Monday, February 22, 2010

One Week Exactly...

It took one week exactly...for me to sleep through the ENTIRE night! I went to sleep around 745ish and woke up around 1'isham...but was just messin' was about to get up to nurse me and ummm...fell back asleep (she thinks)...the next thing we's 8am and we're all getting up for the morning! Whoah! I slept all night AND didn't nurse AND I'm still alive, healthy and well! Phew!

Mom's a little sore this morning (all of you nursing moms out there who are going through the weaning process know exactly what I am talking about!) So...she might have to pump today. It's actually been going really well - no pain at all until this morning. I think that's because we took our time and gradually increased each feeding to an hour, and another, and so on. I don't think she was ready for her 12 hour stretch! Oh well...pump mom, pump!

I meant to blog yesterday...but get night - I kept waking up and scooting to the edge of my crib (yes, scooting on sheets...and yes, that's hard) and lunging myself forward to the top of the bars and getting stuck...I saw the camera in the corner of the crib (monitor camera) and went eye-to-eye with it...(mom and dad were watching from their room and laughing because they all of a sudden saw this big, blue eye in their screen) - well then I batted the thing a few times and got stuck with my hands up over the crib. Since I'm not standing on my own yet - this was quite an interesting predicament I got myself in to. 3 in the had to take apart my entire crib. No, I'm not exaggerating...he had to take the whole thing apart. The slots were in the way of the nuts and bolts and he couldn't get his screwdriver in there to loosen them up so he had to take off all 4 sides. About an hour later - we were back in business and I was asleep before mom and dad got back to their room.

Silly boy!

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  1. Dylan - I am so proud of you! What a good boy sleeping through the night for Mommy & Daddy in your crib! They must love it!