Friday, May 8, 2009

We Had A Scary Night

Last night was a scare. One minute I was playing on the bed and the next...I was screaming. I was in pain - a lot of pain. I wouldn't stop tried everything possible to calm me down and then it was mom's turn - she couldn't do it either. I was crying so hard - mom put me down on my changing table and bent down to get something - she quickly looked up when she heard me gurgling and saw that my mouth was filled with vomit/spit/medicine/etc. She quickly turned me over and started patting my back so I wouldn't choke. I vomited...all over myself.

Mom and dad decided to head to urgent care at the hospital. They weren't sure what was going on and I just wouldn't stop crying. We all got in the car and headed for Springfield - it was around 9pm by now. I fell asleep. So...we turned around and went home. Mom left me in my carseat and put the whole thing in my pack n play - which is in their bedroom. I slept in that from 10-1230'ish, ate, and then went back to sleep. Don't get too excited - I woke up a couple hours later...and so know the drill.

I'm feeling okay today. Pretty sleepy...but giggling and playful. Mom rocked me to sleep - but I was up within a few minutes because of the weather...we were sort of in a tornado warning/watch all morning. After that passed - we went into mom's room and I fell asleep again for about 10 minutes...the Shwan's man came...and knocked on the door...surprise, surprise...Bailey barked and I was up.

Agh...can I PLEASE get a break?

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