Sunday, August 22, 2010

Horsies and Bunnies

These days the only way I will go on a walk with mom is if she says, "Do you want to go see some horsies and bunnies"? And miraculously we see them every time. The horsies are a given b/c they're right outside our front door in a pasture across the way. But the bunnies...well, mom says we get lucky every time. Isn't that kind of neat though, that we've seen at least one bunny every time we've been out on a walk for this past month?
Thursday was mom and dad's four year anniversary and we all drove to KC for the night. We spent part of the day at Nebraska Furniture Mart and picked out a sectional and a kitchen table for our new addition. I was kind of cranky that day so mom and dad ended up heading back to the hotel earlier than planned.
We headed to our friend's house around 5'ish for a cookout and had a fabulous dinner with the Jones'. It was so great to see them again. Kingston and I were reunited for the first time in about a month and we played and played!
We drove home on Friday afternoon - did our thing - and then it was Saturday. Gram and gramps came over about 4ish to babysit me for the night while mom and dad celebrated their anniversary by going to Nonna's in Springfield and seeing a movie; Dinner for Schmucks. It was a great night for them :) and I did just fine with G&G during my very first bedtime routine without mom and dad.

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