Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long Day

What a crazy, crazy day. If I could do today over...I would make it less stressful. Listen to all that we did today...
-I woke up at 6am for some odd reason...and mom got up with me and that was that.
-Drove to Springfield to get groceries.
-Mom weighed in at WW.
-Dad drove to the mall to find a shirt he's been eyeing...but the mall wasn't open yet (did I mention it was like before 9am in the morning or something absurd like that???) This all had to do with the fact that I got up so early.
-Drove home.
-Put away groceries. Took dog out. Got mail. Changed diaper. Got back in car to meet friends for lunch in Aurora.
-Ate lunch...headed home.
-Got home and took a nap for 2 hours.
-Woke up. Played. Watched Baby Einstein. Had a snack. Played with my balloon. Scooted around on the floor. Helped dad book tickets for Grandma Longley, Auntie Laura and Great-Grandma Ward to fly here in April for our roadtrip to Texas to see my cousins Coleman and Ethan!
-Ate dinner. Took a bath. Read a few books. Bed.
-Can't wait for tomorrow...we have absolutely NOTHING planned and we are all very happy about that :) We are going to out and enjoy family time.

Night, night.

PS - Oh, did I mention that dad is away tonight on a 'Man Night Out' is living it up...hope he makes it home in one piece! Be good dad! (mom told me to say that).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ordinary Wednesday

Not much going on today...woke up around 730 this morning...went to yoga...came home, ate lunch with mom and dad...went down for a nap...a 2+ hour nap with mom. It was great :) We both needed the rest.

We don't have much planned for this weekend. Gram and gramps Ruffing will be out of town - so I won't be going there :( But I think mom and I might do a walk on Saturday for the Children's Miracle Network with a bunch of the other yoga moms and their kids. The mall/Springfield is usually CRAZY over the weekend so I'm not sure if mom and dad will want to 'brave' the crowds. We may just stay home and do some family stuff. Maybe watch a little Baby Einstein and play with my toys.

I don't watch TV - at least not yet - but mom and dad have started letting me watching 'World Animals' by Baby Einstein and I love it. I clap and laugh and dance (wave my arms) and my face just lights up when they turn it on. I like it so much that we went out and bought another one for me last weekend - Neighborhood Animals or something - but we were all really wasn't as good! It was kind of boring and not engaging enough for me. We should have gone with the shapes or movement one...dang it!

I can't wait until it's nice enough outside to go running with mom. I miss the fresh air and the smell of fresh, cut grass. I can't wait to go to the park and swing...and visit the zoo in Springfield...and just do stuff outside! Oh, and start swimming lessons again and splash around in my little pool that mom and dad are going to buy me (hint, and dad).

That's about it folks. Just another day in the Ruffing family out here in Missouri. xoxo Dylan

Monday, February 22, 2010

So cute...

So this is mom - Dylan's mom - and I have to write a quick post b/c this story is just way too funny not to share. Okay, so we put Dylan down tonight around 730. I got out of the shower and saw Gabe looking at the monitor. I guess he wasn't ready to go to bed yet b/c he was sitting up and then standing up. Yep - he's NEVER stood by himself without Gabe and I helping him so this was pretty interesting.

Anywho - he stood/sat like this for a LONG TIME and just cried, cried, cried. The next thing we's silent. Completely, stone cold silent. Gabe says to me, "there's no way he's sleeping. Is he sleeping? He's gotta be sleeping...I can't hear him?" (By this time, Dylan was so far down the crib that we couldn't see him on the monitor so we didn't really know what he was doing). Yeah, so Gabe was like, "should we go and lay him down? I think he's still sitting up? I think he fell asleep sitting up Meg?"

Me - "no. there's no way...let's go look". So off we go and low and behold...who's little chubby cheeks are smushed up against and inbetween the slots of his guessed it...Dylan's. He was completely sitting up, left arm holding part of the bumper and the right hand folded on his little leg and that oh, so cute face just 100% leaned in to the wooden slots.

