Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Love My Daddy

I love my daddy so much. Get this...he slept in the recliner with me from 730pm-1115pm! I was fighting my nap...and so he rocked me to sleep and then we both moved to the 'man' room. Daddy listened to his Ipod while I slept on his chest. I did pretty well last night. I woke up to eat...and then went back to bed until 2/3'ish...ate...then went back to bed until 4/5'ish? It's all a blur...but mommy says I did good.

I'm not as fussy today as I was yesterday. I think I'm feeling better from my vaccination. I think it was just a 24 hr. thing. Today, mommy took me for a drive around town...she got a cup of coffee and I slept in my carseat. We looked at all of the beautiful houses...mommy showed me some cows and horses...and we watched the sun shine thru the car windows. Mommy said we could maybe take a walk later today if it gets warm enough. It's supposed to be 66 today! It'll be my first day 'out' since I've had my cold - so I'm hoping it'll be nice enough.

Here's my 'To Do' list for today:
*get coffee with mommy
*play on my playmat
*swing in my swing
*tummy time
*clean out my nose
*take a walk with Bailey & mommy if it's nice outside
*love mommy
*say hi to daddy when he comes home for lunch
*read a book...okay who am I a TON of books today!

Am I busy or WHAT! I might be able to schedule you in if you want to give me a kiss today. Just call my people (mommy/daddy) to see if they can pencil you in.

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