Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm 7 Weeks Old!

Can you believe it? I'm 7 weeks old!!! I'm growing up so cheeks are getting so chubby! Let's see...what's different about cheeks are hands are bigger...I have more rolls...and Im cuter than ever! Yep, you heard me. I'm a cutie - mommy tells me so!

I definitely have colic...and I proved that to mommy and daddy last night...kind of like I do every night :) Mommy made homemade Weight Watchers mac n' cheese and she actually thought that her and daddy were going to eat dinner together - ha! yah right! Wishful thinking folks! I cried right thru that thought! We did all get to go to bed together though...and I slept from 930pm to midnight for my first stretch. Isn't that great!? Then mommy fed me...then tried to put me back to sleep but I was she woke daddy up and said, "I need a break". So daddy stayed up with me and rocked me back to sleep. Meanwhile...mommy went to the spare bedroom and wrapped herself up like a little cocoon and shut the door so she could get some shut-eye. When daddy went to wake her up this morning...she looked at him like, "who the hell are you?" (I think she was in mid-dream or something) b/c I heard her say to daddy..."I forgot where I was."

Did I ever tell you about the time when mommy and daddy were trying to get me to sleep one night and I just wouldn't do they were both really tired...and well...the next morning...mommy went to plug in my baby monitor to charge it up and instead of trying to hook up the monitor she tried to hook up her chapstick! I guess she was really tired!!! Oh...and one morning, daddy couldn't find his face cream (he ALWAYS puts it in the same place) and he finally found it on top of the shower?! Boy, my parents are funny!

I'm definitely giving them a run for their money. That's what they get for calling me, 'faker, faker, bellyacher'!

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