Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sit to Stand - Finally!

Sunday night - big night for the Ruffing family...I went from a sitting position to standing all by myself :) Dad and I were playing in the living room while mom took a nap...and I saw a sock on the couch that I wanted to play with - so I shimmied on up and snatched it! I'm still a little wobbly at the sit-to-stand thing but I'm getting the hang of it! I did it a lot today! One more step towards being mobile! Oh boy out... (video to come)

Mom and I really missed dad while he was in Vegas. It was hard without you dad :( Mom was pooped out by the time she went to bed every night! Thank goodness we have you!

I'm still saying a lot of are some new ones...'moo', 'baby', 'door', 'cheek'

I LOVE vanilla pudding (thanks to Grandpa Ruffing). It's actually helping a lot with the weaning of my afternoon nursing session. It seems to be the only thing that makes me happy. I had 2, yep, 2 full containers of vanilla pudding today! Go me! And today was day #2 of no afternoon nursing. Does that mean we are officially down to 2 nursing sessions a day? Just one in the morning when I wake up and one at night before I go to bed? Mom's goal was to have me down to one nursing and/or completely weaned by the time we left for Texas in April...and that's about 2 1/2 weeks things are lookin' good!

Mom is still trying to get me to drink my whole milk - but I'm not liking it. Any suggestions out there? So far, the only thing I will drink out of my cup is water. No juice. No milk. Just water.


  1. Hey Guys! This is Shelley from Church and kinda your neighbor :) (I can see your house from mine). Dylan is getting so big!! I do not know if you have tried this or if it will help. But my girls only nursed and never took a bottle so when we had to start milk it was tricky. I found that the hard topped sippy cups did not work at first. They never took bottle so that did not work either. but the sippy cups with the soft tops (kinda like a bottle)worked well and I alwsys had to warm it in the microwave to get it a bit warm would not drink it cold. Just be careful because Bella like to chew on the sippy nipple and it would eventually break so went through a lot of them!!!! Hope that might help! It is crazy huh always moving from one stage to the next!!! and it never stops I have an almost teenager and she still goes through stages I have to learn to navagate :). But it is all awesome and worth it my only complaint is it goes to fast can not beleive my baby is starting school next year I have spent the past 13 years at home and pretty soon will be just me during day :(. Have good day! Enjoy the beautiful weather think it is here to stay!!!

  2. Sorry about all the words in my comment spelled wrong!! I was going to fast!! :)

  3. Go Dylan!! Shelly's ideas are awesome! She's an absolute pro!! If you really don't like milk, you can always just eat cheese and yogurt. Most doctors are okay with that.

  4. Thanks guys! I'll definitely give these a try. Sarah - thank goodness Dylan LOVES cheese...and he's just discovered vanilla I know he's getting some calcium in. Shelley - great to see you outside today!

  5. Thanks Ms. Sara you are sweet :) It was so good to see you outside too!!! You look GREAT!!!! and the kiddos were so cute it was such a beautiful day for a walk. I can not wait till ALL the days stay like that!!!! It is awesome you guys live on the same street!!! That is good for you guys and the boys!