Aquarium. This was one of mom's favorite things (the water taxi).
I think we're all vacationed out by was Texas, Massachusetts and then Chicago all in like 3 1/2 months. You could say I'm a little tired :)

One of my favorite things that we did was go to Millennium Park. This is a picture of me splashing around in the fountain area. It was so much fun! BUT, I did get my very first boo-boo...I scooted around so much that I managed to wear the skin down on one of my ankles. Ouch :( It was pretty bloody and it hurt really bad.
All in all - it was a fun time! This week I have Kindermusik summer camp every day from 9-945...and a couple of other things in between - so it's going to be another busy week. Send me a note if you're reading my blog so I know how you're all doing!
xoxo dylan

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Massachusetts Here We Come!

I haven't blogged in SO long! But it's the summer and I've just been so busy. Okay, so anyways - what's new...well...let's see... The video I've posted is pretty cool! I was helping daddy with the laundry (I am his official assistant) and he was singing the theme song to one of my favorite cartoons "Sid the Science Kid" and he was clapping while singing to me - and I wanted to clap to but the only way I could clap was to take both of my hands off of the DID! And I stood up ALL BY MYSELF for the first time in front of daddy! Woot Woot! Go ME!

Physical Therapy with Martha has been going great. She comes every Tuesday morning from 8-10 and she's a really nice lady. Usually, I just play with her and mom and Martha tries to manipulate my legs or body to get me into the crawling position and/or standing. It's pretty cool. Sometimes I don't mind but most of the time I cry :( She says I'll be walking in no time!

I leave for Massachusetts next Friday :) I'm so excited. I get to see mom's side of the family but the thing I'm most excited about is going swimming whenever I want. Great grandma and grandpa Ward have an inground pool and since mom and I will be staying there - we can jump in any time we want!!!

Mom's 28th birthday is next dad and I are taking her out on the boat to Table Rock Lake and I'm so excited! We're going to pack a lunch and just lounge for a few hours. Okay, I've got tons of things to do tonight so I'll be back tomorrow to blog some more!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Iowa, Iowa, Iowa!

We made it to Iowa folks...the car ride was say the least...I was a handful. We wanted to leave at 730...but we ended up leaving at 830 and we made it to Des Moines around 2'ish with a few stops in between. Not too bad, but I didn't sleep as long as mom and dad had hoped I would. You know what that means don't you? Yep, I was a real treat for the rest of the day.

Mom and dad tried to check out the Jordan Creek Mall and I lasted about 20 minutes...with all due respect mom - please don't take me into a toy store stocked with tons of cool trucks when you have absolutely NO intention of buying me any of them! Nothing good can possibly come out of this and nothing did today when you took me in that store. Oh mom...

We rushed back to the hotel...I had a snack and then it was off to the pool for me. Ahhh, just like old times :) I kicked my legs like it was nobody's business. I love the water...absolutely love it :) I splished and splashed and had a great time.

I got to see Aunt Erica, Uncle Nick, Uncle Dan, Aunt Stacie, Cousins Piper, Bianca and Nash and tomorrow I get to see a whole bunch more people. This is turning out to be a great weekend! We also celebrated Christmas tonight (yep, you heard me right...Christmas). That's how long it's been since we've seen the Kesselring's. I got some pretty cool stuff. Little People School Bus...Diego doll that speaks Spanish and English...a Diego DVD...a water bottle for the own Toy Story camping chair...Dapper Dan...and a whole lotta books! My favorite of course...can you guess? The school bus :)

Tomorrow we're off to the horse races and to see our friends Raef, Joie and Cael. Can't wait to see how big Cael has gotten! Oh, and to give him his wicked cool bday gift...(I kept trying to get mom to give it to me...but she said I had enough toys and that it wasn't for me) :( Maybe Cael will let me play with it tomorrow?

Okay, off to bed. We're in a hotel for the night. Mom and dad reserved a suite so we could each have our own did I end up with the king suite and they ended up on the pullout couch??? Hmmm...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hail Storm!

Updates...let's see...I had physical therapy today...that went really well. I stood for a few seconds all by myself :) I was pushing my cozy coupe along with Martha and she let go of me and I let go of the car...and whoops! I was standing!

I've been doing GREAT lately. Me, mom and dad (oh and Bailey too) are leaving for Des Moines this weekend. We're going to the horse races = like we do every year = to celebrate Father's Day. I can't wait to go especially b/c I get to see all of my cousins: Piper, Bianca and Nash...and my aunts: Stacie and Erica and my uncle Dan and of course, my grandparents and greatgrandparents. It's going to be a blast! Any one wanna place a bet on the horses?

So we had a terrible hail storm today?! I know...what??? Our house got damaged...pretty bad actually. I think we're going to need a new roof and for sure - new siding on one side of the house. Dad's car got pretty banged up too - literally. Thank goodness mom's car was in the garage. I'm going to Google 'hail' tonight b/c how on earth are there big ice balls coming down from the sky in the middle of May? I need to find out how these form? What causes them? Etc.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Meal

I had my first Happy Meal today! Well...sort of. I ate some of the fries and mom gave me a piece of a chicken nugget but I spit it out! And I got a Shrek toy inside. What a great day! I had a playdate with Kingston...then took an hour nap...went for a walk...ate lunch with dad...played...colored...skyped with grandma Longley for a little bit and then I was off to bed.

