Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daddy Is Sick :(

So much to catch you all up on...okay...first...most importantly...I am 14 lb.s 11 3/4 ounces! Holy cow! I went to the doctors yesterday because I was showing signs of acid reflux again. I still have it...but mom and dad thought maybe I wasn't getting enough medicine - since my dosage was based on my previous weight...ugh...okay, so they upped it. Now I'm on 2 mil. a day...and if that doesn't seem to work within a week - than I have to get 2 syringes a day at 2 mil. each. Geeze Louise! Other than that - doc says I'm lookin' good.

On a separate note - dad is sick. He has a cold or the flu or something like that. He started sneezing/coughing about 2 days ago...and now he's just miserable. Hopefully, he doesn't give it to me or mom. There's NO WAY she could take care of ALL of us at the same time! Mom was going to take me to the Easter church service tonight since we won't be around this weekend...but daddy is too sick to go and mommy can't get everything organized (dinner, bath, feeding, etc.) on her own. I just pooped my pants too - so she's trying to clean that up.

I went to yoga today. I got to see my girlfriend Grace. She's so cute :) I did really good in tummy time again. I fell asleep towards the end of class clockwork...15 minutes before it was time to leave...just like last Mom thought I would sleep for the car ride home...boy was she wrong! I cried the entire way...and that's a long time...35-40 mins.! She was sad...she tried to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider to me over and over again but I just kept screaming over her.

I got 2 Easter baskets in the mail! One from Aunt Stacie, Uncle Dan, Cousins Piper and Bianca and then a firetruck basket from Grandma Longley. I sure am loved! I got candy...stuffed peeps...clothes...books...oh...and $10 from Grandma and Grandpa Ruffing! Oh! and a new Easter book from Great Grandma and Grandpa Ward! The $10 is for the horse races that I'm going to in May. We go every year - or actually, mom and dad have been going every year for Father's Day with dad's side of the family. This will be my first time going. I'm super excited!

Have I told you? Mom and dad decided when and where and how we're going on vacation this year. We are going to Massachusetts so that I can meet my great grandparents for the very first time. We were going to fly - but we are driving instead...I know...26 hrs....we're nuts. We just couldn't find a flight that would work with my schedule. We're going to take 2 weeks to do the drive...take our time...and make some fun stops along the way to sight see. I'm so excited!

Okay - time for my bath - gotta run. I had a major blow-out in my pants I need to get cleaned up BIG TIME! xoxo Dylan

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