Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Stuff

I'm talking a lot more now. I don't actually say much - but I do make a lot of noises. I slept pretty well last night. I fell asleep around 8/830...woke up for a few minutes to munch on mommy...and then closed my eyes again. I didn't wake up until 12/1 or so...then slept again until 330/4...and then finally got up around 645'ish. Not too bad?

It's nice out today - sunny, but cold. Mommy wanted to take me for a walk but it's too chilly. I'm not sure what we're going to do today - maybe just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Mom's doing some laundry right now, while I blog. Aunty Erica and Nick just left this morning so I think mom and dad are finally going to take down the air mattress in dad's office. This was our last round of company :( so we don't need to have it up any more. If anyone out there wants to come and visit me...let mommy know...she'd love to have you!

That makes me think of what it was like when I first came home from being born...boy was it a roller coaster. I don't think mom and dad got more than a 1/2 hr. of sleep at any given time. Poor guys...we've come a long way.

Speaking of that - I'm getting too big for my bassinet. I think mom and dad are considering putting me in my crib to sleep...I'm okay with it...but mom isn't. She likes to have me right next to her. I heard her tell dad that she'd sleep on the floor in my nursery for the first few weeks if they had to move me. (I think she likes me...)

Okay peeps, that's all for now. I'm signing off. xoxo Dylan

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello Mr. Easter Bunny

Get this...I slept for 10 hours last night and only got up ONCE! I have a routine: I get a bath between 7/730...then I get a new diaper...a lotion rub-down...pjs...boob...then mommy and daddy rock me to sleep...and I'm in bed by 930! I've been doing this now for like 2 weeks. Yesterday, mommy and daddy got up before me! They woke up at 7 and I didn't wake up until 818! Holy cow!

Aunty Erica and Nick are still here and I'm having so much fun with them. We all played trivial pursuit last night and mommy and Aunty Erica kicked daddy and Nick's butts for the 2nd time! Oh, and guess what I did yesterday? I got my picture taken with the EASTER BUNNY! It was so much fun!

Mommy had been wanting to get these pictures done for a while...but didn't want to spend a lot of money since I just had professional ones done 2 months ago. When we were all at the mall yesterday, we saw the Easter Bunny and it was only $25 for 18 cards with my picture on it. Not bad, huh? I didn't cry once when I was sitting on Mr. EB's lap. I just kind of hung out and thought to myself, "mommy and daddy are so nuts....they're trying to make me laugh right now by calling my name out and making funny faces while stretching their bodies across the EB lawn...geeze louise...I'm just a laid back baby guys? I'll smile when I want.

I don't have to tell you this...but they came out beautiful. I am very photogenic afterall.

I think Grandma Longley got me an easter basket and I can't wait to get it. If you're reading this grandma - my favorite colors are green and blue and I LOVE books. I really, really want one of those Baby Einstein CDs...mommy has read some good stuff about them...classical music is supposed to be good for me. Oh, and I'd like a baby yoga CDs...I need to practice my poses during the week so I'm ready to show off my flexibility to Grace at Itsy Bitsy Yoga on Thursday.
I hope you're reading this grandma! I've been a good little boy!

Happy Easter to all of my peeps reading this :) Love, Dylan

PS - I'm 3 1/2 months old today!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Am I Hungry?

Am I not as hungry? I haven't eaten well at all today. Does this mean I'm growing up? Does this mean I don't need as much milk as I once did? Mommy has tried to feed me several times already and I'll I've done is nibbled. I know she's worried. She's used to me eating every 1 1/2-2 hrs. What gives? Since I am mommy's first baby - she doesn't know what the norm is? I guess I'll just eat when I'm hungry.

Mommy has had a really fun morning. She had her friend Sara over and they got to talk over coffee. Then her other friend Melissa stopped by to say hi. Oh, and we went and picked up my medicine...and when daddy comes home for lunch, mommy is going to run to the post office. She said it was too cold outside for me to go with her. It's supposed to snow tomorrow - yay! I love snow! We just found out that aunty Erica is coming tonight instead of tomorrow to try and avoid the storm. I can't wait to see her!