I think mom and I might go to the zoo tomorrow. It's been raining like crazy here so it'd be nice to spend some time outside if we can. No plans for this weekend...just hangin' around the house. Dad has to mow the lawn and mom has to followup on an interview for work. Next weekend we leave for Des Moines so that's about it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunny Day

Today was my third day of PT and it went great. Martha says I'm doing a good job and thinks I'll be walking in no time. Can I get a woot! woot! Anywho - today was a fun day. Mom and I went on 3 we're pooped tonight. We walked for an hour this morning after my first nap and before lunch. Mom was sweating up a storm but we made it! The second walk was with our friends Theresa and Kingston and we walked for another hour! It was so fun to see Kingston. We always exchange toy cars and eat cheese puffs together on our walks. Then dad and mom took me on my third walk of the night but this time was the coolest for 2 reasons: 1. mom and dad let me sit in my coupe car for the walk instead of my stroller and 2. I got to hold Bailey's leash for the entire walk :)

I was kind of cranky tonight. I'm not sure why b/c I got 2 naps today totalling 3 all in all...that's a pretty good nap schedule for a day's work. I ate my dinner like a good boy and just couldn't seem to get settled. I didn't want to play in the tub like I usually do so I stood up as mom was trying to rinse out my hair and I smushed my sudsy head up against her face and got her all soapy...tee hee hee!

Tomorrow we have a playdate with some new friends. I'm really looking forward to meeting them and seeing what kind of toys they have to play with. Their house is in Springfield so I'm not too keen on the drive out there but I'm sure it'll go by fast. Mom is supposed to sign me up for swimming lessons at some point this week so I should be starting that pretty soon!

Nighty night

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pottery for Mom

I had a nice weekend. It rained both days but it was still nice. Me, mom and dad went to Springfield on Saturday to run errands...get groceries...etc. and then we did something really fun - we went and painted pottery for mother's day. I know - it was last weekend but dad and I promised mom that we would take her. She wanted her own coffee mug.

Today we went to Joplin and went to every store we could think of looking for a DVD player for the car. No luck...they were all super expensive and we're just looking for a run-of-the-mill cheap-O that we can stash in the car for our upcoming roadtrips. Oh well...we'll keep our eyes peeled.

This week looks pretty normal. Mom and I are going to hang out at home tomorrow and just relax. Maybe go for a walk together if it's nice out. Tuesday, I have physical therapy...Wednesday and Thursday it's supposed to rain so we'll probably be at home and then Friday I think we'll go to the zoo.

The week after that we are headed to Iowa!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks for the Nap Dad :)

It was a cold, windy, rainy today in Mt. favorite kind of day :) (Okay...well...maybe not my favorite...but mommy's favorite for sure). She loves, loves, loves rainy days and wishes every day could be like today...weird...I know.

Anywho - today went by sort of fast. I woke up, ate breakfast, played with mom, got coffee, went to my friend Kingston's house for a playdate, went home and napped for 2 hrs., woke up, ate lunch, hugged dad, played some more and read some books with mom until dad got home at 4. It was so nice for mom that dad came home 30 mins early today...she went to lay down and ended up falling asleep until 545!!! Guess she was tired!

Tomorrow is my 2nd round of PT from 8-9...and then dad took the afternoon off so mom could have some 'Meagan' time and go scrapbooking. She signed up for a class and hasn't been able to do anything like this for herself since I was born almost 17 months ago...whoah! Go mom! Then I think she's going to weigh in at WW since she'll be in Springfield anyways...and that's about it.

Nighty, night :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I had a great Mother's Day today :) I woke up at 630 like I always do in the morning...and I laid in bed with mom and dad for a bit. Then dad and I went and played in the living room so mom could sleep in. She slept until 9am!!! Go MOM! Then...I went down for a nap in daddy's arms for about an hour...while mom got to shower AND shave! AND eat breakfast by herself in PEACE and QUIET! The day was shaping up quite nice, huh?

Once mom and dad got dressed and got me dressed - we hopped in the car and headed to grandma and grandpa Ruffing's for a nice lunch. We had vegetable lasagna, garlic bread, pretzel salad, lemon cake and feta crackers. Yum! Oh, and gram and gramps took me for an hour long walk while mom and dad took an afternoon nap all by themselves!!!

Dad and I got mom a couple of cards, the new Lady Antebellum CD she wanted and a new book by Jennifer Weiner. AND we are going to take her to paint pottery next weekend. Mom said she really wanted her own coffee mug with my handprint and footprint (like we did for daddy on Father's Day last year). So...the Mother's Day festivities continue until next weekend! Woot Woot!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nice Day

Today was such a beautiful day outside. It was the perfect day weather-wise. It was sunny and windy and hot but not too hot. I think it was high 60s, warm but cool, ya know? Mom and I went for a walk today and it was so much fun. It was so nice to just be outside and do...nothing...but just 'be'. Does that sound corny? Sorry...I just feel like our lives have been 'go, go, go' lately and it was relaxing to do nothing but 'walk' with mom.

