Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Loving My Hands

Hey there! What's new? I'm back from St. Louis and I had a great time. I slept most of the way there - almost 3 1/2 hours. Mommy and daddy talked in the car while I rested and we were there before you knew it! We checked into the hotel and got settled - then went and picked up Grandma Longley at the airport. Boy was it good to see her! She kept saying how big I got! Grandma! I'm still a little boy! Mommy says so!

Grandma babysat me in the hotel while mom and dad went out on a date to PF Chang's. I guess they had a good time because they came back with smiles on their faces. Although, someone should have told mommy not to eat that spicy food...I paid for it later let me tell ya. MOM! I had quite a crying fit the next night...oh well...that's what she gets for eating Thai food while breastfeeding.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lax. We hung out in the hotel with Aunt Stacey, Uncle Dan, cousin Piper, cousin Bianca and Grandma. Bianca was sick though :( so she didn't get to hold me. Hopefully, she'll come to Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing's for Easter so I can spend some more time with her.

On our way home from St. Louis on Monday, we stopped at the doctor's office. I had to get the rest of my shots. Boy did that suck. I did really well though. I got one in each thigh and I only cried for a few seconds. Then mommy picked me up and made it all better. And daddy made silly faces :) I was pretty good that night - the next day I was a little fussy and had a low-grade temperature - but nothing to get your panties in a bunch about.

Today, mommy and I are going to hang out...ALL DAY LONG! I got 2 new books (Dr. Seuss!) so I'm going to make mommy read those to me. Not just once...not just twice but maybe three times! Yesterday I started grabbing at stuff - I've done it a few times before but yesterday was really the milestone for me. I kept grabbing daddy's tassel on his hoodie. I'm also starting to put stuff in my mouth...and I love my hands.

That's all for now friends :) Send me a message if you'd like to catch up! I love to talk!
xoxo Dylan

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