Not much else going on here...same old stuff...different day. My 4 month checkup is just around the corner (the end of April) and unfortunately, I have to get more vaccinations...but we'll cross that bridge when the time comes. That's all for now folks. Love you all :) Dylan Heed

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Yoga

It's official. I am a yoga junkie :) I went to my very first Itsy Bitsy Yoga class today and I LOVED IT! Mommy and I left home around 9am and headed for Springfield to make our 10am class. We got there a little bit early to meet our instructor (she was super nice). There were 5 other moms there with their little babies (just like me) and get this - I met a girl! That's right! Her name is Grace...and she sure is cute :) We stared at each other for the whole hour.

I kept farting a lot. Mommy was doing the 'chunky-monkey' hold (that's really what it's called) and all of these smelly farts kept popping was funny. I didn't cry once. Not once! I was such a good boy and mommy says I'm a pro - A PRO - at yoga.

I learned all sorts of new songs and poses and was great. Mommy got to meet other people that she could relate with - some who were going thru the same sleepless nights as her. She even got a little workout in with all of the bouncing up and down we were doing on her knees. I wish I had Itsy Bitsy Yoga every's only once a week I have to wait until next Thursday to see Grace again :(

Our instructor was telling us that this 'program' was created by a pediatrician/moms/yoga people - which I thought was great. I mean, who else better to put this together than the ones who know us the best? Every baby should be doing's great for the digestive system (which we all know, I need help with). It's good for sleeping, fussiness, etc. I'll have to check back in with you all to let you know know if/when I start sleeping thru the night. (I see mommy crossing her toes right now).

Anyways, I must go now. I have a big, BIG day tomorrow. I am having coffee with my friends, Owen, Stephen and Garrett first thing in the morning while mommy, Melissa and Sara hang out. And then, mommy and I are going to the pharmacy to pick up my Prilosec...and then we are meeting my papa for lunch at Mazzios...and then...mommy and I are going to the post office. Oh, and then I am going to help mommy make the guest bed because Aunty Erica is coming to visit for the weekend!!! Yahoo!!! Later peeps!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Growing Up

Mom can't believe how much I'm 'talking' these days. I make all sorts of noises...she thinks I'm going to say my first word any day now. I've got news for you mom - I may be laughing at the ceiling fan going round and round - but we've still got a few more months before I say mama!

I'm starting to 'gum' things...and blow little raspberries out of my mouth. I can also sit in my bumbo like a big boy - not by myself of course - but with the help of mommy and daddy - I can pretend to sit up.

So, daddy is on a mission. He's trying to decide where we should go on our 1st family vacation. Mommy was thinking Colorado. She's never been and it's always been a place of interest to her. Daddy's been there though. Daddy wants to go to Chicago - see Lake Michigan, etc. Mommy says he can decide. I don't care either way. As long as Bailey gets to come with us - I'm game.

Well, I gotta go. Daddy needs my help on the grill. We're having brats and potato wraps tonight.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daddy! Daddy! Hooray for Daddy!

Yay! Daddy's home! Yahoo! Yippee! I'm so excited! I can't believe he's home! I missed him so much! Whoah! Daddy! I love you! I love you! I love you! Don't ever leave me again! Let's see...what am I going to do today...I'm going to hang out with my daddy...and sit on my daddy's lap...and kiss my daddy's face...and poop my pants so that daddy can change EVERY ONE OF MY DIAPERS (hear that mom?) Oh yeah, it's game time daddy-o!

I love you too mom. Grandpa Longley and Grandma Anne are visiting right now - and boy do I like them. They are so nice to me and they give me lots of lovin'. I wish they could stay longer. I love waking up to them in the morning. They look at me like they just want to gobble me all up! I won't be able to see them again until this summer when we all fly out to meet great-grandpa Ward and grandma Ward. That's too long!