So tomorrow I meet with the director of First Steps. Dad is coming home a little bit early so that he can be in on the meeting. I guess we're going to go over a report that the director has written up so that she can send it on to the board to see if I qualify for the program. I've had two assessments done so far - one with a PT and then an's been such a long process. I hope we actually get something accomplished tomorrow.

Not much else going on...I got 2 more teeth last that makes 14 teeth! Holy moly! I'm eating like a real CHAMP these days...I had mashed potatoes, cheese and farmer's market vegetables for dinner tonight (oh, and dad snuck me a few cookies) thanks dad!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back from Texas

Hey Ya'll! I'm back from back on Thursday and it feels good to be home but I miss the Longley-side of my family :( I had such a good time. The drive out there wasn't bad at all. Mom and I left our house around 730am and picked up great grandma Ward, grandma Longley and Auntie Laura at the Tulsa airport. We continued our drive to Abilene and got to Uncle Donny and Aunt Katie's house around 630 that night.

I met my cousins Coleman and Ethan for the very first time and let me just tell you...they are my new best friends :) Coleman chased me around the whole week and I'd never scooted so fast on my butt as I did then! I got a whole bunch of great new books and cute new clothes...we got our pictures taken - can't wait to see what those look like! We sat in this beautiful field filled with tons and tons of blue flowers. It was amazing.

Gram and Laura left my house this past Saturday and headed back to Massachusetts. Grandma Longley stayed in Texas since she was flying to SC for work. Why does there always seem to be a 'sadness' after being on such a 'high' with family? I was so excited to be with everyone and now I'm sad because I'm not with them anymore. And not knowing when I'll get to see Katie, Donny, Coleman and Ethan again makes me sad :(

Well, mom and I have got a busy week ahead of us so maybe that'll take my mind off of being sad. I meet with the OT tomorrow for the first time...Wednesday, mom said we might go to the zoo...Thursday, I'm trying out the 'tots' class at yoga for the first time and Friday is grocery shopping. Saturday, I think mom has an interview for work and Sunday, we are all going to Silver Dollar City for the first time. I am so excited!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Best Friend

Quick post! Take a look at me and my best friend!!!


Okay, I've been gone for a while. Mom has been bad about letting me write before bed. So I'm sneaking out of my crib to do this. I hope you all enjoy it :) Updates - here's what been going on with me...

Well...I had my bronchoscopy on was pretty scary. BUT I'm just glad that it's all over with. For those of you who don't know what's going on with my little lungs...I've had 4 xrays so far...all showing that I have reduced volume in the upper lobe of my right lung. Doc had me on a breathing machine thing for a while but mom and dad couldn't get me to sit still long enough for the stupid thing to we only did that for a week or so.

Anyways, I've been feeling fine. You'd never know that my lung isn't working at 100%. We got the results last night and my cultures came back negative and doc says there is nothing wrong anatomically with my lungs - so this is great news. I will have to go back for another xray in 3 months just to make sure that nothing has come back. He's pretty confident that he 'flushed' everything out during the scope.

Mom and dad were both super troopers Monday morning. I thought mom would be a mess and she only cried once! Here's how that morning went: mom woke me up at 515am! put me in the car...and we got to the hospital around 6am...nurse checked my vital signs...I watched Baby Einstein (thank you Theresa and K!) my IV in my FOOT...ugh!...I cried of course, but did great with it once it was in. Then my scope started around 8ish. The whole thing was about 15-20 minutes...I'd say the worst part was waking up...I was flailing...crying...spitting up blood and saliva...all while mom and dad were trying to hold me.

Once I was able to drink some stuff - I was allowed to go home. I slept when I got home for a little while. It was a LONG day but I'm so glad it's over.

I'll be leaving this weekend for Texas so I won't post until I get back! Sorry! I'll try and post again tomorrow though...I'm going to see my cousins Coleman and Ethan for the first time. I'm so excited :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

My internet has been I'm finally back! Ugh! In the meantime...I've had a lot going on. In a nutshell - I'm pretty much a big boy now. I have all 4 favorite things to eat are vanilla pudding, animal crackers and 100 calorie pack cookies...(yes, mom makes sure that I eat my veggies too) don't worry...

Dad bought me a season's pass to the zoo :) Yay! And he took mom and I this past week. I went on the train they had there for the first time. It was so much fun. Now mom and I can go whenever we want - thanks Dad!

Easter is tomorrow and I can't wait to see what the easter bunny is going to bring me!!!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sit to Stand - Finally!

Sunday night - big night for the Ruffing family...I went from a sitting position to standing all by myself :) Dad and I were playing in the living room while mom took a nap...and I saw a sock on the couch that I wanted to play with - so I shimmied on up and snatched it! I'm still a little wobbly at the sit-to-stand thing but I'm getting the hang of it! I did it a lot today! One more step towards being mobile! Oh boy out... (video to come)

Mom and I really missed dad while he was in Vegas. It was hard without you dad :( Mom was pooped out by the time she went to bed every night! Thank goodness we have you!

