Friday, January 9, 2009

Update on Diaper Rash (and other important things)

So my butt is looking a tad better...healing, slowly but surely. I just started wearing a new type of diapers - not sure what brand - but they have Winnie the Pooh on them...I don't like them as much as the others that mom and dad were putting on me but dad says we need to use these up first before buying any more. Oh, and they're no longer using diaper wipes on me...doc says that isn't good for my rash, so they're wetting little white paper cloths to wipe my bum. I like this much better - it's not so cold on my skin and it's just a cleaner diaper-change all around.

I got to ride in the car again today - mom had to buy a pump. I don't think she's going to use it for a while though. Doc says she needs to pump at least once - to find out how much milk she's producing - to see how much I'm eating - or a ballpark idea I guess. Although, the lactation consultant told mom she could/should introduce a bottle by week 4 with breastmilk, to get me acquainted with it. That way, if mom and dad are stuck somewhere where they can't pop out the can pump. I'm a little nervous about eating from a bottle - to be honest with you. I only know my mom...but I'm sure everything will be fine and she will only give it to me when she has to.

So, today was a big day for me and daddy. Mom and I were feeding on the couch when dad got home from work. I heard him come over to us and I looked at him for the first time! Well, I've looked at him before - but you know what I mean. I followed his face and I knew who he was. Mom was flipping out! And dad had this HUGE grin on his face...gosh...these peeps are WEIRD...are all parents this mushy?

Oh, hey, that's my mom...she's telling me I need to go to bed now. (I think what she really means, is that she needs to go to bed). See ya tomorrow! xoxo Dylan

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  1. A couple things here Bubba Sparks - sooo glad you recognized your Daddy! That's wonderful! Love the new picture at the top of your blog - you're a good looking family! The bottle isn't going to be too scary - it will be able to give you the chance to bond with Daddy from time to time as well!
    Hope you had a good nights sleep for everyone - you, Mommy and Daddy out there in Missouri!