Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleepless in Missouri

Okay, so I feel bad for mom. She finally broke down and cried last night...while I layed awake in her arms. Dad had gone to bad around midnight and mom stayed up with me until 5am, until she just couldn't keep her eyes open any more. She'd watched all of the 48 hrs. mystery marathon that she could...and hearing dad snore in the next room, just made her even more frustrated. I kept her up all night long - feeding and lightly sleeping here and there. When she thinks I'm asleep on her chest, she tries to put me down in my bassinet but then I pop my eyes open and start crying...I can't help it, I just want to be held.

She always picks me up - she can't stand to hear my upset - it makes her sad :( Once mom woke dad up, she was able to sleep for a solid 2 hrs! I overheard her telling daddy that it felt like hours had gone by! I think I have my days and nights mixed up still...but I'm going to try my hardest to be a good boy tonight and go to sleep for mommy. She's starting to get bags under her eyes.

I have to go to the doctors again. I keep spitting up after every feeding...and mom and dad are worried. I started doing it last week and haven't stopped. Mom thinks that might be why I want to eat every hour instead of every 2-3 hrs. I puked all over mom's chest this morning...and I saw it running down her hand as she tried to wipe my little mouth off. I sure hope they figure out what's going on. Wish me appointment is on Wednesday.


  1. Good Luck Bubba Sparks!

    GOOD LUCK Mommy - I hope you get some sleep soon!
    hugs & kisses from MA!!

  2. My mom knows just how your mom feels! Don't worry, tell her it gets better.....then worse....then better....then worse.....then better again! It took me a whole 11 months to finally sleep through the night on a regular basis. Hope you can get there faster than I did - for your mom and dad's sake at least!