Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I had a great Mother's Day today :) I woke up at 630 like I always do in the morning...and I laid in bed with mom and dad for a bit. Then dad and I went and played in the living room so mom could sleep in. She slept until 9am!!! Go MOM! Then...I went down for a nap in daddy's arms for about an hour...while mom got to shower AND shave! AND eat breakfast by herself in PEACE and QUIET! The day was shaping up quite nice, huh?

Once mom and dad got dressed and got me dressed - we hopped in the car and headed to grandma and grandpa Ruffing's for a nice lunch. We had vegetable lasagna, garlic bread, pretzel salad, lemon cake and feta crackers. Yum! Oh, and gram and gramps took me for an hour long walk while mom and dad took an afternoon nap all by themselves!!!

Dad and I got mom a couple of cards, the new Lady Antebellum CD she wanted and a new book by Jennifer Weiner. AND we are going to take her to paint pottery next weekend. Mom said she really wanted her own coffee mug with my handprint and footprint (like we did for daddy on Father's Day last year). So...the Mother's Day festivities continue until next weekend! Woot Woot!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!!!

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