I'm still saying a lot of are some new ones...'moo', 'baby', 'door', 'cheek'

I LOVE vanilla pudding (thanks to Grandpa Ruffing). It's actually helping a lot with the weaning of my afternoon nursing session. It seems to be the only thing that makes me happy. I had 2, yep, 2 full containers of vanilla pudding today! Go me! And today was day #2 of no afternoon nursing. Does that mean we are officially down to 2 nursing sessions a day? Just one in the morning when I wake up and one at night before I go to bed? Mom's goal was to have me down to one nursing and/or completely weaned by the time we left for Texas in April...and that's about 2 1/2 weeks things are lookin' good!

Mom is still trying to get me to drink my whole milk - but I'm not liking it. Any suggestions out there? So far, the only thing I will drink out of my cup is water. No juice. No milk. Just water.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Passing of an Era

So today, my grandpa's best friend's father died - Mr. Gray. He was somewhat of an icon in Ashfield, MA and I am sad that he's gone :( But my grandpa was there with him in the hospital during his last few days and I'm so glad for that. Hang in there gramps - I love ya.

When my mom was a little girl - her dad (my grandpa) used to take her, my Uncle Donny and my Aunt Laura to Gray's Sugar House every year. It was their tradition. They used to all wait outside in the long the cold weather...when it was sometimes snowing...and wait - smelling the sweet smells of pancakes flipping, bacon frying and sugar on snow melting. It was, to say the least, one of the best memories mom has from her childhood.

They used to sit on these old, handmade tree trunk stumps when they ate and at the end of their meal they'd go up to the register and pick out a couple of pieces of maple candy. Since grandpa was best friends with Raymond - (who's family owned the place) - mom, Donny and Laura got to head back to the house and get maple candy 'scraps' for free. Auntie Laura and mom would make themselves sick off of it b/c they'd eat so much!

Secretly, mom always wanted to take her kids there when she grew up. But - the sugarhouse has been closed now for quite some time. Maybe someday someone will reopen it? I never got to meet Mr. Gray - but I heard he was quite a nice man.

Dad left for Vegas today and I miss him already. But I know he's probably having a great time and he said he'd place a bet for me on one of the teams. Go dad!

It was quite a trying day for mom and I. We had yoga this morning which dad was able to come to - and I held up pretty well considering I didn't take a nap on the way there like I usually do. I fell asleep on the way home, ate lunch, played and then mom tried to put me down for my afternoon nap...yah right mom. We found ourselves back in the car on our way to Springfield for the 2nd time today. Definitely NOT what either one of us wanted to be doing. BUT, it got me to fall asleep for at least 30 minutes...and mom splurged at Starbucks and got a frappacino which she hasn't had in like 10 million years. It was just one of those days where a bit more caffeine was needed and mom didn't feel like counting any WW points.

I have my 15 month checkup tomorrow and Bailey is getting it's another busy day. Maybe it will be better than today? I sure hope so.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday

We started weaning back in January - towards the end of the January I think - and today we are down to 3 feedings in a 24 hr. period. Not too bad? I'm surprised at how well this has all been going actually. I thought it would be harder than this. Although, this afternoon session just seems to be the hardest one yet. Mom has been trying to wean me off of that one for about a week now and sometimes she's successful and well, sometimes she's not. So - we'll just keep chippin' away at it. I definitely think we'll be able to eliminate it by next weekend with Aunt Erica being here and all. She can help distract me from wanting to nurse.

We're having a pretty lazy Saturday today - which is nice. I woke up at 6am (wish that would stop) again - I think that's my 'normal' wake up time these days...and I ate 1/2 a banana while mom ate her cereal. Dad got the coffee ready and then we headed to Walmart for some groceries. Then it was off to Republic to pick up some pictures for my baby book and then we headed home. Dad got his hair cut and mom went tanning. We all had a nice, simple lunch together and just played around the house.

I can now get on and off of my sit n' spin all by myself. Pretty neat huh? I have my 15 month checkup next week - dad leaves on Wednesday for Vegas and Aunt Erica comes in on Thursday night for a few days. It's going to be an exciting week!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tooth #10

I got my 2nd molar in folks - so that makes 10 teeth in all! Today was a good day but a lonnnnnnnng morning. Mom and I were supposed to go on a playdate but we had to leave the house earlier than expected because I was really clingy and I wouldn't let mom put me down! And she needed some 'quiet' time so we got in the car and I fell asleep :)

We ran some errands...I had a little meltdown in the car on the way home...but was fine within a few minutes. We got home - ate lunch with dad - and then mom put me down for a nap. I slept for 2 hours in my crib! This nap thing during the day is getting a little easier. Not much...but just enough that mom will keep trying the crib thing during the day.

The crib thing at night though - we've got that down pat. I'm doing so well! We did our nightly routine...and when dad put me in my crib and told me he loved me and said goodnight - I didn't cry. For the very first time in my life - I did not cry when I was put in my crib. It took 1 month folks! But we did it!

This picture is of me and dad. If you look real close you can see that my shirt is half somehow got it off...and dad pulled me around the house in our laundry basket. Cute! Oh, and for some reason - this blog posting says Tuesday but today is Thursday?!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Branson or Bust!

