Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks for the Nap Dad :)

It was a cold, windy, rainy today in Mt. favorite kind of day :) (Okay...well...maybe not my favorite...but mommy's favorite for sure). She loves, loves, loves rainy days and wishes every day could be like today...weird...I know.

Anywho - today went by sort of fast. I woke up, ate breakfast, played with mom, got coffee, went to my friend Kingston's house for a playdate, went home and napped for 2 hrs., woke up, ate lunch, hugged dad, played some more and read some books with mom until dad got home at 4. It was so nice for mom that dad came home 30 mins early today...she went to lay down and ended up falling asleep until 545!!! Guess she was tired!

Tomorrow is my 2nd round of PT from 8-9...and then dad took the afternoon off so mom could have some 'Meagan' time and go scrapbooking. She signed up for a class and hasn't been able to do anything like this for herself since I was born almost 17 months ago...whoah! Go mom! Then I think she's going to weigh in at WW since she'll be in Springfield anyways...and that's about it.

Nighty, night :)

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