Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here's a quick rundown from my doctor's appointment:
-arrived at 145pm
-had a thorough check up (ears, throat, head, nose, etc.)
-weighed in at exactly 15 lbs.
-screamed my lungs out the whole time for my pediatrician so that she could see/hear first-hand that I was in pain
-doctor ordered an Upper GI study to be done that day
-labs ordered as well
-mom cried
-mom and I drove over to the hospital
-went straight to Radiology to get my test done
-had to drink this thick, white stuff called barium (sp?) from a bottle nonetheless...ugh
-layed underneath a big scan machine while the nurse held my legs and arms down
-nurse turned me from side to middle to side
-mom watched the inside of my tummy up on a screen to see how bad my acid reflux was
-radiologist said it was bad
-got cleaned up, dressed and headed over to the lab
-had to get blood drawn from my left arm because they needed 3 vials (too much to take from my heel)
-just as mom was starting to lose it...the door flew open and in walked daddy
-mom lost it
-doctor called later that night with the results
-I have mid-esophagus acid reflux and I am now taking 2 mil. of Prilosec twice a day...
-all of my labs came back normal...that is GREAT news

Obviously, it has been a long and draining week for all of us. I did make it to Itsy Bitsy Yoga on Thursday. I just had to see Grace. She always makes me feel better.

Today is the 3rd day that I have not cried. All I've been doing is smiling, giggling and enjoying my life. I'm hoping this medicine will continue to work :) I will be posting new pictures soon, so you can see for yourself that I am a MUCH happier baby now.

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