Grandpa and Grandma bought me all new clothes. I'm wearing my new Timberland onesie right now and I must say...I'm lookin' miiiiiiii-teeeee-fine...........!!! Daddy thinks I've gotten bigger...but mommy says no way! She says I'm still her little boy...I dunno...I just know that I missed my daddy and I'm so, so glad he's home :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miss You Already Daddy :(

Did you know that my daddy slept on the hotel bathroom floor when we were in St. Louis last week? Yeah, he did. Bailey kept barking at the noises out in the hallway and mommy was worried that I'd wake up so she made daddy take Bailey into the bathroom to sleep. So...daddy being the sucker that he is for our dog...slept with her in the bathroom. How sad is that...:( But how cute is that!

Okay, I just had to write that one down for the books. Anywho - Grandpa Longley and Grandma Anne are here! They got in at 430 pm yesterday and boy were they happy to see me! They didn't want to put me down! I was a little cranky last night though - so they didn't get to hold me as long as I would have liked. But today is a new day and I can't wait to be held!

I slept 3, 3, 2 and 2 last night. That's OK...but the night before, I slept 6 and 3! Mommy and daddy are trying to get me on a schedule for bedtime. I think 9 is the magic number. The last 2 nights have been successful. Let's hope this sticks.

So I'm a sad little boy today. My daddy is leaving for Vegas :( He goes every year for March Madness with his buddy Dave. I wish I could go with him. Daddy, don't you know that I love basketball too? I wanna hang out with the boys! Why do I have to stay with mom!? Can't you wear a mom-boob? I'm really gonna miss you! Come back soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am a lucky, lucky, little boy

Does anyone out there know how to change the template background on my blog page? I've tried and tried to get a new one...but the only ones I can find are the boring ones that blogspot offers on their setup page. Mommy and I have been trying to change it for months now...ugh...we need help :( We want to add fun backgrounds...etc. HELP!

So this post is to my daddy. I want to thank you dad, for being so wonderful. Mommy gets to stay home with me every day...and I am a very lucky little boy. I'm so glad she doesn't have to go to work...I'd be very sad if I had to go to daycare. I love hanging out with her and we love getting to know each other during those special moments that are once in a lifetime.

She knows my ins and outs - my ups and downs - and she takes such good care of me. Thank you daddy, for having such a good job. I'm so happy that you are able to take care of this family on your job alone...I am a happy, lucky, little boy.

I also love that you only have to work 4 days a week. That means, you can be with me 24/7 - Saturday, Sunday AND Monday! We have a long weekend - every weekend! I hate seeing you leave in the morning for work but I LOVE seeing you come home every night. Mommy and I miss you when you're gone. But mommy tells me you're only across the street if we ever need you. Knowing that - puts me at ease. I love you so much daddy. Please take care of me forever.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vegas Baby!

I have no idea what's going on - but I have been sleeping ALL morning. What gives? Mom should be sleeping right now too. I woke up at 645 - ate - pooped my pants - and then fell back asleep. Mom has already showered - ate breakfast - ran to get coffee - visited with our neighbors - checked email - ordered food from the Schwan's man - and wrote the grocery list. Geeze Louise! Bad thing though - I haven't gotten my medicine yet. That could make for a VERY fussy baby today. Mom's got it all ready to go though - as soon as I open up my big blue eyes :)

Grandpa Longley and Grandma Anne are flying out to see me on Tuesday. I've never met them so I'm really excited. They're flying in to St. Louis and then renting a car to drive to Mt. Vernon. I'm not sure what we're all going to do when they get here - probably just visit - and bond - and take lots of pictures. Hopefully, Grandma Anne will stay up with me at night so mommy can sleep. Daddy will be in Vegas :(

That's right folks. Daddy is flying to Vegas for March Madness. And Mommy is OK with it. It took her a while to come around...but in the end...she knows it's important that daddy keep with his annual tradition and spend time with his buddy Dave. Win us some big bucks Daddy-O!!! Mommy says you can't come home empty handed!

Oh, and don't think you're coming home without bringing me a souvenir daddy! We'll miss you!!! Love, your son Dylan

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Loving My Hands

Hey there! What's new? I'm back from St. Louis and I had a great time. I slept most of the way there - almost 3 1/2 hours. Mommy and daddy talked in the car while I rested and we were there before you knew it! We checked into the hotel and got settled - then went and picked up Grandma Longley at the airport. Boy was it good to see her! She kept saying how big I got! Grandma! I'm still a little boy! Mommy says so!

