Friday, March 13, 2009

Vegas Baby!

I have no idea what's going on - but I have been sleeping ALL morning. What gives? Mom should be sleeping right now too. I woke up at 645 - ate - pooped my pants - and then fell back asleep. Mom has already showered - ate breakfast - ran to get coffee - visited with our neighbors - checked email - ordered food from the Schwan's man - and wrote the grocery list. Geeze Louise! Bad thing though - I haven't gotten my medicine yet. That could make for a VERY fussy baby today. Mom's got it all ready to go though - as soon as I open up my big blue eyes :)

Grandpa Longley and Grandma Anne are flying out to see me on Tuesday. I've never met them so I'm really excited. They're flying in to St. Louis and then renting a car to drive to Mt. Vernon. I'm not sure what we're all going to do when they get here - probably just visit - and bond - and take lots of pictures. Hopefully, Grandma Anne will stay up with me at night so mommy can sleep. Daddy will be in Vegas :(

That's right folks. Daddy is flying to Vegas for March Madness. And Mommy is OK with it. It took her a while to come around...but in the end...she knows it's important that daddy keep with his annual tradition and spend time with his buddy Dave. Win us some big bucks Daddy-O!!! Mommy says you can't come home empty handed!

Oh, and don't think you're coming home without bringing me a souvenir daddy! We'll miss you!!! Love, your son Dylan

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