I got some new clothes yesterday! Mom and dad took me to Branson and bought me some new pjs. We had to buy size 2T! And I'm only 15 months old! Whoah! We got some great deals. My pjs were only $5 each. Pretty good, huh?

Not much on the agenda today. Mom has a baby shower to go to so dad and I are going to hang out. I think we might go to the mall. Dad bought this shirt a few weeks ago and it's too small so he's on the 'hunt' to return it before he leaves for Vegas.

Let's see...what's new with me...I have a molar now. Wow, did that one hurt. So...I have 9 teeth in all. I'm still scooting around the house and my favorite thing to play with is my mylar balloon. (And no, mom and dad don't let me play with it alone). I scoot around the house holding the string or the tab on the balloon. Mom can always hear me in the house because the weight on the end of the string slides around on the wood I'm already on my 2nd balloon...I had the first one for so long that it finally deflated!

Last night I talked to grandma and grandpa Longley on Skype for the first time! How did I not know about this FREE service before? Mom watches Oprah - surely she would've known about it by now. We had the best time! I could see and hear them loud and clear! We're supposed to meet up again but this time with Uncle Donny, Aunt Katie and my cousins Coleman and Ethan. I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too Early!

Today is not setting up well...I woke up at 5:58 AM (way too early) nursed me and then dad rocked me and well, that was that. I was up. She tried to eat breakfast, make coffee, read me some books, play with my toys but I was grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. changed my diaper and then plopped me right back in the crib - where I am currently crying my tail off. She layed me down at 815 and said if I wasn't settled down and/or asleep by 845 then she would come and get me and try again later. It's now 833...(can you tell that mom doesn't like to hear me cry?) She's got everything down to the minute.

I'm supposed to meet up with with my friend Grace for story time today at B&N. It's Dr. Seuss day and I was really excited about going but I think we might have to cancel. Plus, we have the BUG MAN coming today b/c we have silverfish...ewww...and then we have a new cleaning lady come this afternoon to clean our bathrooms. What a busy day...and mom is only on cup o' coffee #1.

On a more exciting note...I have a new cousin! Ethan Hezekiah Longley was born at 558pm last night! He weighed in at 8 lbs. 12 oz! Big boy! Congrats to my Uncle Donny, Aunt Katie and Cousin Coleman on their new addition. I can't wait to meet you baby Ethan! It seems so surreal that I have another cousin...that makes #5...wowzers!

We had a fun night last night. Our friends Mike and Jackie came over for a farewell dinner. They're moving to St. Louis this week :( Dad grilled made mashed potatoes...salad...texas toast...and Jackie's favorite - Lemon Cake. All in all, it was a great way to say goodbye to our dear friends.

Well, that's about it folks. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those days. But, that's and I will make the best of it and do something fun today! Maybe...race around the house on my bike and chase Bailey? Baby Einstein like...a million times?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long Day

What a crazy, crazy day. If I could do today over...I would make it less stressful. Listen to all that we did today...
-I woke up at 6am for some odd reason...and mom got up with me and that was that.
-Drove to Springfield to get groceries.
-Mom weighed in at WW.
-Dad drove to the mall to find a shirt he's been eyeing...but the mall wasn't open yet (did I mention it was like before 9am in the morning or something absurd like that???) This all had to do with the fact that I got up so early.
-Drove home.
-Put away groceries. Took dog out. Got mail. Changed diaper. Got back in car to meet friends for lunch in Aurora.
-Ate lunch...headed home.
-Got home and took a nap for 2 hours.
-Woke up. Played. Watched Baby Einstein. Had a snack. Played with my balloon. Scooted around on the floor. Helped dad book tickets for Grandma Longley, Auntie Laura and Great-Grandma Ward to fly here in April for our roadtrip to Texas to see my cousins Coleman and Ethan!
-Ate dinner. Took a bath. Read a few books. Bed.
-Can't wait for tomorrow...we have absolutely NOTHING planned and we are all very happy about that :) We are going to out and enjoy family time.

Night, night.

PS - Oh, did I mention that dad is away tonight on a 'Man Night Out' is living it up...hope he makes it home in one piece! Be good dad! (mom told me to say that).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ordinary Wednesday

Not much going on today...woke up around 730 this morning...went to yoga...came home, ate lunch with mom and dad...went down for a nap...a 2+ hour nap with mom. It was great :) We both needed the rest.

We don't have much planned for this weekend. Gram and gramps Ruffing will be out of town - so I won't be going there :( But I think mom and I might do a walk on Saturday for the Children's Miracle Network with a bunch of the other yoga moms and their kids. The mall/Springfield is usually CRAZY over the weekend so I'm not sure if mom and dad will want to 'brave' the crowds. We may just stay home and do some family stuff. Maybe watch a little Baby Einstein and play with my toys.

I don't watch TV - at least not yet - but mom and dad have started letting me watching 'World Animals' by Baby Einstein and I love it. I clap and laugh and dance (wave my arms) and my face just lights up when they turn it on. I like it so much that we went out and bought another one for me last weekend - Neighborhood Animals or something - but we were all really wasn't as good! It was kind of boring and not engaging enough for me. We should have gone with the shapes or movement one...dang it!