Grandma babysat me in the hotel while mom and dad went out on a date to PF Chang's. I guess they had a good time because they came back with smiles on their faces. Although, someone should have told mommy not to eat that spicy food...I paid for it later let me tell ya. MOM! I had quite a crying fit the next night...oh well...that's what she gets for eating Thai food while breastfeeding.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lax. We hung out in the hotel with Aunt Stacey, Uncle Dan, cousin Piper, cousin Bianca and Grandma. Bianca was sick though :( so she didn't get to hold me. Hopefully, she'll come to Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing's for Easter so I can spend some more time with her.

On our way home from St. Louis on Monday, we stopped at the doctor's office. I had to get the rest of my shots. Boy did that suck. I did really well though. I got one in each thigh and I only cried for a few seconds. Then mommy picked me up and made it all better. And daddy made silly faces :) I was pretty good that night - the next day I was a little fussy and had a low-grade temperature - but nothing to get your panties in a bunch about.

Today, mommy and I are going to hang out...ALL DAY LONG! I got 2 new books (Dr. Seuss!) so I'm going to make mommy read those to me. Not just once...not just twice but maybe three times! Yesterday I started grabbing at stuff - I've done it a few times before but yesterday was really the milestone for me. I kept grabbing daddy's tassel on his hoodie. I'm also starting to put stuff in my mouth...and I love my hands.

That's all for now friends :) Send me a message if you'd like to catch up! I love to talk!
xoxo Dylan

Thursday, March 5, 2009

St. Louis Or BUST!

Hey! How's it going?! I'm just hangin' out with my mommy today. I think we're going to try and run to the mall to pick up my pictures at Sears (that we got done back in January!)...yeah...we've been a little behind. Key word - TRY - rumor has it I've been a little fussy lately. Okay - who am I kidding - pretty much every day. Let's just chalk it up to that's the kind of baby I am. But mommy and daddy love me none-the-less - so there :)

I'm swingin' in my swing right now -sucking on my binkie. I don't feel like eating right now...just nibbling. Mommy's been my human playground - so we're attached - literally - today. That being said, I'm not sure how much of our 'to do' list we'll end of getting done - if any. We ate breakfast, drank coffee and read up on vaccinations so far - that's about it. Mommy's gonna try and shower but I'm not sure if I'll let her. We'll see.

Anyways, I have big plans this weekend. You heard me - BIG PLANS. I'm going to St. Louis with mom and pop. My first time there. I'm meeting up with Aunt Stacie, Uncle Dan and my 2 cousins, Piper & Bianca. I haven't met them yet so I'm super excited! Oh, and grandma Longley is coming to see me again! I can't wait to see her too!!! Word has it that she bought me some more clothes :)

Daddy booked us a room at a swanky hotel (mom's happy) and we'll be staying right across from the you know what that means...lots of shopping! It'll be nice to get out of Mt. Vernon for a while...don't get me wrong - I like my town - but it's small and frankly - I need to get the heck out of here for a few days.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Rolled Over

I rolled over yesterday - and mommy missed it. She was in the kitchen and daddy was playing with me in my room...he put me on my tummy for tummy-time and I rolled over! I'm also using my legs to push off of mommy...I'm getting so strong.

And get this...last night - mommy and daddy put me to bed at 830 and I didn't get up until 245am! Mommy got up several times to see if I was still breathing...she fed me and then put me back to sleep around 330 and I didn't get up again until 530! I'm not sure what fairy dust was in the air...but I sure hope I can sleep like that again tonight.

Today started out good...I rode in the car with mommy to take Bailey to the groomers. I slept the whole way there and back. This afternoon was a different story though. I fought my nap and cried for hours on end...when daddy got home, mommy burned rubber out of the driveway to get away for a little bit. Sometimes my screams are blood-curlding, toe-curling shrieks. I was still crying when she came home. Needless to say, we're all hoping for a quite night.