Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunny Day

Today was my third day of PT and it went great. Martha says I'm doing a good job and thinks I'll be walking in no time. Can I get a woot! woot! Anywho - today was a fun day. Mom and I went on 3 we're pooped tonight. We walked for an hour this morning after my first nap and before lunch. Mom was sweating up a storm but we made it! The second walk was with our friends Theresa and Kingston and we walked for another hour! It was so fun to see Kingston. We always exchange toy cars and eat cheese puffs together on our walks. Then dad and mom took me on my third walk of the night but this time was the coolest for 2 reasons: 1. mom and dad let me sit in my coupe car for the walk instead of my stroller and 2. I got to hold Bailey's leash for the entire walk :)

I was kind of cranky tonight. I'm not sure why b/c I got 2 naps today totalling 3 all in all...that's a pretty good nap schedule for a day's work. I ate my dinner like a good boy and just couldn't seem to get settled. I didn't want to play in the tub like I usually do so I stood up as mom was trying to rinse out my hair and I smushed my sudsy head up against her face and got her all soapy...tee hee hee!

Tomorrow we have a playdate with some new friends. I'm really looking forward to meeting them and seeing what kind of toys they have to play with. Their house is in Springfield so I'm not too keen on the drive out there but I'm sure it'll go by fast. Mom is supposed to sign me up for swimming lessons at some point this week so I should be starting that pretty soon!

Nighty night

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