Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tooth #10

I got my 2nd molar in folks - so that makes 10 teeth in all! Today was a good day but a lonnnnnnnng morning. Mom and I were supposed to go on a playdate but we had to leave the house earlier than expected because I was really clingy and I wouldn't let mom put me down! And she needed some 'quiet' time so we got in the car and I fell asleep :)

We ran some errands...I had a little meltdown in the car on the way home...but was fine within a few minutes. We got home - ate lunch with dad - and then mom put me down for a nap. I slept for 2 hours in my crib! This nap thing during the day is getting a little easier. Not much...but just enough that mom will keep trying the crib thing during the day.

The crib thing at night though - we've got that down pat. I'm doing so well! We did our nightly routine...and when dad put me in my crib and told me he loved me and said goodnight - I didn't cry. For the very first time in my life - I did not cry when I was put in my crib. It took 1 month folks! But we did it!

This picture is of me and dad. If you look real close you can see that my shirt is half somehow got it off...and dad pulled me around the house in our laundry basket. Cute! Oh, and for some reason - this blog posting says Tuesday but today is Thursday?!

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  1. Hey Dylan--shirts are over-rated anyway! It looks like you're having lots of fun. Aren't laundry baskets the best?