Monday, January 12, 2009

Daily Grind

I had a pretty busy weekend. Well - in normal standards it wasn't all that busy but for me - I puckered out. Like I said in an earlier blog, I went to Walmart on Friday...Saturday, we all stayed home and hung out. Me, mommy and daddy watched 'Pineapple Express' - it was okay. Not as funny as I thought it would be. It helped past the time for mommy though while she was feeding me. Mommy got to take a nap...daddy watched football all day and I did the usual...pooped, peed, ate, cried and slept.

Sunday I went to church for the first time. I slept thru the whole service - didn't make a peep! Mommy and daddy had trouble following the service because they were so focused on me. They left me in my carseat - which I have come to love. I'm not in it a lot but when I do go places - I just feel so snug and safe. Mommy and daddy will leave me in it whenever we get home from somewhere and usually I'll sleep in it for a little while longer.

And last night, I switched back and forth between the Golden Globes and Desperate Housewives. Boy was that a tough call! I started with watching all of my favorite celebs on the red carpet and then got hooked on the women from Wisteria Lane. I also watched mommy's favorite show - Brothers & Sisters. Oh, and then sometime this morning...can't remember when...maybe 1, 2 or 3am...mommy and I watched 'The Women' with Meg Ryan while I ate. Cute movie - but definitely a chick flick. 'Mom, can we get something a little more masculine next time'?

Oh, and today, since daddy only works 4 days a week (which I love! and so does mommy!) we are all going to the mall for the VERY FIRST TIME. I can't wait! Mommy needs to buy one of those baby slings for me - so I can hang out with her when I won't sleep and she needs to do things around the house. She's never tried one on - and I've never been in one - so hopefully we'll both like it. Mommy also needs some new lounge pants...and she found some at Victoria's Secret that she likes (I don't think daddy knows it yet...but he's buying them for her) :)

Daddy will probably bring me in to some sports stores...and other than that - we'll head home and hang out. I'm not sure how this mall thing is going to pan out yet...since I eat every 2 hours and we'll be out for longer than that - especially with the commute to Springfield. Oh well, I'm sure mommy and daddy will figure it out.

Mommy said I have to have a bath tonight - especially since we're going out. She gets weird about germs and stuff...and she's always cleaning my hands off with a wet washcloth. It starts out warm but the cloth turns cold too fast and it makes me chilly. I still hate bathtime...but my aunt Laura's best friend, Megan, who has a little girl named Camryn, gave my mommy some great ideas on how to keep me warm. Thanks Megan and Camryn!

Did I mention that I get to meet my grandma soon? Grandma Longley is coming out at the end of this month and I can't wait to meet her! She's flying in all the way from Connecticut just to see me. Mom always tells me how special I am but man, I must really be something if grandma is flying all that way just for me. I can't wait for her to hold me and kiss me and sing to me...and mommy can't wait for her take over so she can get some sleep!

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