Friday, January 30, 2009

Could It Be Colic?

Okay, so I'm miserable. Do I have colic? I have no idea. I cry a lot and my tummy gets real tight after I eat. Tears roll down my chubby cheeks and there is absolutely nothing that mommy, or daddy or EVEN grandma can do to calm me down. How do I know if I have colic? Everything that mommy and grandma have read online sounds like what I have...except for the 3-4 hrs. of crying each day. I'd say, I cry a total of 1 hr. when you add up all of my little fits.

My parents get so sad when they see me this upset. They've just started giving me gripe water and I like it - it tastes yummy - and it seems to help - but it's only temporary. I don't sleep very much so I'm tired all the time and you know what that means...I'm one cranky baby.

Mommy feels hopeless...and so alone thru all of this. She's called my doctor - who keeps prescribing me stuff for acid reflux - which I don't think I have. And there's so many things on the internet, that it hasn't helped mommy out at all. She's stressed out and that's stressing me out. She's constantly feeding me to help calm me down but I just get fussy right after. Does anyone out there know if this could be colic? If so, please help my mommy - she's really sad about this.

My grandma is leaving tomorrow and I'm really upset. I wish she was staying longer. I wish I could see her every day. She helps mommy out so much and she stays up with me at night so that mommy can rest. Oh, and she dresses me up in really cute clothes (although, I get pissed off sometimes b/c she doesn't know when to stop). We went shopping today and grandma but me a whole new wardrobe! I was growing out of all of my newborn clothes but wasn't big enough for the stuff I had at home - so mommy and grandma and I went to Target and boy did they spoil me! Yahoo!!! I can't wait to model my stuff for mommy and daddy (grandma - we'll have to send you pictures).

It's really tough you so far away from my grandma. I like it out here in Missouri but boy, am I going to miss her. Grandma, will you come back and see me? I need you. Mommy and daddy do a great job of taking care of me and they love me to pieces but there's nothing like a grandma.

I'm getting sleepy now - finally - I think I'm going to go lay in my grandma's arms for one last night before she flies home. Goodnight :)

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