I can't wait until it's nice enough outside to go running with mom. I miss the fresh air and the smell of fresh, cut grass. I can't wait to go to the park and swing...and visit the zoo in Springfield...and just do stuff outside! Oh, and start swimming lessons again and splash around in my little pool that mom and dad are going to buy me (hint, and dad).

That's about it folks. Just another day in the Ruffing family out here in Missouri. xoxo Dylan

Monday, February 22, 2010

So cute...

So this is mom - Dylan's mom - and I have to write a quick post b/c this story is just way too funny not to share. Okay, so we put Dylan down tonight around 730. I got out of the shower and saw Gabe looking at the monitor. I guess he wasn't ready to go to bed yet b/c he was sitting up and then standing up. Yep - he's NEVER stood by himself without Gabe and I helping him so this was pretty interesting.

Anywho - he stood/sat like this for a LONG TIME and just cried, cried, cried. The next thing we's silent. Completely, stone cold silent. Gabe says to me, "there's no way he's sleeping. Is he sleeping? He's gotta be sleeping...I can't hear him?" (By this time, Dylan was so far down the crib that we couldn't see him on the monitor so we didn't really know what he was doing). Yeah, so Gabe was like, "should we go and lay him down? I think he's still sitting up? I think he fell asleep sitting up Meg?"

Me - "no. there's no way...let's go look". So off we go and low and behold...who's little chubby cheeks are smushed up against and inbetween the slots of his guessed it...Dylan's. He was completely sitting up, left arm holding part of the bumper and the right hand folded on his little leg and that oh, so cute face just 100% leaned in to the wooden slots.

What to do? There was no way we could leave him like that? He'd have a permanent indentation in his face...well...several of them actually. So I scooped my little boy up and layed him on his back. Asleep he went... :)

PS - and no, we didn't get a picture :( we were afraid the flash would wake him up...

One Week Exactly...

It took one week exactly...for me to sleep through the ENTIRE night! I went to sleep around 745ish and woke up around 1'isham...but was just messin' was about to get up to nurse me and ummm...fell back asleep (she thinks)...the next thing we's 8am and we're all getting up for the morning! Whoah! I slept all night AND didn't nurse AND I'm still alive, healthy and well! Phew!

Mom's a little sore this morning (all of you nursing moms out there who are going through the weaning process know exactly what I am talking about!) So...she might have to pump today. It's actually been going really well - no pain at all until this morning. I think that's because we took our time and gradually increased each feeding to an hour, and another, and so on. I don't think she was ready for her 12 hour stretch! Oh well...pump mom, pump!

I meant to blog yesterday...but get night - I kept waking up and scooting to the edge of my crib (yes, scooting on sheets...and yes, that's hard) and lunging myself forward to the top of the bars and getting stuck...I saw the camera in the corner of the crib (monitor camera) and went eye-to-eye with it...(mom and dad were watching from their room and laughing because they all of a sudden saw this big, blue eye in their screen) - well then I batted the thing a few times and got stuck with my hands up over the crib. Since I'm not standing on my own yet - this was quite an interesting predicament I got myself in to. 3 in the had to take apart my entire crib. No, I'm not exaggerating...he had to take the whole thing apart. The slots were in the way of the nuts and bolts and he couldn't get his screwdriver in there to loosen them up so he had to take off all 4 sides. About an hour later - we were back in business and I was asleep before mom and dad got back to their room.

Silly boy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In My Crib at Last :)

Okay - so here's the deal. Tonight is night #5 that I have:

A.) walked around the house
B.) got a tattoo that says 'MOM'
C.) slept in my crib all-by-myself like a big boy

If you guessed C you are correct! Here's how it happened...Sunday night - yes, it was Valentine's Day but mom and dad did this for no romantic reason in mind - they just thought it was 'time' had put me to sleep like he always does and I woke up 2 hrs. later like I always do. Mom came in and nursed me but I wouldn't go back to sleep (this was when I was in their bed still). So...she passed me off to dad who successfully got me back to sleep but I wouldn't stay asleep unless he kept pacing the kitchen floor. Yeah, well, that wasn't going to fly with him. So, he tried to pass me off on mom and she said, 'nope, let's try the crib'. their wits' end...they told me they loved me...put me in my crib and off they went.

The first night it took me over an hour and a half to fall asleep and then I only slept for about 45 mins. I was up throughout the night but mom only came in to nurse me every 3 hours. (This was a huge improvement from the ALL-NIGHT nursing we were doing). Monday night it took about the same amount of time and was pretty much like the first night. Tuesday night it took about an hour and 15 minutes...and mom only got up twice to nurse me...last night it took me between 30-45 mins. to fall asleep and again, mom only had to come in and nurse me twice. Tonight, get this, I fell asleep after 3 MINUTES. What?! Seriously.

I still toss and turn and cry and moan from time to time but it's not like the 'I'm dying cry - you must come and get me now''s the 'I'm mad at you mom and dad for leaving me in here but I'm so tired I can't. fight. it. anymore.' So that's that. I've officially moved from the bed to the crib and I still love mom and dad and I still give them kisses the next day.