What to do? There was no way we could leave him like that? He'd have a permanent indentation in his face...well...several of them actually. So I scooped my little boy up and layed him on his back. Asleep he went... :)

PS - and no, we didn't get a picture :( we were afraid the flash would wake him up...

One Week Exactly...

It took one week exactly...for me to sleep through the ENTIRE night! I went to sleep around 745ish and woke up around 1'isham...but was just messin' was about to get up to nurse me and ummm...fell back asleep (she thinks)...the next thing we's 8am and we're all getting up for the morning! Whoah! I slept all night AND didn't nurse AND I'm still alive, healthy and well! Phew!

Mom's a little sore this morning (all of you nursing moms out there who are going through the weaning process know exactly what I am talking about!) So...she might have to pump today. It's actually been going really well - no pain at all until this morning. I think that's because we took our time and gradually increased each feeding to an hour, and another, and so on. I don't think she was ready for her 12 hour stretch! Oh well...pump mom, pump!

I meant to blog yesterday...but get night - I kept waking up and scooting to the edge of my crib (yes, scooting on sheets...and yes, that's hard) and lunging myself forward to the top of the bars and getting stuck...I saw the camera in the corner of the crib (monitor camera) and went eye-to-eye with it...(mom and dad were watching from their room and laughing because they all of a sudden saw this big, blue eye in their screen) - well then I batted the thing a few times and got stuck with my hands up over the crib. Since I'm not standing on my own yet - this was quite an interesting predicament I got myself in to. 3 in the had to take apart my entire crib. No, I'm not exaggerating...he had to take the whole thing apart. The slots were in the way of the nuts and bolts and he couldn't get his screwdriver in there to loosen them up so he had to take off all 4 sides. About an hour later - we were back in business and I was asleep before mom and dad got back to their room.

Silly boy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In My Crib at Last :)

Okay - so here's the deal. Tonight is night #5 that I have:

A.) walked around the house
B.) got a tattoo that says 'MOM'
C.) slept in my crib all-by-myself like a big boy

If you guessed C you are correct! Here's how it happened...Sunday night - yes, it was Valentine's Day but mom and dad did this for no romantic reason in mind - they just thought it was 'time' had put me to sleep like he always does and I woke up 2 hrs. later like I always do. Mom came in and nursed me but I wouldn't go back to sleep (this was when I was in their bed still). So...she passed me off to dad who successfully got me back to sleep but I wouldn't stay asleep unless he kept pacing the kitchen floor. Yeah, well, that wasn't going to fly with him. So, he tried to pass me off on mom and she said, 'nope, let's try the crib'. their wits' end...they told me they loved me...put me in my crib and off they went.

The first night it took me over an hour and a half to fall asleep and then I only slept for about 45 mins. I was up throughout the night but mom only came in to nurse me every 3 hours. (This was a huge improvement from the ALL-NIGHT nursing we were doing). Monday night it took about the same amount of time and was pretty much like the first night. Tuesday night it took about an hour and 15 minutes...and mom only got up twice to nurse me...last night it took me between 30-45 mins. to fall asleep and again, mom only had to come in and nurse me twice. Tonight, get this, I fell asleep after 3 MINUTES. What?! Seriously.

I still toss and turn and cry and moan from time to time but it's not like the 'I'm dying cry - you must come and get me now''s the 'I'm mad at you mom and dad for leaving me in here but I'm so tired I can't. fight. it. anymore.' So that's that. I've officially moved from the bed to the crib and I still love mom and dad and I still give them kisses the next day.

Now, the next question does mom get me to take naps in my crib during the day? Any advice out there? She tried to let me cry it out this afternoon but it didn't work...after 45 mins. I was very upset and just needed to be's what mom did. She came and picked me up and kissed me all over and told me she loved me. I guess sometimes, that's all we ever really need.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Carseat!

