Monday, February 22, 2010

So cute...

So this is mom - Dylan's mom - and I have to write a quick post b/c this story is just way too funny not to share. Okay, so we put Dylan down tonight around 730. I got out of the shower and saw Gabe looking at the monitor. I guess he wasn't ready to go to bed yet b/c he was sitting up and then standing up. Yep - he's NEVER stood by himself without Gabe and I helping him so this was pretty interesting.

Anywho - he stood/sat like this for a LONG TIME and just cried, cried, cried. The next thing we's silent. Completely, stone cold silent. Gabe says to me, "there's no way he's sleeping. Is he sleeping? He's gotta be sleeping...I can't hear him?" (By this time, Dylan was so far down the crib that we couldn't see him on the monitor so we didn't really know what he was doing). Yeah, so Gabe was like, "should we go and lay him down? I think he's still sitting up? I think he fell asleep sitting up Meg?"

Me - "no. there's no way...let's go look". So off we go and low and behold...who's little chubby cheeks are smushed up against and inbetween the slots of his guessed it...Dylan's. He was completely sitting up, left arm holding part of the bumper and the right hand folded on his little leg and that oh, so cute face just 100% leaned in to the wooden slots.

What to do? There was no way we could leave him like that? He'd have a permanent indentation in his face...well...several of them actually. So I scooped my little boy up and layed him on his back. Asleep he went... :)

PS - and no, we didn't get a picture :( we were afraid the flash would wake him up...

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