Thursday, February 18, 2010

In My Crib at Last :)

Okay - so here's the deal. Tonight is night #5 that I have:

A.) walked around the house
B.) got a tattoo that says 'MOM'
C.) slept in my crib all-by-myself like a big boy

If you guessed C you are correct! Here's how it happened...Sunday night - yes, it was Valentine's Day but mom and dad did this for no romantic reason in mind - they just thought it was 'time' had put me to sleep like he always does and I woke up 2 hrs. later like I always do. Mom came in and nursed me but I wouldn't go back to sleep (this was when I was in their bed still). So...she passed me off to dad who successfully got me back to sleep but I wouldn't stay asleep unless he kept pacing the kitchen floor. Yeah, well, that wasn't going to fly with him. So, he tried to pass me off on mom and she said, 'nope, let's try the crib'. their wits' end...they told me they loved me...put me in my crib and off they went.

The first night it took me over an hour and a half to fall asleep and then I only slept for about 45 mins. I was up throughout the night but mom only came in to nurse me every 3 hours. (This was a huge improvement from the ALL-NIGHT nursing we were doing). Monday night it took about the same amount of time and was pretty much like the first night. Tuesday night it took about an hour and 15 minutes...and mom only got up twice to nurse me...last night it took me between 30-45 mins. to fall asleep and again, mom only had to come in and nurse me twice. Tonight, get this, I fell asleep after 3 MINUTES. What?! Seriously.

I still toss and turn and cry and moan from time to time but it's not like the 'I'm dying cry - you must come and get me now''s the 'I'm mad at you mom and dad for leaving me in here but I'm so tired I can't. fight. it. anymore.' So that's that. I've officially moved from the bed to the crib and I still love mom and dad and I still give them kisses the next day.

Now, the next question does mom get me to take naps in my crib during the day? Any advice out there? She tried to let me cry it out this afternoon but it didn't work...after 45 mins. I was very upset and just needed to be's what mom did. She came and picked me up and kissed me all over and told me she loved me. I guess sometimes, that's all we ever really need.

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