Now, the next question does mom get me to take naps in my crib during the day? Any advice out there? She tried to let me cry it out this afternoon but it didn't work...after 45 mins. I was very upset and just needed to be's what mom did. She came and picked me up and kissed me all over and told me she loved me. I guess sometimes, that's all we ever really need.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Carseat!

Wow - I didn't realize how long it'd been since I'd last blogged...sorry about that! I guess time flies when you're busy being a big boy! And what a big boy I am now...I got my 8th tooth this weekend! AND my new carseat! I've officially grown out of my infant one...I can't believe I was able to stay in it this long but I was! Anyways = my new one is super cool. I feel like a KING in it :)

We've all had a really good weekend so far. Yesterday we went to Tulsa and did some and dad bought a new quilt for their bed. Get this = it was originally $170 and they got it on clearance for $30! Can't beat it! And mom got to play on her new PINK netbook that dad got her for Valentine's Day...she started and finished one of her articles for work...nice job mom! slept in until 10am...whoah and I were starting to wonder if you were still alive! When mom woke up - it was time to get down to business. We had planned on going to church (as well as last weekend) but mom and dad think I'm getting my molars in = maybe = so we didn't go...for the 2nd week in a row. I've been a real TREAT lately. EVERY TIME they try and get ready for church...I either fall asleep or I flip out and throw a tantrum. They're starting to wonder if I'm trying to send them a message or something...anyways...we're going to try again next Sunday...wish us luck.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Mom is meeting a friend for coffee at 9...then she has an interview at will be home with me...and we're expecting the floor guys to come and deep clean our 2 bathrooms...then we'll all eat lunch...then it's off to Springfield for my dr's appts...ugh. What a nightmare...hopefully, I'll have NO news to report.

Oh, and I'll post some pictures of me in my new seat as soon as mom and dad get a new memory card for their camera. I guess mom's been taking too many pictures...go figure :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky #7

Just a quick post b/c I'm super tired tonight...I got my 7th tooth this morning! I have 4 on the bottom and 3 on the top. I also fed myself with a spoon for the first time tonight at dinner while eating mashed potatoes. Write more later! xoxo Dylan

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chest XRays Suck :(

It's been a while since I've posted - but I have a good excuse...I've had a little cough now for a few days and well, mom was worried, so off to the Drs we went yesterday. My ears, nose and throat checked out clear as a bell but the doc sent me off for a chest xray just to make sure I didn't have another pneumonia (I had one last November).

We got a call from my doc saying I had an upper resp. infection so I'm on antibiotics for 10 days now and I have to go back for another chest xray :( Booger...

Other than that not much going on. We have to run some errands tomorrow. Daddy is going to order mommy's VDay present...she's getting a cute, little, pink netbook and a box of chocolates...oh and I think maybe a flower and of course a card...but those things will come on the actual day (HINT, HINT DAD) lol. And we have to pick up a lightbulb at the Audi dealership for dad...and let's see what has to get waxed at the SPAHHHHHHHHH... :) Sunday we have church and then it's SUPERBOWL time! We are having some friends over and I can't wait to chow down and watch the Saints kick the Colts' butts!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dad told me I had to take the F word out of last night's post (even though I didn't spell it out) ...since I'm only 13 months old and shouldn't be talking like that. AND he told me to apologize to all of my readers...sorry guys :(

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tooth #6

Tooth #6 is here my is the lower left tooth on my bottom row. So now I have 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top! Today was a pretty good day. Mom was a little tired though - she hasn't been feeling too well. I think she has a head cold or something. And since she's still nursing...and I'm up every 2 hrs. throughout the night - she can't take what she really wants to take - which is she can get some sleep.

She thought she was feeling better today - we had our friends Kingston and Theresa over for an early morning playdate. But around 3/4'ish...she started to feel really tired and weak :( So she missed her comfit class...made dinner and got in the tub instead. Oh, and had a small, teeny, weeny glass of wine.

Ugh, enough about that though. Let's see, what did we get done around here...okay, well we had our friends over like I said. We finished lining ALL of the cupboards in the kitchen. It looks great! We picked up mom's dry cleaning and swung by the pharmacy...and we played A LOT! We worked on standing next to my ottoman so I had something to hold on to. We talked to Grandma Ward today. I miss her so much.

Dad is being a booger today. He's kind of moody...I think he's tired or something. Mom made a really yummy dinner tonight - Broccoli and Cauliflower Tetrazini. MMMM. Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow...probably wake up, eat breakfast, have on mom's article...have a snack...TRY to go down for a lunch with my nails (mom's been trying to get me to sit still for more than 2 days they're really long) and hopefully, take a LONG afternoon nap. That's about it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Pic

Snowing like, love, love it :) Check out my new cute am I?!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm not sure what happened today...but mom and dad sat down for dinner and I started throwing up. Mom had a feeling that something wasn't right with me today...she kept saying I felt 'hot'. Anyways, I threw up...a lot...she took my was 102...they gave me some Motrin (for the 1st time) and tossed me in the tub.