Wow - I didn't realize how long it'd been since I'd last blogged...sorry about that! I guess time flies when you're busy being a big boy! And what a big boy I am now...I got my 8th tooth this weekend! AND my new carseat! I've officially grown out of my infant one...I can't believe I was able to stay in it this long but I was! Anyways = my new one is super cool. I feel like a KING in it :)

We've all had a really good weekend so far. Yesterday we went to Tulsa and did some and dad bought a new quilt for their bed. Get this = it was originally $170 and they got it on clearance for $30! Can't beat it! And mom got to play on her new PINK netbook that dad got her for Valentine's Day...she started and finished one of her articles for work...nice job mom! slept in until 10am...whoah and I were starting to wonder if you were still alive! When mom woke up - it was time to get down to business. We had planned on going to church (as well as last weekend) but mom and dad think I'm getting my molars in = maybe = so we didn't go...for the 2nd week in a row. I've been a real TREAT lately. EVERY TIME they try and get ready for church...I either fall asleep or I flip out and throw a tantrum. They're starting to wonder if I'm trying to send them a message or something...anyways...we're going to try again next Sunday...wish us luck.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Mom is meeting a friend for coffee at 9...then she has an interview at will be home with me...and we're expecting the floor guys to come and deep clean our 2 bathrooms...then we'll all eat lunch...then it's off to Springfield for my dr's appts...ugh. What a nightmare...hopefully, I'll have NO news to report.

Oh, and I'll post some pictures of me in my new seat as soon as mom and dad get a new memory card for their camera. I guess mom's been taking too many pictures...go figure :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky #7

Just a quick post b/c I'm super tired tonight...I got my 7th tooth this morning! I have 4 on the bottom and 3 on the top. I also fed myself with a spoon for the first time tonight at dinner while eating mashed potatoes. Write more later! xoxo Dylan

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chest XRays Suck :(

It's been a while since I've posted - but I have a good excuse...I've had a little cough now for a few days and well, mom was worried, so off to the Drs we went yesterday. My ears, nose and throat checked out clear as a bell but the doc sent me off for a chest xray just to make sure I didn't have another pneumonia (I had one last November).

We got a call from my doc saying I had an upper resp. infection so I'm on antibiotics for 10 days now and I have to go back for another chest xray :( Booger...

Other than that not much going on. We have to run some errands tomorrow. Daddy is going to order mommy's VDay present...she's getting a cute, little, pink netbook and a box of chocolates...oh and I think maybe a flower and of course a card...but those things will come on the actual day (HINT, HINT DAD) lol. And we have to pick up a lightbulb at the Audi dealership for dad...and let's see what has to get waxed at the SPAHHHHHHHHH... :) Sunday we have church and then it's SUPERBOWL time! We are having some friends over and I can't wait to chow down and watch the Saints kick the Colts' butts!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dad told me I had to take the F word out of last night's post (even though I didn't spell it out) ...since I'm only 13 months old and shouldn't be talking like that. AND he told me to apologize to all of my readers...sorry guys :(

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tooth #6

Tooth #6 is here my is the lower left tooth on my bottom row. So now I have 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top! Today was a pretty good day. Mom was a little tired though - she hasn't been feeling too well. I think she has a head cold or something. And since she's still nursing...and I'm up every 2 hrs. throughout the night - she can't take what she really wants to take - which is she can get some sleep.

She thought she was feeling better today - we had our friends Kingston and Theresa over for an early morning playdate. But around 3/4'ish...she started to feel really tired and weak :( So she missed her comfit class...made dinner and got in the tub instead. Oh, and had a small, teeny, weeny glass of wine.

Ugh, enough about that though. Let's see, what did we get done around here...okay, well we had our friends over like I said. We finished lining ALL of the cupboards in the kitchen. It looks great! We picked up mom's dry cleaning and swung by the pharmacy...and we played A LOT! We worked on standing next to my ottoman so I had something to hold on to. We talked to Grandma Ward today. I miss her so much.

Dad is being a booger today. He's kind of moody...I think he's tired or something. Mom made a really yummy dinner tonight - Broccoli and Cauliflower Tetrazini. MMMM. Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow...probably wake up, eat breakfast, have on mom's article...have a snack...TRY to go down for a lunch with my nails (mom's been trying to get me to sit still for more than 2 days they're really long) and hopefully, take a LONG afternoon nap. That's about it!