Sunday, March 7, 2010

Branson or Bust!

I got some new clothes yesterday! Mom and dad took me to Branson and bought me some new pjs. We had to buy size 2T! And I'm only 15 months old! Whoah! We got some great deals. My pjs were only $5 each. Pretty good, huh?

Not much on the agenda today. Mom has a baby shower to go to so dad and I are going to hang out. I think we might go to the mall. Dad bought this shirt a few weeks ago and it's too small so he's on the 'hunt' to return it before he leaves for Vegas.

Let's see...what's new with me...I have a molar now. Wow, did that one hurt. So...I have 9 teeth in all. I'm still scooting around the house and my favorite thing to play with is my mylar balloon. (And no, mom and dad don't let me play with it alone). I scoot around the house holding the string or the tab on the balloon. Mom can always hear me in the house because the weight on the end of the string slides around on the wood I'm already on my 2nd balloon...I had the first one for so long that it finally deflated!

Last night I talked to grandma and grandpa Longley on Skype for the first time! How did I not know about this FREE service before? Mom watches Oprah - surely she would've known about it by now. We had the best time! I could see and hear them loud and clear! We're supposed to meet up again but this time with Uncle Donny, Aunt Katie and my cousins Coleman and Ethan. I can't wait!

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