Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long Day

What a crazy, crazy day. If I could do today over...I would make it less stressful. Listen to all that we did today...
-I woke up at 6am for some odd reason...and mom got up with me and that was that.
-Drove to Springfield to get groceries.
-Mom weighed in at WW.
-Dad drove to the mall to find a shirt he's been eyeing...but the mall wasn't open yet (did I mention it was like before 9am in the morning or something absurd like that???) This all had to do with the fact that I got up so early.
-Drove home.
-Put away groceries. Took dog out. Got mail. Changed diaper. Got back in car to meet friends for lunch in Aurora.
-Ate lunch...headed home.
-Got home and took a nap for 2 hours.
-Woke up. Played. Watched Baby Einstein. Had a snack. Played with my balloon. Scooted around on the floor. Helped dad book tickets for Grandma Longley, Auntie Laura and Great-Grandma Ward to fly here in April for our roadtrip to Texas to see my cousins Coleman and Ethan!
-Ate dinner. Took a bath. Read a few books. Bed.
-Can't wait for tomorrow...we have absolutely NOTHING planned and we are all very happy about that :) We are going to out and enjoy family time.

Night, night.

PS - Oh, did I mention that dad is away tonight on a 'Man Night Out' is living it up...hope he makes it home in one piece! Be good dad! (mom told me to say that).

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