Monday, February 1, 2010

Tooth #6

Tooth #6 is here my is the lower left tooth on my bottom row. So now I have 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top! Today was a pretty good day. Mom was a little tired though - she hasn't been feeling too well. I think she has a head cold or something. And since she's still nursing...and I'm up every 2 hrs. throughout the night - she can't take what she really wants to take - which is she can get some sleep.

She thought she was feeling better today - we had our friends Kingston and Theresa over for an early morning playdate. But around 3/4'ish...she started to feel really tired and weak :( So she missed her comfit class...made dinner and got in the tub instead. Oh, and had a small, teeny, weeny glass of wine.

Ugh, enough about that though. Let's see, what did we get done around here...okay, well we had our friends over like I said. We finished lining ALL of the cupboards in the kitchen. It looks great! We picked up mom's dry cleaning and swung by the pharmacy...and we played A LOT! We worked on standing next to my ottoman so I had something to hold on to. We talked to Grandma Ward today. I miss her so much.

Dad is being a booger today. He's kind of moody...I think he's tired or something. Mom made a really yummy dinner tonight - Broccoli and Cauliflower Tetrazini. MMMM. Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow...probably wake up, eat breakfast, have on mom's article...have a snack...TRY to go down for a lunch with my nails (mom's been trying to get me to sit still for more than 2 days they're really long) and hopefully, take a LONG afternoon nap. That's about it!

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