Monday, April 26, 2010

Nice Day

Today was such a beautiful day outside. It was the perfect day weather-wise. It was sunny and windy and hot but not too hot. I think it was high 60s, warm but cool, ya know? Mom and I went for a walk today and it was so much fun. It was so nice to just be outside and do...nothing...but just 'be'. Does that sound corny? Sorry...I just feel like our lives have been 'go, go, go' lately and it was relaxing to do nothing but 'walk' with mom.

So tomorrow I meet with the director of First Steps. Dad is coming home a little bit early so that he can be in on the meeting. I guess we're going to go over a report that the director has written up so that she can send it on to the board to see if I qualify for the program. I've had two assessments done so far - one with a PT and then an's been such a long process. I hope we actually get something accomplished tomorrow.

Not much else going on...I got 2 more teeth last that makes 14 teeth! Holy moly! I'm eating like a real CHAMP these days...I had mashed potatoes, cheese and farmer's market vegetables for dinner tonight (oh, and dad snuck me a few cookies) thanks dad!

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