Thursday, March 26, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Yoga

It's official. I am a yoga junkie :) I went to my very first Itsy Bitsy Yoga class today and I LOVED IT! Mommy and I left home around 9am and headed for Springfield to make our 10am class. We got there a little bit early to meet our instructor (she was super nice). There were 5 other moms there with their little babies (just like me) and get this - I met a girl! That's right! Her name is Grace...and she sure is cute :) We stared at each other for the whole hour.

I kept farting a lot. Mommy was doing the 'chunky-monkey' hold (that's really what it's called) and all of these smelly farts kept popping was funny. I didn't cry once. Not once! I was such a good boy and mommy says I'm a pro - A PRO - at yoga.

I learned all sorts of new songs and poses and was great. Mommy got to meet other people that she could relate with - some who were going thru the same sleepless nights as her. She even got a little workout in with all of the bouncing up and down we were doing on her knees. I wish I had Itsy Bitsy Yoga every's only once a week I have to wait until next Thursday to see Grace again :(

Our instructor was telling us that this 'program' was created by a pediatrician/moms/yoga people - which I thought was great. I mean, who else better to put this together than the ones who know us the best? Every baby should be doing's great for the digestive system (which we all know, I need help with). It's good for sleeping, fussiness, etc. I'll have to check back in with you all to let you know know if/when I start sleeping thru the night. (I see mommy crossing her toes right now).

Anyways, I must go now. I have a big, BIG day tomorrow. I am having coffee with my friends, Owen, Stephen and Garrett first thing in the morning while mommy, Melissa and Sara hang out. And then, mommy and I are going to the pharmacy to pick up my Prilosec...and then we are meeting my papa for lunch at Mazzios...and then...mommy and I are going to the post office. Oh, and then I am going to help mommy make the guest bed because Aunty Erica is coming to visit for the weekend!!! Yahoo!!! Later peeps!

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