Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miracle Blanket Giveaway Contest!

I was just re-reading my posts from my earlier days here on Earth...and I can't believe what a bad sleeper I used to be? Granted, I did have GERD and possibly, and dad NEVER slept and I am not exaggerating. Anywho, I wrote a post back in January 2009...I was about 6 weeks old? And my grandma Longley came to visit me from Massachusetts. Mommy remembers this night like it was yesterday b/c it was the first night since I'd been born that I'd slept longer than an hour.
I slept for 5 hours that night. And all b/c grandma wrapped me up in this thing called the Miracle Blanket. Yep, that's what it was called. And man was it a miracle. It was the best sleep I'd ever gotten and I wore that thing until mom couldn't squeeze me into it any longer.
Whenever mom hears about other parents who's kids can't/won't sleep - she always suggests this Miracle Blanket.
Since this is mom's FAVORITE baby gift to give to new moms and dads...she's going to give one away for FREE to a new mom or dad out there who is expecting a baby and wants to try this thing out. I guarantee you (and mom's got my back on this one) that this. thing. is. for. real.
The person who posts a comment on my blog with the funniest reason as to why sleep is important to them (since the Miracle Blanket in turn will put your baby to sleep, meaning you will get sleep) will win the Miracle Blanket! And you must 'like' Miracle Blanket on Facebook as well as Twitter (if you have Twitter).
The only way you'll know if you won - is to track Miracle Blanket's Facebook page on Tuesday after 2pm CST and look for your name. If it's there - you won!

Good luck!


  1. Sleep is so important to me because without it I become the wicked witch of the west; horrible complexion, evil laugh, mean. Really I have no patience and that does not mix well with children. I have threatened on more than one occasion to get my little dearies and their little Toto's too.

    aprilkek at verizon dot net

  2. Sleep is important to me because otherwise I think I would end up eating my own young. I am THAT crabby when I don't get my z's!

    donnyandshelly at yahoo dot com

    I follow miracle blanket on twitter & facebook

  3. Sleep is super important to me because when I don't sleep... I forget things. I guess that's not really funny, but it's true. I have people at work telling me "remember, we talked about such and such?" ... and I have NO recollection about it. So far, nobody has gotten hurt, but I bet the day is coming when something bad could happen because of how (little) sleep I get. clark6703 at earthlink dot net

  4. Sleep what is that??? For the last 9 weeks I have gotten two to four hours of sleep a night. My son is an insomniac binkaholic. He cannot sleep without the binkie and if it falls out the world has to know. I have run into walls,tripped over shoes and dogs in order to remedy the situation. And if he happens to wake me up due to hunger....I have nodded off for a second?? or two and found the nipple in his ear.
    I have friend who tell me their babies have slept the night from the moment they came home or at 2 months....."good for them"....My baby missed the memo. I could really use a good nights sleep..."just one!!"

  5. Sleep, I think I forgot how to do that way back when I was pregnant. Now with a 3.5 month old, a snoring husband, a cuddly cat and strange dreams sleep doesn't happen. So why would sleep be important to me? Because I prefer being human to being zombie mommy. LOL! -Tracy Faris

  6. Sleep is important to me because I get super crabby & I can't remember anything when I don't get enough of it. Then again, I don't really know what sleep is anymore now that I have 3 kids and am 7 months pregnant with our 4th - maybe that's why I can't think of a super funny reason why I need sleep! But yes, we are expecting and would love to win a Miracle Blanket for our new baby boy, due in January! Thanks! I do follow Miracle Blanket on FB/Twitter.


  7. SLEEP...if I can get it, I AM Superwoman: able to leap tall mounds of toys in one single bound; able to play peek-a-boo for hours on end without ever wanting to stop; able to soothe any boo boo, no matter if my child obtained it because he was jumping on the bed after I told him 100 times to stop; able to fight off all the scary monsters in the closet and under the bed.... With sleep, I can do all of that BEFORE my morning cup of coffee. Without sleep....well, if I were you I would run because you ain't seen nothing yet! Godzilla looks like Curious George compared to me.

  8. When people see me they ask my momma "is she a good baby?" My momma always says "good baby? what do you mean by good baby?" (because seriously is there a BAD baby? wouldn't that mean that baby's are distinguishing right and wrong and conscientiously deciding to do wrong???) Anyways, people always answer the same thing "sleeping at night". So sleep is important to me because I want my momma to be able to say "oh yes, the best" instead of just kind of laughing for a response. (plus I always imagined my mom looking a little better than what she does. The red puffy eyes and messy hair aren't real attractive and I think with a little more sleep she may improve a bit. People are saying I look just like my momma and frankly, right now that's not really a compliment)

  9. sleep is very important otherwise mommy does silly things like use baby orjel pain reliever to brush baby gums instead of the baby toothpaste!!! oops! No wonder baby didn't have a complaint in the world that night! Mommy getting sleep is in everyone's best interst!

  10. It's like this:

    When I "wake up" in the morning after only a few hours of sleep, I stumble into the bathroom. I look in the mirror at frizzy hair, bloodshot eyes and mascara down my cheeks. There is breasmilk on my robe and a pee stain on my shirt from my son's impecible aim. I lean in closer to see I'm breaking out due to the stress and diet of cheetohs. I turn to my husband as flies buzz around my head--after all why shower when I could sleep for those 15 minutes? He pats me on the back and offers a sympathy hug. There's certainly no kissing going on since I haven't seen my toothbrush in two days. I glance at the clock and see it's 9:00. Unsure what time I last went to sleep or ate, I head downstairs to make some breakfast. Three minutes later as I'm pouring myself a bowl of cereal, my husband asks what I'm doing.

    "Breakfast" I grunt unhappily.

    "Honey? It's 9:00 pm, not am. We need to be heading back to bed."

    I can't believe my luck! Back to bed?! What did I do to deserve this?

    I've only been out of bed 10 minutes and the covers are still warm. Just as I lay my head on my pillow, deadly screams come from the bassinet. My son only slept for 45 minutes.

    And you ask why I need a miracle blanket...

    Mostly I just need a miracle!

    (I'd love to win this! Swaddling has saved me, but like other new moms, I have a hard time keeping him wrapped up!)

  11. I want this for my wife.

    When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. And right now, because not a lot of sleep is going on around our house...

    ain't nobody happy.

  12. I would love this for my baby to come...#3, my 1 year old and 2 1/2 year old sleep horrible...need to figure it out soon! :)

  13. Sleep is important because I need it to function well. Without it people get irritable. Also babies need a good night's sleep, or they will be very irritable.

    When I was in training I had been up all night. I started to fall asleep while I was standing. Ha!
    I follow them on twitter and liked them on facebook.