My temp. went down to 99.5 after medicine and tub...then I seemed to get a second wind...random. I'm acting fine now. Not as tired/lethargic as I was at dinnertime. Mom was scared - she hates seeing me sick. Hopefully this is just a 24 hr. bug or something. It's supposed to snow tonight and all day tomorrow which would make it very dangerous to drive anywhere! (i.e. doctor's office). Please cross your fingers for me that this was and is just a random bug!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5th Tooth? Yes! Finally!

It's been a great week so far. I've been super needy lately but all things considering - I've been doing pretty darn well with these teeth. Let's see...what's new since my last post. Well, today marked day #8 of the weaning process for mom and I. Some days are better than others. Like today, I ate at 830am...1215pm...230pm...5pm...and ya know...we're getting there. I think mom was being a little too aggressive at first. She was trying to hold me off for a certain amount of hours each time instead of taking away one feeding at a time for like...a week. It's okay mom...we're both learning.

So, I FINALLY got my 5th tooth in tonight. I've been working on 4 new ones...since Thanksgiving of 2009! NO JOKE! I was chomping on an ice cube tonight and mommy saw that my upper right one (next to my top 2 teeth) had just poked through. Phew! bottom right one (next to my bottom 2 teeth) is oh. so. close!

I went to Kindermusik on Monday for the first time. I got to take an egg shaker thing-a-ma-jig home so I've been shaking that every chance I get. We're going to try the Village class next week and see if that one is geared more towards my age group than the one we were at this week. I'll keep ya posted.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weaning :(

Today I went to Branson. Mom had to return some sweatpants at Nike - so we decided to make a little trip out of it. It rained all it was a good day to just hang out - go for a long car ride - etc. We ended up eating at Chili's...I had mashed potatoes...mmmm...that's my new favorite thing and the ONLY thing that I'll eat these days.

Mom was really tired when we got home - so dad played with me for 2 hours while she took a nap! Thanks dad! I know mom really appreciated it! We made chocolate chip cookies when she woke up...then we talked to grandma Longley for a little while and then it was time for dinner. Guess what I had? Yep. You guessed it...mashed potatoes. Dad had a salad...and cookies (I know...I know) had a salad and half a sandwich (and some cookies for dessert). and I have started the process of weaning. I've waited to say anything on my blog until I knew it was official...but today marked the 4th day that we've been at it. And I'm not gonna's hard. I'm so used to nursing whenever I want - that being on a schedule now is tough. Like today for nursed me at 6am and then not again until 11 (that's 5 hrs!). She tried to hold me off until 3 for the next session but I was really fussy and just wanted to eat - so at 130 I ate again (2 1/2 hrs)...then again at 5 (3 1/2 hrs) and finally, 7 (2 hrs). I know that probably sounds like a lot to other 13 month olds...but when you're used to eating every hour (yes, I was eating that much)...days like today are a HUGE change for me.

Mom says the reason we're slowing down now is because I was biting her a lot. Almost every time I went to nurse, I would clamp down and not let go (ouch!) Plus...she knew there were a lot of times that we were just nursing out of routine - rather than real hunger...and she didn't want to wake up one day when I was 2 and say, 'Oh, maybe we should think about weaning?' And have it be that much harder on the both of us. Don't get me wrong...we are still going to nurse, as it is both of our favorite time together but mom is going to try and scale it back to once in the morning and once at night/just before bedtime. I still nurse throughout the that could be a challenge. But we've decided to tackle one issue at a time. So, we're starting with the days! And I'll tell you what, it's proven to be quite a challenge for mom. So much so, that she had to call dad at work to come home for backup support on Thursday! I was so mad at her for not letting me nurse when I wanted to that I bit her face! heard right...I bit my mom's face. Dad came home early from work and mom was relieved!

Although this is a new chapter for us, I know we'll get through it slowly but surely. Mom is 'weaning me with love' as she says...and she has a goal of having me down to 2 nursing sessions a day by April. That gives us both plenty of time to adjust. Wish us luck :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm a Shoplifter?

I'm a shoplifter. I wanted you to hear it from me before mom and dad told you. Here's what and I were at the grocery store today - she put a box of Fiber One bars in the cart and I just happened to be sitting in the actual 'cart' part of the shopping cart. (I was being fussy and didn't want to sit in the front the only way for mom to get me to stop crying was to put me in with the groceries...) - anyways, we went about our route in Walmart...checked out...paid for our things (or so mom thought) and headed out to the car. Well, mom was putting everything in the trunk and there was just one thing left...ME...and a torn up box of Fiber One bars...huh? I STOLE a box of Fiber One bars! I did?!
Somehow, I jimmied open the box...and threw each and every bar in and around my diaper bag which happened to be in the cart right next to me. The thing is so dang big that I was able to hide everything from mom until she unloaded the cart. Oh boy, were we cracking up outside! Mom didn't know what to do with me! We hopped in the buckled me in...there was no way we were going back's too much work with a baby! And I fell asleep in about 5 minutes or so...when mom looked in her rearview mirror...guess what she saw? Me...holding that stupid Fiber One box...all torn up...with Fiber One bars strewn around me in my carseat. Tee hee hee... :)
On another note - here are some new things I can say...BOOK...BALL...MAMA...DADA...DUCK...and today I said...DOG!