Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Rolled Over

I rolled over yesterday - and mommy missed it. She was in the kitchen and daddy was playing with me in my room...he put me on my tummy for tummy-time and I rolled over! I'm also using my legs to push off of mommy...I'm getting so strong.

And get this...last night - mommy and daddy put me to bed at 830 and I didn't get up until 245am! Mommy got up several times to see if I was still breathing...she fed me and then put me back to sleep around 330 and I didn't get up again until 530! I'm not sure what fairy dust was in the air...but I sure hope I can sleep like that again tonight.

Today started out good...I rode in the car with mommy to take Bailey to the groomers. I slept the whole way there and back. This afternoon was a different story though. I fought my nap and cried for hours on end...when daddy got home, mommy burned rubber out of the driveway to get away for a little bit. Sometimes my screams are blood-curlding, toe-curling shrieks. I was still crying when she came home. Needless to say, we're all hoping for a quite night.

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