Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have an update on my fussiness...I went to the doctor's yesterday b/c mommy and daddy were concerned about my painful crying fits. I also started to pull off when mommy was trying to feed me - so she knew something wasn't right. I saw Dr. Vo and from what my symptoms are (loud, painful crying, tightened tummy, clenched fists, red face and sticking my body straight out like a board after every feeding, as well as spitting up and sometimes vomiting after every feeding)...I was told I have GERD (Gastroesophagus Reflux Disease) - aka - acid reflux. Dr. Vo said it was hereditary (my dad has do both of my grandpas).

Mommy and daddy put me on my prescribed medicine last night. I have to take it twice a day for at least one week to see if it gets any better. If it does, than I have to stay on the medicine for a good month before weaning off of it. My digestive tract is too immature to prevent acid from coming back up into the esophagus - which in turn, is causing me a lot of pain. If this medicine doesn't work...than I have to go on an antacid prohibitor to see if that helps...and if that doesn't, than I have to go back to the doctors and drink this dye stuff which will help the doctors see what's going on in my tummy. Hopefully, we won't have to go down that road.

I sure have been thru a lot...and mommy and daddy are crossing their fingers that my pain will go away. They feel so bad for me...and they just want me to be a happy and healthy baby. Keep me in your thoughts everyone...and wish me luck with this medicine - and that it will do what it's supposed to do. Mommy is very, very sad.

I'll check back in with you all give you an update on my tummy. Oh, and by the way, I'm a big boy now...officially...I weighed in at 11 lbs., 4 oz. yesterday...I'm quite the piggy :)


  1. Bubba - You are having quite the start to your life... I hope that this medicine works wonders for you though! I am always thinking of you, now I'll just have to do it more - and hope lots for you!

  2. I hope the medicine is working and you are feeling will be good again soon!

    p.s. I like the new pics, you are super cute!

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