Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poop, Pee and Laughter...Oh My!

This next post is dedicated to my daddy. He's said some funny things since I've been born and they were just too good not to share. One of the first nights that I was home, mommy and daddy were sitting with me in the living room and they were both starting to doze off - mommy in the recliner and daddy on the couch with our dog Bailey...and you must know that Bailey has come around to liking me - but she didn't so much in the beginning. So dad was trying to get comfy and Bailey wanted up. She jumped up on the couch and sat smack next to daddy's head. Mommy started laughing because Bailey's butt was right in daddy's face - literally. Well, after daddy telling Bailey to move a couple times - and Bailey not listening - daddy just said 'screw it', 'I don't care anymore' and he proceeded to doze off. Mom and dad both just started cracking up. I don't know if they were sleep deprived or if it was really funny - maybe both - but they laughed for a long time!

Another night, mommy was changing my diaper and she went to wipe my bum - and I farted. It was a wet fart and it sprayed all over the wall! I'd say about 3 feet! She woke daddy up to clean it off and he couldn't believe how far it'd shot up in the air and how much there was! They're still cleaning up my poop :)

Just so daddy wouldn't feel left out, I turned to my side and peed all over him...he tried to shield my stream with a diaper - but it just didn't work! Ha, ha!!! SUCKER!

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