Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today was another busy day and believe it or not...I'm blogging for the 2nd day in a row! Go me! So, I didn't sleep well last night. Not sure if it's because I'm just getting back on my schedule from vacation or...maybe it's the last 2 teeth that I have coming in? I went to bed around 8 and then woke up around 11...cried until came in to check on me and said, (and I quote) "I went in there to check his diaper and it felt like there was a bowling ball in his pants). So - that might explain why I was up the first time. Then - I went back to sleep until 4ish and cried for about an hour - then dad came and got me since NO ONE was sleeping thru this mess - and he let me sleep on him until 7 this morning. Phew...let's hope tonight isn't a repeat (especially since it's mom's turn to get up with me and she SO doesn't feel like pulling an all nighter!)
So I had camp today. It was my 2nd day of Kindermusik camp and I liked it a lot better today. I got to 'ride' in a laundry basket while mom made a fool of herself and sang some song about peas and bananas. Oh, and then I got to watch mom sweat it out while doing some sort of cha-cha dance that the instructor 'convinced' her would make the kids laugh. Oh, and did I tell you about the part when the instructor told mom to put me in a towel so we could 'swing'? Oh yeah, I loved it. I loved it so much that I screamed bloody murder when it was time for our homemade hammock to come on down back to reality. Oh boy...3 more days :)

After class, I took a 2 hr nap at home and then it was time for lunch. Mom made potatoe salad, white salad and started a cake for the BBQ we had tonight. I'm still not sure how she got it all done...but she did and it all came out really yummy. I got to meet my great uncle and great aunt tonight for the first time. They were so nice! And of course, I got to see 2 of my favorite people, grandma and grandpa Ruffing.

Tomorrow, another day of Kindermusik camp with my new friend Sarah. Nap when I get home...lunch with dad and mom...and PT at 2. Although...I think we're going to have to squeeze in a DRs appointment because my diaper rash is back with a vengence :( Doc thinks my zinc levels might be low which (I guess?) could be causing these diaper rashes. So - I need to have some blood drawn.

Okay, okay - time to go to bed. Real quick, here's a pic of me, mom and dad on the boat for mom's birthday the other week. We had so much fun!

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