Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I fell asleep at 5pm last night...I missed my bath...and my medicine...huh? I didn't wake up until 11pm...I slept for 6 hrs. straight? (in mom's arms of course)...but nonetheless...then I ate and went back to sleep...I woke up every 2 hrs. or I always do...but I didn't officially get out of bed until daddy left for work this morning at 730am! Holy cow folks!

And...I took several naps today...huh? Here's what my day looked like:
8am - morning bath (this is totally not in my normal schedule...but mom said I needed one, especially since I pooped my pants and my poop was the same color as the sweet potatoes I ate the night before).
9am'ish - rice cereal/then I nursed
10'ish - went down for my morning nap...about 45 mins.! Mom was able to eat breakfast and drink her coffee
11'ish - 1230 - came home for lunch...rocked me to sleep while mom took some 'mommy' time and read a book in bed. Dad put me in bed with her before he left and we layed together until 1'ish
130'ish - ate sweet potatoes...I went thru 2 jars of it...huh? I usually only eat half of one? Mom thought she was supposed to let me eat as much as I wanted...or until I gave her signs that I was full...(I later threw up...) guess I ate too much.
***I played in between...helped mom do laundry...empty the dishwasher...etc. then I went back down for a nap around 430 and woke up around 530...I'm a rock star!

This sure has been a 'huh'? kind of's pizza night! Gotta go!

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